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The AI-driven communication platform for staffing and sales

All calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and video calls are centralized within a simple interface and integrated with your existing tools.

Perfect your pitch and
maximize every call’s potential

Perfect your pitch andmaximize every call’s potential

Tailor your conversations and
enhance your team's productivity

Tailor your conversations andenhance your team's productivity

Engage efficiently,
multiply your opportunities

Engage efficiently,multiply your opportunities

Leverage the infinite potential of conversational intelligence to boost your business.

Simple, efficient and intelligent SaaS

Complete configuration in minutes

Complete configuration in minutes

100% cloud-based solution that you can effortlessly manage and install in just a few clicks

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Establish a presence across all channels

Establish a presence across all channels

Calls, emails, SMS, social media: All communication channels controlled through one single interface, for streamlined and productive conversations with your candidates, clients and prospects

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Steer Your Teams with Insights

Steer Your Teams with Insights

Gain comprehensive visibility into your employees' activities and performances, ideal for refining your strategic approach.

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Boost productivity with AI

Boost productivity with AI

Leverage automation, artificial intelligence, and coaching to unlock the key to your recruiting and sales teams’ productivity.

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All your tools easily interconnected in a few clicks

ATS, CRM, Helpdesk, and more. Our solutions seamlessly connect into your tech stack

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Success Stories

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“I can’t emphasize enough how much Ringover has helped with our development!”

Ivo Betke

Managing Director

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“ The dashboard, coupled with its usability is what we needed as our team grew at a rapid rate! ”

Alex Dobb

Chief Operating Officer of Movinghub

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“ Ringover’s phone system and smart analytics helped us to grow 400% “

Tom Marsden

Founder & CEO of Curral

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4.6/5 on Capterra

4.2/5 on Google

4.5/5 on Trustpilot

4.5/5 on G2


What is Ringover and what possibilities does it offer?

Ringover is a SaaS communications platform designed to simplify multichannel communication for businesses. Our software enables users to optimize their customer relations and productivity through an easy-to-configure, high-performance contact center hosted in the cloud (CCaaS).

What is Empower by Ringover?

Empower by Ringover is an innovative AI-driven conversation analysis solution designed to optimize your communication. It features transcription, sentiment analysis, automated summaries, and performance analytics, empowering professionals to optimize their talking points and better meet customer needs.

What is Cadence by Ringover and what capabilities does it offer?

Cadence by Ringover is a sales and staffing prospecting tool that empowers sales and staffing teams to simplify, organize, and automate their daily tasks. It seamlessly integrates with CRMs, enabling your sales and staffing departments to define optimal prospecting cadences and implement a best-in-class methodology.

What types of companies utilize Ringover products?

Ringover products cater to businesses across various industries, meeting their distinct requirements. We currently serve more than 10,000 clients globally, such as AXA, Best Western, Talent.io, and Sellsy. Read their testimonials.

For which teams are Ringover products designed?

Ringover is ideal for all teams requiring telephony in their daily operations (customer service, sales, HR, staffing, and recruitment, among others). Cadence by Ringover is primarily designed for sales and recruiting teams. Empower by Ringover is crafted for sales and customer relations teams, but also serves the needs of marketing and recruiting departments.

100% cloud communication solution

Encrypted data
Secure data centers
US-based support