Remote Working Phone System
Working remotely with Ringover’s business phone solution

Discover how Ringover ensures the continuity of your business phone service in a remote work environment. Guarantee the stability of your customer service, sales operations and team collaboration.

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Work like you never left the office

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icon telecommutingUse your professional phone at home

Ringover’s cloud phone system enables your home-based teams to make and receive business calls via the internet using their smartphone, computer and tablet.

icon personnalisation du standardAccess a bundle of features

From call transfers and forwarding to conference calling to click-to-call and much more, Ringover ensures your employees — wherever they are — have access to an efficient and productive phone system to accomplish their tasks.

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Manage your customer support remotely

Ensure the continuity of your switchboard

Automatically transfer your existing customer phone support to your remote employees to provide non-stop service to your callers.

Configure call distribution

Establish call routing rules in a few clicks to automatically send calls to your remote agents. Modify these rules according to agent availability whenever necessary.

Supervise your remote sales and support teams

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icon supervisionMonitor your team’s live calls

Access your agents live calls to see who is on call, on snooze or offline. Listen to live conversations or replay recordings.

icon sales team statisticsGet detailed reports on your agent’s activity

Take advantage of advanced statistics on your team’s calls including number of calls, call duration, missed calls, caller dropout rate and more.

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