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Activate numbers

Activate numbers in easy steps for all situations — for your employees’ direct lines, for your customer support, for your sales agents and for whatever other need that may arise.

International numbers

In a few clicks, activate landline and mobile numbers for more than 65 destinations worldwide. Use these numbers to establish phone support for each of the countries in which you operate, or equip your sales team with local numbers for prospecting.

Mobile numbers

Activate your virtual mobile numbers in 65 countries in a few clicks and start using right away.

Toll free numbers

Activate toll-free numbers.

Keep your phone numbers

Keep your preferred telephone numbers with free number portability. Easily switch your company phone lines over to a 100% cloud-based solution.

Consecutive numbers

Instantly reserve consecutive numbers for your company.

Virtual numbers

In 3 easy steps get a phone number for your business and start calling instantly from your desktop, laptop, or cell phone.

US phone numbers

Activate your local business phone number in 30-seconds and instantly use it from any device: desktop, laptop or smartphone.

Local number bundles

Get 100 numbers from the 100 largest U.S. cities and make calls using area codes your prospects and customers recognize.

Make and receive calls

Access your Ringover account from any device (computer, tablet, mobile app) and enjoy an incomparable call experience.

Calling from your computer

Make unlimited calls from your computer with Ringover Web App. Start calling in minutes without installation. Just connect and call.

Calling from your smartphone

With the Ringover mobile app, you can manage your professional calls at any time and from anywhere.

Extensions (click-to-call)

Thanks to the Ringover extensions available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers, you can make a call with just one click on any web page.

VOIP Phone

Unify your communications with Ringover’s selection of state-of-the-art VoIP hard phones and softphones.

Call flipping

Flip your call to your mobile app.

Exceptional call quality

Take advantage of exceptional call quality with Opus codec.

Unlimited calls to 110+ destinations

With Ringover’s VoIP app, make unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in US, Europe and Asia and over 110 destinations. No hardware. Start calling immediately.

Voicemail drop

Use voicemail drop to save time on sales campaigns and leave messages automatically when calls go unanswered.

Voicemail campaign

Use voicemail campaigns for greater impact and effective mass communication with your contacts.


Activate the “Snooze” feature to avoid being disturbed and you can keep everyone up to date.

Business greetings

With the Ringover online studio, you can create ideal greetings for your business in just a few clicks and in 16 different languages.

Custom greetings

With Ringover’s online studio, create all of your greetings and messages in 16 different languages.

Music on hold

Allow your callers to wait with music - Royalty-free music on hold.


Never miss another opportunity. Rely on Ringover’s intuitive voicemail system to seamlessly access and manage voice messages across devices.

Call distribution and queuing

Establish clear-cut scenarios to manage your incoming calls and route calls to the right people. Configure in real time and down to the finest detail.

Time-based routing

Route calls according to set times: during opening hours, after closing and during on-call hours.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Create an ideal sorting and routing system to ensure that calls reach the right person.

Group routing

Create groups and route your incoming calls to them according to specialty.

Preferred agent routing

Allow callers to reach the same support team member every time.


Add numbers that you wish to block to your blacklist.

Smart routing

Use Ringover webhooks to route calls freely based on your data.

Call priority

Allow your VIP callers to skip the queue.

Custom call queues

Personalize your call queues and never miss a call again.

Cascading calls at random, Round Robin or preset

Diffuse incoming calls in cascade to your users.

Call forwarding

Forward your calls to any device or phone number and stay available at all times.

Auto Attendant

Ringover’s auto attendant makes sure every call is answered on the first ring with an intuitive phone menu system that automatically greets and directs callers.

Phone Extension

Forward calls faster with Ringover’s easy-to-use extension numbers.


Send, receive and measure your customers’ satisfaction.

Collaboration and productivity

Use relevant tools to improve your team’s productivity and collaboration over the phone.

Simplified internal calls

Forget call extensions - call your colleagues internally with one click.

Outbound Dialer

Better performance, productivity, and profit: Ringover’s Outbound Dialer powers up your call center sales team so they can focus on conversations that matter.

