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VoIP Phone Systems & Software for Insurance Companies

Discover our hand-picked selection of the best VoIP and insurance software options for all your business needs (phone system, CRM, signing documents, contract management, etc.).

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VoIP Phone Systems & Software for Insurance Companies


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Being an insurance broker requires a thorough understanding of the market you're operating in, in-depth legal and technical knowledge, a vast network of partners and, crucially in order to unlock the full potential of all of these assets, a good range of tools.

If you're looking to switch to new tools, or if you're launching your own insurance brokerage business, this article may be of interest to you, as we guide you through a number of different types of tools, including:

  • CRM software
  • Insurance product comparison tools
  • Electronic signature software

Top 10 insurance broker software solutions

Software for brokersCategoryDescriptionRates
1. RingoverCloud-based communicationsAudio and video call management solution with IVRFrom €21month/user
2. Lya ProtectInsurance CRMCRM solution with features tailored to the needs of the insurance industryFrom €29 per user/month
3. Assur3DInsurance CRMCRM solution with features tailored to the needs of the insurance industryFrom €39.90 per user/month
4. Oggo DataBroker business managementAll-in-one platform with product pricing and CRMFrom €69 per user/month
5. CourtigoAll-in-one platformComplete platform with product comparison tool and CRMFree version, then from €29.90
6. DocusignElectronic signatureSolution for signing, editing, analyzing and managing documentsFrom €23 per user/month
7. GetacceptElectronic signatureEDM solution for signing, editing and analyzing documentsFrom €15 per user/month
8. ZohoNon-specialized CRMA solution for managing client relations and centralizing dataFrom €14 per user/month
9. SellsyCRM with billing and management functionsSolution for managing client relations, cash flow and invoicingFrom €29 per user/month
10. PipedriveNon-specialized CRMA solution for centralizing client data and better organizing client relationsFrom €14 per user/month
Try Ringover

1. Ringover for easy communications management

Ringover revolutionizes insurance broker communication by offering a 100% cloud-based platform to manage all aspects of telephony, from inbound and outbound calls to video conferencing.

Thanks to advanced features such as omnichannel recording and transcription, Ringover simplifies the broker's day-to-day work, with essential functions such as one-click calls, call tags and notes, and interactive voice server.

The Ringover solution is much more than just a communications platform. As a broker, you benefit from an intuitive interface and seamless integration with your business software, all on a secure platform.

Ringover systematically provides its API, and a portability service is available if you wish to keep your business numbers.

Ringover rates 💳

  • 21 € per user/month for SMART and simple, flexible cloud-based telephony
  • 44 per user/month for the BUSINESS offer and improve the quality of your communications by integrating your communication tools with your business software.
  • 54 per user/month for advanced contact center features

For further details, please consult our page dedicated to pricing.

2. Lyaprotect

Lyaprotect is a solution comprising the essential tools for managing brokers' insurance contracts.

In addition to centralizing your data and enabling detailed tracking of each client, it includes marketing automation and EDM features to facilitate administrative management.


Rates 💳

  • 29 per user/month for basic use
  • 125 for 2 users/month with specific modules to develop your business
  • 125 for 3 users/month for advanced features in data analysis and finance.

3. Assur3D

Assur3D offers insurance brokers an innovative approach, enabling them to model and simulate insurance offers tailored to the specific needs of each client.

This solution enables in-depth personalization of proposals, strengthening policyholder satisfaction and confidence.


Rates 💳

  • 39.90 per user/month for essential functions
  • 125 per user/month with advanced features to support development
  • From €79 per user/month to maintain high performance

4. Oggo Data

Oggo Data provides insurance brokers with advanced data analysis to help them make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information. Thanks to this platform, brokers can optimize their business strategy and propose more competitive offers on the market.

oggo data

Rates 💳

  • Primo package at €69 per user/month for basic CRM functions
  • Facilité offer from €99 including CRM + healthcare or loan underwriting
  • From €149 per user/month for CRM and 10 rate underwriters

5. Courtigo

Courtigo stands out from the other software solutions on this list for its versatility. Specially designed for insurance brokers, Courtigo not only centralizes information and interactions with clients, but also facilitates communication and reinforces the closeness between broker and client, promoting loyalty and referrals.Courtigo also includes telephone software not included in the price of the CRM solution.


Rates 💳

  • Free offer limited in depth of use and without support
  • The Essential plan at €29.90 per account/month with marketing tools
  • The Dynamic plan from €59.90/month with claims management features.
  • The Ultimate plan at €119.90/month with various comparison tools (Health, Auto, Borrower)

6. Docusign

Docusign optimizes and secures the insurance contract validation process with its electronic signature technology. 

This solution enables brokers to obtain fast, reliable validations, resulting in a significant reduction in processing times and a marked improvement in the overall client experience.


