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Give your customers a 5-star experience, every time.

Answer every call, no matter where you are

Efficiently operate your customer support with a platform that can be used anywhere, whether your agents are in the office or at home. With smart call routing options, you’ll make sure your customers talk to someone every time.

  • All you need is an internet connection
  • Call routing options: Simultaneous, cascade & customize
  • Missed call notifications
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Answer every call, no matter where you are

Handle more calls in less time

No more long customer hold times. With Ringover’s simple-to-use smart routing, you can handle more daily requests and redirect callers to the right people at the right time.

  • Advanced switchboard (IVR)
  • Smart call routing
  • Simplified call transfer
  • Call notes and tags
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Handle more calls in less time

Stay one step ahead

Integrate with your CRM and have all the crucial information you need in-app as you respond to a customer’s requests. After your call, all the data and your notes are synced in your CRM or helpdesk tool.

  • Integrate with your CRM or helpdesk tools
  • Screen pop
  • Conversation history
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Stay one step ahead

For your customer service

International numbers

In more than 65 countries

Free phone numbers

Truly unlimited

Time-based routing

Calls distributed in line with opening/working hours


For your selection, press 1, press 2…

Smart routing

Call distribution based on your data

Call queues

Give priority, and line jumps to your VIP customers

History-based routing

Direct the customer to their usual point of contact

CRM integration

Connections with the leading tools on the market

For managers

Gain insights to inform your decision making

Check your teams’ availability in real-time and quickly identify any spikes or decrease in activity to schedule accordingly. Use the advanced statistics to optimize your service quality and operations.

  • Real-time statistics
  • Call queue list
  • Advanced KPI: Heatmap, view by agent, etc.
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Gain insights to inform your decision making

Coaching your teams remotely

Train your teams to perfect their pitches and have recruits performing like seasoned team members in no time.

  • Two-way listening
  • Discreet intervention
  • Call recording
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Coaching your teams remotely

Advanced supervising and coaching capabilities

Two-way listening

Listen in to your agents’ calls in real-time


Subtly support an agent during a call

Call recording

Keep a trace of each conversation

Real-time monitoring

See which agents are online and available

Advanced statistics

Monitor performances across the board

Call notes & tags

Quickly pull up essential information

Collaborative SMS messages

Often more practical and less intrusive for the customer

Make calls from your CRM

Why not speed up your day by making calls in one click directly from your CRM or helpdesk tool? When you connect your CRM you will also have access to screen pop during incoming calls, automatic call logging and much more...

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Make calls from your CRM

Francois Bureau

Director of Customer Success

“Each call generates a ticket in Zendesk, which allows us to collect data, and understand their reason for the call and the channel used to contact us. This way, we’re able to easily quantify our calls over any given period.”

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Elise Landais

Customer Services Manager

“The call routing feature, which directs calls based on time ranges, is handy. It means I can set up an “on-call” point of contact for phone calls and direct calls to a mobile number to ensure service continuity.”

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Clive Buckley


“Ringover’s ability to assign local numbers to local offices has allowed us to create a more global feel.”

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  • No need to change numbers
  • No additional equipment required
  • Instant line activation
  • One-click CRM integration
  • Support provided by a Ringover advisor
  • Conveniently from mobile app or website

Encrypted data

Secure data centers

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