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The Ringover solution has many features. You can compare packages based on what is important to you and what’s right for your organization.

Calling & SMS
1 landline number per user + 1 main company number in 14 countries
1 landline or mobile number per user + 1 main company number in 65 countries
Unlimited calls to 90 destinationsi
Add additional numbersi
Out-of-plan destinations
Interactive Voice Responsei
Customisable call hold / Ringover Studioi
Call forwarding
Call hold & transfer
Forwarding to an external numberi
Call notification
Choose your outgoing numberi
SIP phonei
Block unwanted numbers
Click-to-call Chrome Extension
SMS messagingi
Voicemail drop
Mobile, desktop, web app
In-call device switchingi
Random call cascadesi
Pre-set call cascadesi
Ring groupsi
Priority call queuesi
Customisable call queuesi
History-based call routing - Easy Routingi
Smart routingi
After calli
Call tagsi
Auto Dialer (Power Dialer)i
Call campaigni
SMS campaign
Shared contacts
Shared call log
Video calling
Screen sharing
Internal Group messagingi
Snooze buttoni
3-way conference callsi
Group voicemail
App integrations
Native Integrations *i
CTI screen popi
Click to calli
Shared contactsi
Contact synchronization
Automatic call logs
Call and SMS logsi
+60 software integrations
Statistics & monitoring
Personal daily statistics via myRingover
Call recordingi
Advanced statistics
Real time dashboard
Call bargingi
Double listeningi
Coaching - Call whisperi
Customer support
Number portingi
Onboarding portal
Help center access
Email and Phone Support
Service level agreement (SLA)
VIP Hotline
More features
Fax sending and receptioni
Add a click-to-call link to your e-mail signaturei
Smart dialingi
Call logs for Administratorsi
Supervisor profilesi
Set account permissionsi
Free and special numbers



Which offer should I choose?

Select the plan that suits your needs!

SMART provides all of the classic business phone features and allows you to equip all of your employees with direct dial lines. It also includes a cloud switchboard system and main reception number. This is the ideal offer for any company of any size to set up a complete business phone system that’s ultra-simple to implement and utilise on a day-to-day basis.

POWER offers more advanced professional phone features such as advanced call routing, detailed statistics, and tools for extensive calling, enabling live call supervision and coaching. This option is ideal for creating or reinforcing a high-performance call centre - whether for sales or customer support — without any technical expertise requirement.


Can I use Ringover’s phone system in a small business?

Yes, Ringover is an all-in-one-app that is very easy to use and manage. It is perfectly designed for small businesses to set up and use without unnecessary hassle or burden.


Is there unlimited calling?

All inbound calls are free. Unlimited outbound calls are included in 75+ destinations such as the US, Europe and Asia. For specific outbound calling rates, see the price list here.


Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, we can port over your landline, mobile numbers and most toll-free phone numbers. Porting fees are included in your contract.


Who can I call with a VoIP number from Ringover?

Any telephone number whether landline, mobile or toll free. It’s just like using a sim card number…


How does the free trial work?

You can test our SMART plan free of charge for 7 days. During the trial, you will have direct phone numbers for your employees as well as the main reception number and the possibility of setting up a cloud phone system.

The free trial allows up to a maximum of 3 users and includes 120 minutes in outbound calls. You can exceed these limits at any time and switch your free trial to a paid subscription.


How long will it take to set up my phone system with Ringover?

With Ringover, it takes only a few minutes to properly configure your cloud phone system. Choosing your number and adding your employees is a 1-click process and with our user-friendly online studio, you can easily configure your voice messages and greetings in a few seconds. The phone setup is designed to be completed independently. No technical expertise or specialised support required.


Is Ringover GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are fully compliant with GDPR and all data centres storing the data necessary for the provision of Ringover services are hosted and located in France, therefore no data is transferred out of the European Union or European economic area. For more information on GDPR please visit here.


My team uses a CRM, can I sync it with Ringover?

Of course, we’ve built native integration with 15 + popular CRMs eg…. You can even sync Ringover with your custom built CRM using our APIs and webhooks. Check out our developer resources here.


Do I need to purchase new devices for my employees to use Ringover?

No, Ringover is 100% BYOD-friendly so it works on any smartphone, most desk phones, PC etc.

* Salesforce - Hubspot - Zoho - Zendesk - Pipedrive - Sellsy - Gorgias - Microsoft Dynamics - noCRM - Sugar CRM - Freshdesk - Front - Intercom - Copper - ActivCampaign - Zapier


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