Rates 💳

  • Standard offer, at €23 per user/month, designed for small and medium-sized teams
  • The Business Pro package, at €38 per user/month, for access to automation functions

7. Getaccept

Getaccept facilitates document management for insurance brokers by offering a user-friendly platform for grouping and sharing essential information with clients and partners.

This tool fosters cooperation and consolidates the clarity of communications, having a positive impact on client relations, particularly with regard to loyalty and referrals.


Rates 💳

  • Essential package, at €15 per user/month, designed for small teams
  • The Deal Room Professional offer, priced at €39 per user/month, for access to advanced tracking, branding and integration features.
  • The Contract Room Professional plan, available at €49/month per user, simplifies large-scale contract management.
  • The Full Suite Professional plan for a more precise sales approach

8. Zoho

Zoho is a very popular full-featured CRM software. It's not a solution designed specifically for brokers.Nevertheless, it's inexpensive and offers essential features for data centralization and client relationship management. Zoho seamlessly integrates with Ringover:

Try Ringover x Zoho

Rates 💳

  • Standard package at €14 per user/month, designed for essential needs
  • The Professional offer at €23 to meet rapid development needs
  • The Enterprise package, at €40 per user/month, to equip yourself with artificial intelligence
  • The Ultimate plan at €52/month/user with advanced business intelligence tools

9. Sellsy

Like Zoho, Sellsy was not originally designed for insurance brokers. It does, however, offer multiple features that cover the needs of brokerage professionals.

With its high-performance tools for managing sales, invoicing and client follow-up, Sellsy simplifies administrative management and optimizes sales processes. The solution stands out for its invoicing features and offers a platform for securing transactions and automating accounting entry.

Like Zoho, Sellsy integrates with Ringover.

  • The Essentials package, designed for very small businesses and start-ups, is priced at €49.
  • The Advanced offer, targeted at SMEs, is priced at €79.
  • The Enterprise plan, the most comprehensive, is priced at €99.

10. Pipedrive

Pipedrive stands out with its intuitive interface and its ability to manage the flow of business. Thanks to its lead tracking and opportunity management features, Pipedrive allows brokers to efficiently manage their sales operations and improve their results. 

Pipedrive also integrates with Ringover:

Try Pipedrive x Ringover

Rates 💳

  • Essential at €14.90 user/month for simple process management
  • Advanced at €27.90 user/month for messaging and some automation features
  • Professional at €49.90 user/month for more customization options and reporting features
  • Power at €64.90 user/month for greater flexibility and more advanced collaborative tools
  • Enterprise at €99 user/month to access the full potential of the Pipedrive ecosystem

Integrate your telephony with your business software

Optimizing your insurance brokerage processes depends heavily on your tools and organization. To optimize your processes, opt for software integrations.By integrating your communication software with your CRM, for example, you can save precious time in managing your contracts, and automate tasks such as updating the CRM or consulting client data when they contact you.

By automatically displaying all of a client's information when you get a call from them, the telephony integration enables you to give the client a personalized greeting and enhance your efficiency in handling their queries or requests.Depending on your cloud-based telephony and CRM software, you can benefit from features such as:

  • Call recording
  • Data syncing between the telephone tool and the CRM software
  • Automatic client file feedback
  • Click-to-call for one-click CRM calls

These are just some of the features that Ringover offers and that insurance professionals are already taking advantage of.Check out some of our clients' testimonials, and discover how Ringover's products can take your business processes to the next level with a demo or a free trial.

FAQ - Software for insurance brokers

What are the advantages of using software for insurance brokers?

Insurance brokers can take advantage of this software in several ways:

  • Improve management of contracts and policies,
  • Automate administrative tasks and processes,
  • Offer clients a better overall experience,
  • Increase sales efficiency
  • Building client loyalty.

Which software should you choose to manage calls and communicate with clients?

A good choice would be a 100% cloud-based VoIP solution offering features that match your needs and those of your brokers. Choose a flexible, high-performance, reliable solution capable of integrating with your business tools. This is the case with Ringover, a SaaS communications solution available from €21.

Is there any specialist software for managing insurance contracts?

Yes, there are a variety of software packages that specialize in managing brokerage activities and, more specifically, in tracking contracts. Assur3D and LyaProtect are considered good choices, but they're not the only ones. Others include Kase and Bubble In.

How can I choose the software best suited to meeting my needs as an insurance broker?

To choose the most suitable software, it's certainly advisable to take into account the specific needs of your business, compare the features offered by the different software packages, and read user reviews and feedback. Verified review platforms can help you in this respect.However, beyond current and functional requirements, make sure that the solutions you choose are sufficiently flexible and in line with your company's vision and future needs. You can also request demonstrations and try a free trial of the software that's best caught your interest.

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