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Retrieve a detailed history of all your calls

Access highly detailed logs such as date, duration, name of caller, call route and history. Take advantage of advanced filters for sorting out your calls properly.

Access call history

Retrieve in their entirety, the details of your outgoing and incoming calls and voicemails from any device. With just a click, play back recorded conversations.

Access call history
Filter at your convenience

Filter at your convenience

Take advantage of advanced filters for viewing or exporting call logs useful for your analysis: by service, by user, by group, by date, according to call tags, rating and many more detailed options.

Get the finer details behind each call

Break down every call to understand its detailed path: ring duration, IVR selections made by the caller, users linked to the call, the detailed route of the call before answering, who answered the call, who was unavailable to take the call and other critical data.

Get the finer details behind each call



How long are call logs saved?

Ringover saves logs for your incoming and outgoing calls along with data on these calls (incoming number, duration, date and time, etc.) for 12 months.


Is it possible to export call logs?

Yes, each user can export their individual logs in csv format, and Administrators can export call logs for the entire team. You can also use Ringover’s REST API to recover your call data.

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