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What is a virtual call center?

A virtual call center consists of remote-based agents who handle customer calls from multiple locations via a single platform. At the heart of a virtual call center is a cloud-based call center software that routes calls to agents on their internet-enabled devices such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Compared to an on-premise call center, a virtual call center tends to have lower operational costs and is well suited for businesses who serve clients across different time zones.

Are you interested in delivering an exceptional customer service experience? Monitor call flows in real-time, reduce overhead, and give customers what they want with a virtual call center that does it all.

What can a virtual call center software do for your business?

Eliminate costs

Eliminate costs

Spend next to nothing on real-estate, technology, or on-site management with a flexible cloud-based solution that unlocks game-changing functionality.

Boost service quality

Boost service quality

Deliver a stellar customer service experience with automatic call routing, HD call quality, omnichannel support, and more.

Scale with ease

Scale with ease

Minimize every expense normally associated with growth. Effortlessly expand your current capacity and set up new call centers for a fraction of the price.

Access customer data instantly

Access customer data instantly

Ringover seamlessly integrates with all of your existing support tools. Improve your customer service with immediate access to relevant customer information.

Automate tasks

Automate tasks

Give your agents all the tools they need to do their best work. Leverage automation to simplify call logging, note-taking, and more.

Manage remotely

Manage remotely

Let your agents work from anywhere. Boost employee satisfaction, minimize turnover, and streamline workforce management with Ringover.

Take customer service to the next level

Give your customer support agents all the advanced functionality they need to greet customers from anywhere. Deliver better support, faster with Ringover’s virtual call center.

  • Experience high-quality audio calls and HD video
  • Get started in no time with Ringover’s simplified setup process
  • Integrate leading VoIP phones, conferencing hardware, and other communications equipment
Take customer service to the next level
7-day free trial All features included
  • 99.999% uptime keeps your business online and ready to go
  • Keep your communications safe with end-to-end encryption
Take customer service to the next level

Virtual Call Center Features

Call Recording

Guarantee standards of quality with advanced call recording functionality that lets you review every call at your convenience.


VoIP Phone Numbers

Activate customer support in over 60 countries through local, and international numbers. Reach customers with a toll-free number, free of charge.

Call Routing

Make the most of your call center agents with advanced call routing. Effortlessly control call queues for specific departments or agents.


CRM Integrations

Ringover integrates natively with popular CRM and Helpdesk applications providing your business a consistent high-quality experience across all channels.


Business Hours

Define your hours of operation. Manage complex daily and weekly schedules without issue. Alleviate busy hours across different call centers.

Analytics Dashboards

Monitor agent performance and key APIs with advanced analytics and real-time statistics that tell you everything you need to know.


Dual Listening

Maintain high standards across all calls with dual listening, a feature that lets you tune in to agent conversations in real-time.


Conversation Joining

Give your agents the assistance they need when they need it with conversation joining. Jump into live calls to support your agents whenever necessary.


Post-Call Tasks

Simplify call qualification with a modern interface that makes it easy to update notes, add personalized tags, and follow up with clients.


Interactive Voice Response

Leverage advanced technology to filter customers and route their call to the right people. Automatically greet and communicate with callers over the phone and through the keypad.

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Our customers’ feedback

Overall Rating

4.7/5 281 reviews Based on 281 reviews.
This average is drawn from ratings of customers who have used any of the cloud communication services offered by Ringover.


4 may 2023

I have been using Ringover for several months now for my work and I am very satisfied with its ease of use and convenience.

Saïd H.

4 may 2023

I am satisfied with Ringover’s services.
The only concern I have is that the sms history does not show the time of sending but only the date.

Marjorie M.

2 may 2023

We have been using Ringover for 3 years now, the software is top notch and at the slightest problem the team is reactive on the phone to provide us with solutions.

Ilan B.

26 apr 2023

I have tested a lot of VOIP and for the moment the communication and the CRM to follow the agents are perfect.


25 apr 2023

I started using Ringover on February 20th and to date I have not encountered any difficulties and it is a fairly comfortable and responsive tool to use.

Virtual Call Center FAQs

  • How does a virtual call center cut costs compared to a traditional call center?
  • Why does my business need a call center?
  • Does a virtual call center boost agent satisfaction?
  • Can a virtual call center handle a varied schedule?
  • How does Ringover help improve call center performance?
  • Why does my business need call routing?
  • How long does it take to set up a virtual call center?

How does a virtual call center cut costs compared to a traditional call center?

A virtual call center completely eliminates the need for an on-site call center — including the need for a designated office space, on-site management, hardware, and other expensive factors.

Why does my business need a call center?

Businesses rely on call centers to provide customer support and enhance service delivery. Ringover’s virtual call center increases customer satisfaction using cutting-edge automation, advanced call queues.

Does a virtual call center boost agent satisfaction?

Letting your customer service agents work from home drastically increases employee satisfaction, reducing turnover rates from 30 to 40% down to as low as 5%. Providing employees with a work-from-home option also increases your desirability as an employer, improving the likelihood of attracting top talent.

Can a virtual call center handle a varied schedule?

Yes. Ringover’s virtual call centers were designed to accommodate complex daily and weekly schedules without issue. Coordinate between time zones and seamlessly reroute traffic during busy hours with advanced call routing functionality.

How does Ringover help improve call center performance?

Our virtual call center platform makes it easy for you to monitor, identify, and address agent performance. Features such as call recording, dual listening, call whisper and conversation joining let you keep an ear on conversations and offer assistance whenever necessary.

Why does my business need call routing?

Advanced call routing tools make it easy to sort and distribute calls to the right agents in a timely and efficient manner. Without effective call routing, customers can be left on hold for a disproportionate amount of time, leaving them frustrated and damaging your reputation.
Ringover provides businesses with all the advanced call routing functionality they need to move faster, including options for routing that take into account preferred language, agent skills, and other criteria. Call routing is especially important during rush hour, when connecting customers to the right agents makes all the difference between chaos and seamless customer service.

How long does it take to set up a virtual call center?

At Ringover, we’ve simplified the setup process to get your call center up and running in a matter of minutes. Setup and configuration is simple and efficient and number activation is instant.

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