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Better Business Happens Using Call Center Software for Small Business

Highlight your professionalism and boost your productivity using call management software for small businesses. Ringover’s expert software suite is designed to amplify and improve every aspect of your business’s functionality.

Conduct better conversations, with faster connections, and deeper insights. Smooth out your sales pitch and coach your agents into becoming converting machines. Unlock major savings for your business without compromising on quality and functionality. And refine your business’s productivity based on customers’ responses.

There’s so much you can do with Ringover’s VoIP and auto dialer for small businesses. Ready to find out for yourself? Start your free trial today.

Call Center Software for Small Business Pricing

Get the best Call Center Software for your small business


All-in-one calls,
video & chat

$ 24  $ usuario / mes

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  • Unlimited calls to 110 worldwide destinations
  • Host a landline number in 14 countries
  • HD video calls & meetings
  • Custom greetings
  • Call recording
  • Instant setup


Analytics, productivity
& integrations

$ 49  $ usuario / mes

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  • All Smart Features
  • One landline or mobile number in 65 countries
  • Live call monitoring
  • Advanced analytics & call reporting
  • Integrated with these guys…

…and many more!

Fast, Efficient, and User-Friendly Business Communication

Business communications happen in multiple ways, in multiple locations, during multiple moments through the day. You need a telephony system and a responsive call management software at the heart of your operations that will empower the depth and breadth of these connections.

Ringover’s software does so much more than simply secure customer satisfaction and boost your small business’s productivity using features like an auto dialer. Ringover is about creating a complete experience of communication.

And that’s why our software allows small businesses to:

  • Cut calling costs
  • Harness the power of advanced analytics, conference calls, auto-attendants, and more
  • Eliminate downtime through a predictive dialer
  • Scale your operations through cloud contact center setup
  • Bring project teams together in collaboration regardless of where they’re located

Call Center Software for Small Business Converts Prospects Into Customers

Companies are revolutionizing the way they do business. So shouldn’t they transform the way they communicate in business?

Ringover’s all-in-one call management system offers businesses a chance to reap the rewards of digital transformation.

If your small business is already using CRM or marketing automation software to market messages to your customers, then you’ll understand the importance of meeting your prospects where they are.

Ringover can help you convert prospects into customers with:

  • Unlimited calling to over 80 destinations
  • Free local numbers that help you establish your local presence
  • HD quality video quality
  • Voicemail to email communications
  • Multiple modes of communication, including text messaging, faxes, and collaborative SMS directly from Ringover
  • Cross platform support that allows you to use smartphones and tablets as hub for taking and receiving calls
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Get the best Call Center Software for your small business
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Features to Help You Advance Every Aspect of Your Small Business

Call management solutions are about more than just simplifying and streamlining your business communications. Ringover can help your operations get to the next level by addressing every step of internal and external communications.

Ringover includes features that boost your operations from the moment your team members call and connect with prospects to the way customers interact with your business when they call. These include:

  • Real-time analytics dashboard for call performance tracking
  • CRM syncing that helps you personalize your calls with information about customers
  • Simplified call transfer and preferred routing and power or auto dialer features
  • Landline and mobile phone availability in 65 countries
  • Interactive voice recording, which helps prioritize VIP clients
  • Calls from mobile apps and click-to-call Chrome extension that allows remote team members to stay connected on projects while on-the-go

Unlock Your Competitive Advantage Using Call Center Software for Small Business

  • In just minutes, Ringover allows small businesses to transform their communications.
  • Create a cloud contact center or set up a remote customer support center using our simple, user-friendly platform.
  • With quick setup access and no installation required, your team will be able to use any internet-enabled device to make local and international calls.
  • Instantly activate numbers and personalize your cloud phone system using interactive menus.
  • And sync your phone system into your pre-existing business apps through seamless synchronization and CRM integrations.
  • Explore these business features with your 7-day free trial of Ringover’s all-in-one call management software solution today.

Connect Internal Teams With Ease and Flexibility

These days, small businesses are keeping costs low while still hiring the best talent by opting for remote working solutions.

If this sounds like your business, you’ll know that remote team project management tools are just the starting point for empowering your remote work team members. They’ll also need a way to connect with local and international prospects, manage projects, conference with team members, and ensure customer support continuity.

Internal teams can benefit from:

  • Conducting meetings via video conferencing from any device
  • Share your screen in meetings with up to eight people
  • Use predictive dialer systems to configure call distribution and establish call routing rules
  • Provide non-step service to your callers through automated transfers
  • Empower work-from-home teams to maintain professionalism by making and receiving calls
  • On-call coaching and monitoring for managers who can use call recording and live call joining to improve sales outcomes

Start your free trial with Ringover and see the difference to your internal team communications for yourself.

7-day free trialAll features included

Call Center Software for Small Business FAQ

What Can Call Center Software for Small Business Really Do?

Call management software for businesses should really help achieve three significant goals:
• It should help make the entire call process smoother. An example would be boosting productivity through features like a power dialer, which stops time wasted dialing calls
• It should give you deeper insight into the sales process through features like call monitoring, so managers can refine offers and improve the sales pitch
• And it should empower internal communications as effectively as it does with client-facing communications
For a small business that requires customer satisfaction to establish itself and grow, these three broad outcomes are very important to achieve.

Can I Adjust My Call Systems As My Business Grows?

Yes, a mark of a good call system is that it adapts to your business’s size, call volume, ad format. For example, a small dentist’s office that is just starting out may only need a multi-phone line system for booking appointments and doing outreach.
But a workspace business fielding calls on their clients’ behalf would benefit from a PBX or cloud-based calling. Meanwhile, a remote team would use a VoIP solution to their maximum advantage.

What are the Advantages of Using Call Center Software for Small Business?

Call center service software designed specifically for small businesses are lightweight, flexible, and cost-effective. They should require little to no ongoing maintenance and installation. They should also feature a simplified UI and a non-technical setup and onboarding process.
With this in place, small businesses can use this focused software to connect with their customers in a faster and more responsive way. They can also integrate CRM details to establish more personalized contact relationships with clients.

Do I Need a Technician to Help Me Setup Call Center Software for Small Business?

It depends on what solution you choose and whether the call center service software offers a simple setup experience. VoIP solutions, for example, require minimal setup but a multi-phone landline system may call for an onsite technician. A cloud contact center setup, on the other hand, would not require any onsite installation or storage either.

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