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Calls to more than 110 destinations included in your plans

Inbound and most outbound calls are included in all plans.

    FAQs on Unlimited Call

    What is unlimited call?

    Unlimited calling typically means being able to make any number of calls to any destination in the world for a flat monthly fee. You can subscribe to a plan and make any number of local and international calls without additional charges.

    However, this is not feasible through traditional or cellular phone services as they depend on physical infrastructures. Unlimited calling plans through traditional phone services will allow you to make any number of calls but are limited to carriers within the country. You might be charged extra for overseas calls.

    That is why service providers that offer unlimited call plans use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which uses the internet to make or receive calls. You can subscribe to a call plan and enjoy VoIP unlimited international calls to all the destinations included in the package from all devices.

    It is now easy to make calls to 110 global destinations using Ringover’s VoIP unlimited call plans. Choose a plan that best suits your business needs and enjoy uninterrupted communication with your clients, prospects, and remote teams.

    What does unlimited call and text mean?

    In a VoIP call plan, unlimited calling means you can enjoy as many international and local calls as you wish to all destinations included in your package for a specified monthly fee. All you need is a device like a smartphone, computer, or softphone and a reliable internet connection.

    Such plans also come with unlimited texting – you can send and receive text messages from anywhere in the world using your smartphones or computers. As the texts are sent and received through the internet, you need not rely on cellular services or analog phone lines.

    How much is unlimited calls on Ringover?

    Ringover has three unlimited calling plans – Smart, Power, and Enterprise – and you can choose one that suits your business needs. The plans start at $19 or €19 per user per month.

    You can lower the cost by choosing annual billing instead of monthly billing. Ringover also allows you to customize your plans based on your unique business needs.

    Plan NamePrice (Annual Billing)Price (Monthly Billing)
    Smart$19 per user per month$24 per user per month
    Power$39 per user per month$49 per user per month
    EnterpriseCustom planCustom plan

    While all these three plans offer VoIP unlimited international calls and texts to 110 worldwide destinations, they differ in features. To know more about the pricing, click here.

    How can I call for free?

    One of the best ways to make free calls is VoIP calling. Unlike traditional landline or cellular services, the VoIP phone system uses the internet for making and receiving calls. So, you can make calls for free to international or local numbers if you have a good internet connection.

    Callers need apps or software to facilitate VoIP unlimited international calls. Some apps, like WhatsApp, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, are free and ideal for personal use. You can download the app, create an account, and start calling. The only charge involved here is your internet charges.

    However, such free apps are not suitable for advanced business needs. For this, you need subscription-based unlimited calling plans with additional functionalities, such as the VoIP plans by Ringover.

    What is the difference between unlimited and truly unlimited?

    In a truly unlimited call plan, you can make any number of calls for any duration without usage caps or restrictions. You will find the term used in cellular calling plans where the provider lets you call and text without limits to any network within the country. International calls are not part of such packages.

    The term unlimited calling is often used by VoIP service providers, and the definition of the term might differ from provider to provider. Typically, it means all inbound calls are free. As to outbound calls and texts, the provider specifies the destinations included in the free plan. For out-of-plan destinations, charges will apply.

    What does truly unlimited mean?

    Technically, the term truly unlimited means there are no usage caps, upper limits, or restrictions on the call length, data usage, or any other features included in the plan. Once you pay a monthly fee, all inbound and outbound calls and texts are free of cost to both mobile and landline numbers.

    More often than not, you will come across the term truly unlimited call plans in cellular services. Here, the provider might allow you to make any number of calls for any duration to all networks within the country. Inbound international calls might be free of charge, while they charge you for outbound international calls.

    Likewise, in truly unlimited cellular plans, the provider does not usually have Fair Usage Policy (FUP) restrictions – you will not exhaust the FUP limits of voice calls or data within the country.

    Who has the best unlimited phone service?

    Here are the 12 best service providers that offer VoIP unlimited calling plans for businesses:

    • Ringover;
    • Nextiva;
    • Grasshopper;
    • Dialpad;
    • RingCentral;
    • 8×8;
    • Vonage;
    • CenturyLink;
    • CallHippo;
    • GoTo Connect;
    • Ooma;
    • magicJack for Business.

    Each service provider might have a list of destinations where they offer free unlimited calls. Make sure to choose a provider and plan that serves your preferred destinations.

    Is unlimited actually unlimited?

    In VoIP calling, there is no standard definition for what unlimited means. Service providers may create their own unlimited calling plans based on the interconnections they have formed with telecom operators.

    Typically, an unlimited plan means the following:

    • All inbound calls from any location are free of cost.
    • Outbound calls – landline or mobile or both – to the destinations included in the package are free.
    • Charges apply to calls to out-of-plan destinations. The provider might have different charges for mobile and landline calls.
    • Some providers include texts and SMS campaigns in their basic plans, while others add them only in advance plans.