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“ Listening in real time allows me to continue to train my team and give them advice daily “

The platform's features ensure that we can provide high levels of customer service

200 Employees
+800 incoming calls per day
30 sec. Average pick up time
95% Service level


Created in 1997, COURSIER.FR is a company specialising in last mile delivery. The concept combines a premium service and a culture of innovation, combining modernism and consistency.

Always focused on providing the best customer service possible, COURSIER.FR chose the Ringover cloud platform to guarantee optimal management of their incoming calls.The telephone is the most important customer relationship channel for COURSIER.FR, which is why they needed a solution to overcome common challenges such as reactivity during peak activity, management of calls during travel and more.

Simplified telephony management for a better customer experience

For COURSIER.FR, maintaining a good relationship with their customers over the phone was essential. With Ringover’s smart features, COURSIER.FR could create several telephone lines and a clever Interactive Voice Server (IVR) that would forward customers to the right point of contact quickly. How COURSIER.FR had configured their IVR had allowed them to manage high call volumes at peak times and still deliver a good level of customer service outside of office hours.The ease of use and customization of the tool is highly appreciated by the COURSIER.FR teams, who needed a solution with which to work in complete autonomy, without the need for regular interventions and developments.

“ The call routing feature based on time slots is very useful. It allows me to set up a telephone on-call duty and forward calls to a mobile, ensuring continuous service. I can even easily customise my switchboard''s greeting for special events. “
Elise Landais
Customer Service Manager

Ringover''s collaboration and supervision features, such as access to real-time call statistics and the mobile app, also offered greater team flexibility.

Why Ringover?

Ringover’s call statistics and real-time activity monitoring were the main reasons why COURSIER.FR selected the platform as their analysis of telephone activity was very obscure in the past. Managers at COURSIER.FR can now benefit from a 360° view of the telephone activity of their teams. Listening to calls in real-time allows them to continue to train their teams and provide advice on how they can improve their pitch daily.

“ The RingoverView is a very useful management and visibility tool for everyone. Easy to read, it allows employees to show autonomy and adapt according to the activity, in other words, better instantaneous management, especially during call overflows. “
Elise Landais
Customer Service Manager

Support at every step

More than half of the COURSIER.FR teams use a phone daily for their commercial operations, which is why it was essential that call handling was made even easier.

“ The Ringover support team was very responsive and accompanied us throughout the implementation of our telephony system to ensure that our IVR and our queues matched. It made our transition a lot easier. “
Elise Landais
Customer Service Manager

Looking to make life even easier?

Contact our experts to help guide you step-by-step at +44 20 3808 5555 or send an email to sales@ringover.co.uk

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