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Odoo Phone System Integration (VoIP / Dialer)

Odoo Integration

  • One-Click Calling
  • Centralized Call History
  • Keep Contact Information in Sync
  • Optimize Customer Focus
  • Efficiently Manage Customer Requests
  • Transform conversations into actionable insights
  • One-Click Calling
  • Centralized Call History
  • Keep Contact Information in Sync
  • Optimize Customer Focus
  • Efficiently Manage Customer Requests
  • Transform conversations into actionable insights


  • Save yourself precious time by removing arduous, time-consuming tasks and increase the efficiency of your customer service with this awesome integration!

One-Click Calling

Effortlessly connect with your contacts directly within Odoo using our integrated Ringover dialer. Eliminate manual dialing – your teams can make calls with a single click, thanks to our convenient click-to-call functionality.

Centralized Call History

All your call details, including tags, notes, and text messages, are automatically logged in Odoo. Your sales team no longer needs to spend time manually entering call notes for each prospect, streamlining the process for enhanced efficiency.

Keep Contact Information in Sync

Benefit from our seamless contact sync, ensuring that your Odoo data and contact information remain consistently up to date.

Optimize Customer Focus

With a quick glance, your team can effortlessly access crucial Odoo customer information directly within the Ringover dialer. This facilitates swift call handling, ensuring a seamless and personalized welcome experience for your customers.

Efficiently Manage Customer Requests

Our integration with the Odoo Helpdesk ticketing module ensures seamless handling of customer inquiries. With each Ringover call, an automated ticket is generated, capturing comprehensive call details in the ticket description, including tags, notes, and call recordings.

Experience heightened efficiency as your teams optimize the management of customer requests!

Transform conversations into actionable insights

Use Empower, Ringover’s conversational AI, to analyze, summarize, and gain insights from client and candidate conversations.

Elevate your team with data for personalized engagement at scale, seamlessly syncing insights into Odoo.

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Odoo Integration FAQ

  • How do I integrate my phone with Odoo?
  • Does Odoo integrate with VoIP?
  • Can you make phone calls from Odoo?
  • What is Odoo CRM integration?
  • Does Odoo have a customer success tool?

How do I integrate my phone with Odoo?

To improve your call center management, integrate Odoo with Ringover. An Odoo-Ringover integration will centralize your customer interactions and render daily life more efficient. In order to integrate Ringover with Odoo you’ll need to navigate to the Odoo settings page, then the Ringover settings page (it’s accessible through the Ringover dashboard). Check out the complete tutorial on our support page.

Does Odoo integrate with VoIP?

Odoo does integrate with VoIP. Though Odoo does offer a VoIP widget, integrating Odoo with a VoIP service like Ringover will ensure a higher quality of calls, a large selection of sophisticated features for analytics, call monitoring, and unlimited calling to 110 destinations. Because Odoo is open source, it can offer flexibility to those who want to customize their workflow software, but such a project would require significant technical resources, like personnel, on hand.

However, if Odoo is integrated with a business telephony system like Ringover, you’ll benefit from dedicated support resources and rest assured knowing Ringover will take care of any software updates.

Can you make phone calls from Odoo?

Odoo has a VoIP widget that allows users to make phone calls, but it does not include many more functions than just making or receiving calls. That’s why a VoIP phone system would be a better solution for businesses who want more than just a basic phone calling function. VoIP phone providers ensure you have easy access to virtual numbers so you can create a closer tie with far-flung clients, as well as a host of services to improve sales and customer service operations. A power dialer helps sales teams run calling campaigns more efficiently, while interactive voice response menus allow clients to reach information or personnel independently. For businesses interested in an omnichannel business strategy, Ringover also allows for text messaging, videoconferencing, Whatsapp, Facebook messaging, and more.

What is Odoo CRM integration?

Odoo CRM integration is technology that allows for Odoo to connect or integrate to other business software. Odoo integrations with software like Ringover create a more robust tech stack for businesses. For example, integrating Odoo CRM with Ringover’s VoIP software ensures that Odoo users will be able to call contacts with one click thanks to the click-to-call function. This integration will also eliminate the need for users to enter the same data twice, as data synchronizes automatically and in real time between the two apps.

Does Odoo have a customer success tool?

Odoo does not have a customer success tool to capture user information, provide insights about how to enhance the customer experience, and engage customers. The Odoo app has functionalities in multiple categories, including website management, sales, finance, inventory and manufacturing, human resources, marketing, services, and productivity.

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