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Increase customer contact rates and lead generation with Ringover’s advanced sales call software. Your business can enjoy the convenience of a 100% cloud contact center software that also facilitates outbound call campaigns. Ringover’s outbound sales call software empowers you to automate outbound call processes if you choose, eliminating the need for your agents to repetitively dial numbers. Or keep your outbound call numbers high with the click-to-call feature, enabling your agents to easily select and dial numbers with a single click. Your team of agents will all have access to the tools they need to successfully handle calls and increase customer satisfaction, thanks to full CRM integration into the Ringover platform.

Sales Call Software Pricing

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All-in-one calls,
video & chat

$ 24  $ usuario / mes

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  • Unlimited calls to 110 worldwide destinations
  • Host a landline number in 14 countries
  • HD video calls & meetings
  • Custom greetings
  • Call recording
  • Instant setup


Analytics, productivity
& integrations

$ 49  $ usuario / mes

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  • All Smart Features
  • One landline or mobile number in 65 countries
  • Live call monitoring
  • Advanced analytics & call reporting
  • Integrated with these guys…

…and many more!

Powerful Features at Your Fingertips

Ringover provides you with powerful features that empower you to run a successful outbound and inbound call center, all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Select both landlines and mobile numbers in over 65 countries for your outbound calls, and increase your contact rate
  • Take advantage of Ringover’s CRM integration capability, and give your agents access to the tools they need to efficiently handle calls, all within one application
  • Create, launch, and manage auto dialer campaigns with ease
  • Advanced analytics on call performance allows you to stay up to date on agent and team performance

These are only a few of the features provided by Ringover’s full-service call center solution. Explore the simple yet effective ways in which you can increase your market leads and also improve your customer satisfaction levels, with Ringover.

Sales Call Software Keeps You in Touch

Stay in touch with your agents’ performance and provide support when they need it. Ringover’s sales call software solution enables you to monitor and provide helpful coaching for both inbound and outbound call handling. Monitor live calls and provide help directly to agents when needed on calls, via a whisper functionality. You’ll be able to offer advice discreetly, unbeknownst to the customer on the other end of the call. Record agent calls for future playback, and spot areas for future coaching and training. The helpful insight gained from monitoring and recording agent calls can provide important information for training of both new employees and seasoned agents alike.

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Get the best Sales Call Software for your business
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Access Analytics On-Demand

Your Real-Time Dashboard

Ringover’s sales call software provides you with an easy and simple real-time dashboard, that gives you access to detailed analytics on call center and agent performance.

Track Your Call Center Performance

Pull data anytime you need, with on-demand reporting on historical and current metrics, including average call handling time, call abandonment rate, and much more.

Remain Flexible

Adjust quickly as needed, to respond to changes in outbound and inbound call volume and performance. All actions are available via your Ringover dashboard.

Make More Calls with More Confidence with Ringover’s Sales Call Software


Ringover offers the click-to-call functionality, which enables your agents to select and dial an outbound number, all with just one click.

Access to CRM Tools

Fully integrate your current call center CRM software into the Ringover platform, and your agents will have access to the information and tools they need, all from one application.

Outbound Dialer

Automate your outbound call campaign with Ringover’s sales call software. You can create, launch, and manage your outbound call campaigns easily, and keep an eye on dialer performance with real-time and historical reporting.

Launch your High-Performing Call Center Today

It Only Takes a Few Steps

Getting started with Ringover only takes a few simple steps. Once you download Ringover’s sales call software, you’ll be on your way to running a high-performing contact center.

Experience the Difference

Boost your contact center performance quickly, with the advanced and robust features offered by Ringover’s cloud contact center solution. Thousands of businesses have discovered the power of simplifying their remote contact center with Ringover’s innovative software solution.

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Sales Call Software FAQ

What type of software do call centers use?

When selecting a software to support contact center needs, a call center will typically choose an option that offers multiple functionalities, such as call transferring, call routing capabilities, and advanced reporting on analytics. Ideally, the software will allow for CRM integration into the platform, giving contact center agents access to the customer relationship management tools they need to handle calls, and will also provide the ability to pull and view important performance data.

Can I establish a call center from my own home?

It is possible to set up a contact center for your business from your home with the right technology and software. Start by deciding how many agents you will have, and then choose the best software solution for your business needs. It is typically simple to implement contact center software, and can usually be completed within a few minutes and without a technical specialist.

How do I track sales calls?

With the right sales call software, it is possible to track many different performance indicators when it comes to outbound sales calls. Analytics can provide data on average call handling time, volume of closed calls per agent or per team, average amount of time callers are on hold, average time handling actions after closing a call, and more. Software that offers sales call tracking and analytics helps contact centers make decisions regarding strategy, call campaigns, and call routing.

What is an outbound dialer?

An outbound dialer can also be referred to as a predictive dialer or auto dialer. A dialer is a system that uses a list of phone numbers to place outbound calls to customers and connect callers with agents once a contact is made. Outbound dialers are designed to automate the repetitive task of dialing numbers, saving time and creating contact center efficiencies.

Why is outbound sales calling important?

Many companies rely on outbound sales calls for insight into audience preferences and trends, as well as lead generation. Making contact with potential customers can provide information that may influence product and marketing decisions, and can also lead to new customers. Outbound calling allows you to specifically target your marketing to your audience, increasing the rate of new qualified leads.

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