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Your roadmap to predictable revenue

Reach prospects faster

Make the most of your sales teams’ time with features such as making calls in one click, and automating commercial campaigns with mass communications. Plus, with the local number display option, you’ll increase your pick-up rate…

  • Click-to-call in your CRM
  • Calling campaigns / SMS / Voicemail drop
  • Choose your outgoing number
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Reach prospects faster

Focus on conversations, not calls

Eliminate time-consuming tasks like logging calls. With Ringover, automatically record every action in your CRM and help your sales team have more meaningful outreach.

  • CRM screen pop during calls
  • Call notes & tags
  • Call history & recording
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Focus on conversations, not calls

Flagship features for prospection

International numbers

In more than 65 countries

Outgoing number selection

One sales agent, multiple numbers


No more need to dial

CRM integration

Connects with the leading tools on the market

Call recording

Keep a trace of each conversation

SMS campaigns

Multiply your points of contact

Voicemail campaigns

For less intrusive contact

Reporting for each sales agent

Performance analysis

Manage teams with ease

Dive into an individual or a team’s call statistics to measure their performance. Identify who your top performers are and who needs training or motivation.

  • Easy, intuitive reports
  • KPIs: number of calls, call duration
  • Personalize your dashboard for your needs
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Manage teams with ease

Develop top-performers

Improve your team's performance and analyze pitches and conversations in real time. Use our features to intervene during conversations when training and assisting recruits.

  • Call recording
  • Two-way listening
  • Discreet intervention
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Develop top-performers

Two-way listening

Listen to sale pitches in real time

Discreet intervention

Support your sales agents

Call notes & tags

Make it easy to pull up essential information

Calling campaigns

Automate mass communications

Make calls from your CRM

Why not speed up your day by making calls in one click directly from your CRM or helpdesk tool? When you connect your CRM you will also have access to screen pop during incoming calls, automatic call logging and much more...

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Make calls from your CRM

Ivo Betke

Managing Director

“I can't emphasize enough how much Ringover has helped with our development!”

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Robin Tanzilli

Head of Business Development

“By using Ringover with Salesforce and the HVS module, we can help the SDR teams to boost their performance.”

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William Forgues

Sales Manager

“Ringover has given us the option of digitising our workstations, giving our employees even more independence and freedom to work from wherever they like.”

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Sign up and start making calls within minutes

  • No need to change numbers
  • No additional equipment required
  • Instant line activation
  • One-click CRM integration
  • Support provided by a Ringover advisor
  • Conveniently from mobile app or website

Encrypted data

Secure data centers

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