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“ Kyle listened to our needs, and his demo was fantastic at showing us how easy it is to use Ringover! “

NLDC now have a user-friendly platform that allows them to track, monitor, and record calls to help maintain high customer service levels.

Healthcare Industry
Bespoke CRM

For one of the UK’s leading dental care providers, with over 17,000 registered dental professionals and soaring demand for their services – NLDC needed a solution to cope with large call volumes and customer enquiries.

About North London Dental Centre

The North London Dental Centre (NLDC) is the UK’s leading Dental Nurse training and recruitment provider. Their highly trained and skilled professionals have extensive proven experience ensuring that their students receive the highest quality tuition and learning support.

Their challenges

With high volumes of enquiries and a UK network of over 17,000 registered dental professionals, managing calls, monitoring, or even listening for training purposes was impossible with their previous VoIP provider. They needed a more advanced phone system with intelligent features to help maintain their high customer service levels.

  • It was not easy to track the volume of calls.
  • They could not monitor or listen to calls for training purposes.
  • NLDC could not record calls for future listening.
  • There was no CRM integration available.
  • Their switchboard (IVR) functionality was not sufficient for their use.

Ringover’s solution

We provided a user-friendly platform that allows NLDC to track, monitor, and record calls for training purposes and maintain high customer service levels. With Ringover’s IVR, NLDC can build simple to complex call flows from scratch, enabling their callers to reach the correct destination in no time. Ringover thrives upon designing simple but effective features that save time and boost productivity. When integrated with your CRM, as NLDC found, they had eliminated manual tasks such as copying and pasting numbers and manually dialling. These were just a few of the many arduous tasks we removed from their day.

  • Personalised greetings and IVR
  • Call listening and recording
  • Integrate with their bespoke CRM
  • Assign local London numbers
  • Flexible payment plans for 12, 24, and 36 months

“Kyle listened to our needs and provided an extensive trial which allowed us to see how easy it is to use the Ringover and how it would benefit NLDC.“

Gem KaraSales Manager

Benefits of the solution

The Ringover platform has helped support NLDC's aspiring growth plans as they now have the features to help overcome high call volumes, train staff quickly and enhance their customer service levels. From tracking and monitoring calls, advising consultants with call whispering to detailed statistics that inform management to act, NLDC has dramatically benefited from upgrading its business communications. Ringover will continue to grow with NLDC supporting their needs and thousands of businesses with features designed to help each one meet their objectives.

Ringover has enabled NLDC to…

  • Enhance its customer service levels by using more innovative features.
  • Increase their pick-up rates in London by selecting local numbers.
  • Save time by integrating Ringover with their CRM.
  • Make substantial savings with unlimited calls.
  • Have peace of mind from a reliable business phone system.
  • “The demo from Kyle made it super easy for us to choose Ringover as me and the team really enjoyed discovering all these exciting new features!”
  • Are you looking to modernise your business comms?
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