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Interactive Voice Response
Press 1, press 2…

Ringover’s guided menu (press 1 for…, press 2 for…) call routing allows you to you aptly direct your calls to the destined department or individual or to listen to announcements with relevant information like business hours, FAQs and events

Take advantage of the ultimate IVR

Multi-level IVR, transfer to users, to groups, to announcements, or forward to external numbers or call centres - Ringover’s IVR lets you to do it all. And, as always, right from your dashboard.

Take advantage of the ultimate IVR

Easy setup in real time

Make all of your desired changes in a few clicks from your dashboard.
It only takes a few minutes to create a sophisticated multi-level IVR.

Directly view call routes

Have the benefit of clear, detailed visualizations of your IVR’s full structure and make any necessary fixes in just one click.

Directly view call routes
Provide direct responses to the most frequently asked questions

Provide direct responses to the most frequently asked questions

Thanks to Ringover’s online studio, record verbal responses to FAQs to be played in the IVR and save time for your clients, prospects and teams.



Is there a limit to the number of levels in IVRs?

No, you can create as many sub-levels as you wish. However, take care to retain clarity and to not overwhelm your callers.


Can I combine an IVR with other call routing rules?

Absolutely. You may, for example, put an IVR in place during certain hours and then specify call distribution. Direct transfer to a group or user, ringing in predetermined order or simultaneously amongst other possibilities.


Can I find out how my callers are using the IVR?

Yes, you’ll have access to reporting based on selections made by your callers. This will allow you to modify your IVR accordingly - for example, if certain keys are rarely or never pressed or if callers tend to drop off at certain points.

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