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Work like you never left the office

Use your professional phone at home

Ringover’s cloud phone system enables your home-based teams to make and receive business calls via the internet using their smartphone, computer and tablet.

Access a bundle of features

From call transfers and forwarding to conference calls, click-to-call and much more, Ringover ensures your employees have access to an efficient and productive phone system to accomplish their tasks, wherever they are.

Work like you never left the office

Manage your customer support remotely

Ensure the continuity of your switchboard

Automatically transfer your existing customer phone support to your remote employees to provide non-stop service to your callers.

Configure call distribution

Establish call routing rules in a few clicks to automatically send calls to your remote agents. Modify these rules according to agent availability whenever necessary.

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Manage your customer support remotely

Easy video conferencing and screen sharing

Organize meetings via video conference from any device

With the Meet by Ringover solution, exchange with your colleagues and clients in real time. Your teams can launch video calls from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Share your screen for better productivity

Share your screen, or only a few select documents. Meetings can include up to 8 people (recommended). Any participant can share content during your meetings to boost productivity and facilitate collaboration.

Easy video conferencing and screen sharing

Supervise your remote sales and support teams

Monitor your team’s live calls

Access your agents’ live calls to see who is on call, on snooze or offline. Listen to live conversations or replay recordings.

Monitor your team’s live calls

Get detailed reports on your agents’ activity

Take advantage of advanced statistics on your team’s calls including number of calls, call duration, missed calls, caller dropout rate and more.

Get detailed reports on your agents’ activity
Monitor your team’s live calls Get detailed reports on your agents’ activity


  • What is a remote phone system?
  • What systems support remote working?
  • What do we use a phone system for as a VA?
  • What is a phone system for virtual assistants?

What is a remote phone system?

A remote phone system is a virtual work from home phone system that’s supported by voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). You’ll be able to make inbound and outbound calls from any Internet-connected device, including tablets or even a desktop app thanks to this remote working software. As a result, you’ll be able to use your remote working phone system to improve productivity and scale your business more easily.

What systems support remote working?

Here are a few of the most common remote working software:

  1. Ringover. Ringover is a VoIP service that remote workers can use as a remote working phone system. Ringover supports multichannel business communications, including unlimited calling to over 110 international destinations. You can use VoIP for inbound call centers and outbound call centers, and benefit from advanced telephony features like interactive voice response (IVR) menus, text messaging, customizable call queues, and more. At times VoIP can be called a softphone because it’s based on software.
  2. Slack. Slack is a professional tool that’s become very popular following the COVID pandemic. Slack allows a company to create teams and topics and exchange group and individual messages. In addition to facilitating and organizing internal chat conversations, Slack integrates with other tools. For example, developer teams can program a channel with automatic alerts or a notification if an online form has been filled out.
  3. ProProfs Project. The ProProf Project’s primary purpose is to aid in project management. In one dashboard, you can delegate tasks, track progress, check invoicing, and create reports from data visualization.
  4. GanttPRO. Are you familiar with GANT charts? If so, the GanttPro tool for project management could be a good option for you. With this service, you can visualize projects and easily organize the project through a drag-and-drop interface.
  5. Miro. Miro also gained popularity during the COVID pandemic as a virtual whiteboard that could be used as a brainstorming or collaboration tool.
  6. Asana. Asana is a project management tool that allows team members and managers to follow projects and manage tasks. Each individual can customize their dashboard view and create templates or rules to automate their project management.
  7. Notion. Notion is a tool that’s not specifically designed for businesses, but can be highly useful as a collaboration and planning tool. Teams create templates and communicate asynchronously to improve productivity and efficiency.

What do we use a phone system for as a VA?

You use a phone system as a VA, a feature called auto attendant, virtual assistant, or digital receptionist, for the following reasons. This feature will automatically answer inbound calls and direct the call to the correct department or employee, without the need for a live operator. You can even create a custom greeting to reinforce your brand identity. Using a phone system for a VA allows you to greet callers professionally, decrease wait times, allow you operators to focus on more complex tasks, and scale more easily.

What is a phone system for virtual assistants?

A phone system for virtual assistants is a virtual phone system that can make and receive calls through the Internet, without needing a physical landline. With a virtual assistant, you will be able to create a customized, automated greeting for callers. In addition to the greeting, a virtual assistant remote working phone system can filter and manage the flow of incoming calls. This allows employees to increase their productivity and efficiency.

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