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Collaborate easily and more productively

Communicate more easily

Simplify communication and make your collaboration more productive thanks to new possibilities of use!

Organise your conversations

Since collaboration rhymes with organisation, organise your work through channels and prioritise your missions.

Collaborate easily and more productively

Group discussions for efficient teamwork

Improve and unify your communications

Regroup your communication channels in the same platform and replace your paid messaging service with Ringover messaging.

Find information… and keep it

Get information from a colleague and retain a written record that’s accessible at any time.

Group discussions for efficient teamwork

Confidential and secure exchanges

Nothing to download

Access your messages and exchange easily from your Ringover interface without installing any extra software.

End-to-end encryption

Ringover’s instant messaging is hosted in France and meets GDPR standards to assure the confidentiality of your conversations.

Confidential and secure exchanges
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