Renaud 11 janvier 2018 customer servicetips

The 10 golden rules for a quality customer service

In an increasingly competitive context where the consumer puts different providers in competition and switches at the slightest annoyance, customer relations is a major strategic issue for companies. Those who can’t manage to establish a relationship of trust that is as durable as it is thriving are doomed to fail. So how do you go about ensuring the quality of your customer service?


Yannick 4 janvier 2018 managementtipssales

Structuring in 2 steps: the key to your sales team’s success

The sales profession is complex and varied. From prospecting to signing a contract, while passing through lead qualification, each step requires different skills. To enhance individual talents and improve the overall efficiency of your sales team, opt for a 2-stage approach: “lead chasers” on one side and “closers” on the other.

As the first...

Renaud 21 décembre 2017 managementtips

Burnout, the epidemic of the century

Unmanageable stress, emotional fatigue, insomnia, back pain, heart palpitations, headaches, cognitive and physical exhaustion…these are some of the symptoms of “burnout,” a problem concerning an increasing number of employees around the world. According to a YouGov survey, 51% of full-time UK employees said they have experienced anxiety or burnout in their current job.

Working conditions...

Yannick 7 décembre 2017 salestipsmanagement

5 ways to reward your sales prospectors

The first true value for a salesperson dedicated to prospection is their commission. Your company’s commission structure is a key element of your plan of attack. You’ll recruit sharper profiles is commission is motivating.

Here is an overview of the 5 practices to implement in order to optimise your sales team’s daily and long-term involvement.

5 ways to reward your sales...

Renaud 1 décembre 2017 toolsremote working

9 tools for the remote worker

Remote working, mobility, nomadism, freelancing… the labor world keeps evolving. In the United States, 38% of employees say they are able to work from home at least one day a week. In the United Kingdom, the number of people working from home rose from 800,000 to more than 4 million, and it’s estimated that another 1.8 million would do so if allowed.

This evolution of work patterns...

Yannick 23 novembre 2017 salesphone

Sales prospecting: The 7 mistakes to avoid

The sales prospecting phase is imperative for the majority of startups, and generally for all companies needing to continuously acquire new clients to grow their business. However, easily prevented errors can emerge within the prospecting methods of even the most dedicated salespeople. By reading this article, you’ll become more familiar with the biggest of these to avoid.


Renaud 3 novembre 2017 phonecustomer servicecustomer relations

4 winning strategies for talking to your clients

In a past article we discussed the importance of having (and displaying!) a dedicated phone number for your business. In this article we’ll address the key points of contact with your clients as well as how to best use them for your business.

How and when to call your clients? 4 winning strategies for talking to your clients
Offering a free trial period is a good...

Renaud 25 octobre 2017 startuptools

19 free tools for launching your startup

Launching your company and being your own boss is the dream for many of us! If you decide to take this step, you may find that the hardest part is setting up and managing your business with little to no income - at least for the first few months. But luckily, there are solutions for those just starting out! Here is a selection of 19 free, very useful tools to aid the launch and day-to-day...

Yannick 18 octobre 2017 cold callingsalesphone

Sales prospecting: how to succeed at cold calling

It’s not unusual to see commercial enterprises losing steam after several active months - especially in the relatively competitive domain of “cold calling.” However, it’s all a question of method, and a lot of time could be saved by having good habits. So here’s an overview of the 4 most common errors - and how to avoid them!

#coldcalling: 4 common mistakes (and how to avoid...

Renaud 20 septembre 2017 phonecustomer relationscustomer service

Talking to your clients (or the importance of the phone in customer relations)

To meet the growing expectations of clients, numerous startups and digital companies have chosen to switch to alternative channels of communication (email, chat, bots, etc.) But even if these new channels seem more effective, the phone remains among the privileged means of communication between clients and companies. So before adopting a multi-channel strategy for your client support, here are a...