Transfer of a call in progress

Save time and improve your customer service with conversations that flow between transfers.

Put on hold

Put a call on hold with 1 click.

After call

With automatic ACW, take advantage of time dedicated to qualifying each call and sharing it more efficiently.

Shared contacts

Save contacts easily and share them with your team members.


Make secure phone and video calls, and collaborate efficiently in online meetings thanks to screen sharing.

Conference calls

Set up your conference calls instantly with Ringover.

Instant messaging

Use company instant messaging from Ringover to collaborate easily and effectively with your colleagues.

Screen sharing

Improve communications and work together efficiently during meetings by sharing your screen with your colleagues.

Smart dialer

Make calls more quickly with the smart dialer.

Power dialer

The Power Dialer software empowers sales reps to launch successful cold call campaigns making 5x more calls with 10x less effort.

Click to call

Dial phone numbers instantly with click to call and capture immediate conversions on your website with click-to-call button.

Desktop’s notifications

Receive automatic call notifications on your computer.


Categorize your calls with custom filters.

Call Campaigns

Use Ringover’s call campaigns to boost your telephone prospecting and accelerate your sales

Nearest numbers

When you make a call, your outgoing phone number is automatically selected to match the call recipient’s closest area code.

Transcription of calls and voicemail messages

Find the transcription of all your calls and voicemails directly within Ringover.

Omnichannel Messaging

Become more efficient by managing messages from multiple channels (WhatsApp, Instagram, emails…) directly via your Ringover interface.

Call scripts

Enhance your team’s communication thanks to call scripts, seamlessly integrated into your call campaigns and IVR.


Access advanced functions to supervise and coach your teams during live calls.

Statistics in real time

View a complete list of your team’s calls as they happen.

Call monitoring

Listen to live calls to improve agent performance, coach new hires, assess call quality and enhance overall call standards.

Call intervention

Join your call center agents’ conversations in progress.

Call recording

Easily record your business calls whether by default or on-demand for better supervision, training, analytics and compliance.

Chronology of a call

Retrace online the different steps in a call, from greeting to hang-up.

Radio Coach

Listen to your teams’ calls in progress automatically and randomly to monitor conversation quality.

Statistics and reporting

Obtain detailed call data and generate relevant reports to assess your team’s activity.

Call logs

Track all your personal and business calls from any device.

Advanced analytics

Obtain essential information on your calls and the performance of your agents in clear, coherent diagrams.

Agent performance

Evaluate your agents’ productivity: rate of answered calls, average call time, number of calls made, etc.

Integration with your business tools

Whether you are using a CRM, Helpdesk or other professional software, fuse Ringover into your day-to-day workflow to save time when carrying out your tasks.

Native integration

With Ringover, take advantage of phone features right from your CRM or helpdesk.

CTI Screen Pop

Get relevant caller information and history in a flash with CTI screen pop and pre-built CRM integration.

Contact synchronization

Easily synchronize all contacts between your CRM and phone system.

Call and text message history

View a history of calls and text messages in your CRM or HelpDesk client files.


Your tools interact in real time with your phones thanks to webhooks.

SMS and Fax

Communicate with your clients and prospects by SMS and manage your online faxes right from your Ringover platform.

Text messaging

Send and receive SMS messages from any device, at any time, and from anywhere.

Collaborative SMS

Send and receive all of your professional texts through the Ringover app. Share a mobile number and respond to your texts collaboratively.

SMS campaign

Use Ringover’s SMS campaigns to promote your products and services to a targeted audience within your clientele.


Ringover’s simplified fax solution lets you send and receive documents over the internet. No fax machine required.

One-Way SMS

Send your customers SMS notifications to keep them informed in real time.


Engage customers and expand your business with our multimedia messaging service.


Manage your entire business phone system using an ultra-simple and always-available platform.




Personal voicemail

Call transfer

Email signature



Add users and numbers

Group creation

Routes management

Permissions and eligibility

Changes logs

Security and reliability

Benefit from a stable and secure business phone system — and when needed — access up-to-date reports on your system’s global service quality.

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99.95% SLA

Host in France / Europe

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Quality of service

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