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What is a contact center

It is important to stay up to date with the trends in the marketplace. Investing in software to digitize your communications is the future. The Ringover contact center allows you to unify all the communications of your company, whatever its size or sector. With our contact center, you’ll be able to integrate your business tools on a single platform and access real-time statistics on the performance of your teams, monitor their activity, automatically forward calls with intelligent routing and create an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Improve the user experience of your customers and prospects!

Better connections equals better communications

Implementing a contact center in the cloud means unifying all your communications in one place. You’ll gather all the information about your teams’ interactions with customers or prospects. With the integration of your CRM with the Ringover tech, you can centralize data, optimize the work of your teams and increase the quality of your service. Discover the power and advantages of omnichannel communication.

Better connections equals better communications

Easy configuration

Implementing a contact center doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With the Ringover contact center you will be able to personalize the functionalities, add or delete virtual numbers, listen to recorded calls, consult statistics, things that would have been impossible only a few years ago. Digital services allow you to carry out commercial prospecting, track connections and offer great service to your clients when they need to communicate with your business.

Easy configuration

An intuitive and easy to use interface

Speed ​​and efficiency are two qualities we all look for in our contact center software. Having access to all the possible tools to make your call center a vital asset to achieving a good user experience.

An intuitive and easy to use interface

Discover the different functionalities with Ringover

International numbers

Activate landline or mobile numbers in more than 65 countries and experience unlimited calling to more than 110 destinations from geographically important numbers.You can help your sales teams strengthen their local presence and encourage better prospecting outcomes.

Simultaneous listening

Ringover’s contact center offers a useful tool for any center trying to train or improve an employees.You can listen in and hear what needs to be changed. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to offer exceptional service to your customers.


You’ll be able to analyze the number of calls being generated, the progress of your customer service teams and all the communications of your sales teams. You could access the information in a detailed way, download all the reports with the data of your contact center at any time.

Call forwarding

Route the calls of the clients of your call center according to the choice of the dispatcher. Stay connected all the time, manage incoming calls by setting up smart routing or priority queuing for those slightly more important phone numbers.

The auto dialer

The features of power dialer make it an automatic dialing system allowing you to call through a previously created list of phone numbers. Having this function in your call center increases call volume by 5 times per day.

Unlimited calling

Ringover allows you to make unlimited calls to more than 110 countries around the world, regardless of your plan. In addition, you can also receive calls for free from your customers. Configure the Ringover contact center to unify all your communication channels in a simple and fully customizable way.


What is a cloud contact center?

A cloud contact center is a telephone system that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere with a good internet connection. It provides telephone lines and numbers to companies that have it and allows them to manage calls (both internal and external), using a wide range of personalized features such as welcome messages, mailbox, hold music, or queues among many others.

Why have a contact center?

A contact center, or CCaaS, allows companies to manage, organize, and distribute the different incoming calls of a company among the extensions of the employees of their choice. With this cloud solution, companies can unify all communications in a simple and customizable way.

Is there any special equipment required?

No. A high speed Internet connection is all you need, use it from your laptop, your mobile phone or any other connected device.

What’s the difference between a traditional call center and a cloud based one?

The virtual contact center is much cheaper compared to a traditional one, because there are no costs related to maintenance, investment or installation. Being located in the cloud, it doesn’t require material and physical space. It’s also fully configurable and adaptable to your business, so you can add extensions as your business evolves.

How is a contact center different from a call center?

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of a contact center is not different from a call center. A contact center also includes the call center since its main characteristic is the unification of several additional communication channels in 1 space. Like email and text messaging.

How much does it cost to create a contact center?

The proper functioning of a company does not depend exclusively on its communications, but depending on the industry they’re vital. In just a few clicks you can install and configure your contact center in a completely intuitive fashion. One of our experts is available to help at any time.