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Drop voicemails for contacts

Voicemail drop allows you to pre-record a message which can be dropped in the voicemail of any correspondent who doesn’t pick up with just a click.

No further need to record a new voicemail for every unanswered call: just leave a pre-recorded one! This will save your salespeople considerable time during their call campaigns.

Drop voicemails for contacts

Save time making sales calls

Make calls without interruption

Don’t lose any more time recording a new message for each unanswered call. Leave a pre-recorded message and move on to the next call with just a click.

Make calls without interruption

Create a specific message for each campaign

Create a specific, impactful message based on your campaign's objective. For example, when calling a list of leads about participation in an upcoming event, you can create a message with the name of the event.

Create a specific message for each campaign


Easily activate voicemail drop

Activate the voicemail drop feature with a simple click and deactivate it when you no longer need the message.


Record your message

Record your message, or upload one in mp3 format.


Put your call campaign in action

Once you’ve recorded your message, all you need to do is start calling!


No further need to leave a different message for every call

Your pre-recorded message will automatically be dropped in the voicemail of contacts who don’t answer your call

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More features to save you time on sales calls


Make a call in just a click and save 8 seconds on average per call.

Virtual numbers

Activate the landline or mobile numbers you need in a few clicks for more than 65 destinations worldwide.

Power Dialer

Automate your campaigns with the Ringover dialer to make uninterrupted calls.


Dedicate time after each call to qualification tasks: notes, tags, etc.

Text message campaigns

Create precise scenarios for sending out marketing text messages to your clients and leads, and plan sending as needed.

Voicemail campaigns

Communicate on a large scale to promote products, services and offers.

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