Guaranteed Voice Quality

Ringover works with leading global communication carriers as well as with local providers to minimise latency and optimise voice quality for crystal-clear calls. We’ve dealt with more than +250M minutes every year, so you know you are in safe hands.


Reliable 99.95% uptime

Ringover invests in an IP that is redundant on all levels to prevent any single points of failure. We’re a member of RIPE (European IP Network AS201188) to mitigate disruptions and increase consistent voice quality.


Best-in-class Security

Ringover holds critical certificates to ensure your data is secure and encrypted to follow new industry best practices. Ringover complies with GDPR & Privacy Shield. Across the world, our dedicated infrastructure is based on 12 data centres located in Paris, London, Madrid, Sydney, Singapore, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Chicago and New York.


Real-time status updates

At Ringover we provide up-to-date and transparent information on service availability and infrastructure issues. WebRTC is a technology based on reinforced security and essentially requires conversations to be encrypted. We are working on increasingly advanced technologies inspired by the banking industry.

Performance you can trust.
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