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What is a Power Dialer?

A Power Dialer is defined as an automatic dialing system that calls through a contact list so live agents don’t have to manually enter a phone number. Even if the number is unavailable or doesn’t answer, the Power Dialer will call the next contact with zero input from the agent. With this feature, you can move efficiently through your call campaign without missing a single prospect. Power Dialers are an essential tool to have within your business phone system.

What is a Power Dialer?

Why should sales reps use a Power Dialer?

Power Dialer software enables simplicity. It eradicates call-related stress, enabling sales representatives to accomplish 5 times the calls daily, all while meeting their goals. By employing a Power Dialer, agent productivity skyrockets by over 50%, eliminating manual tasks and unproductive downtime. Sales teams extensively adopt Power Dialers to initiate sales call campaigns, effortlessly importing contacts from CRMs or other data sources into Ringover.

Why should sales reps use a Power Dialer?

The perfect tool for cold calling

Cold calling remains unparalleled in discovering new leads. Although cold emailing enables agents to reach a large number of prospects in a single send, cold calling maintains a superior ability to establish prospect trust through real-time conversations. A Power Dialer therefore emerges as one of the prime strategies for effective cold-calling campaigns. It serves as the ultimate tool to elevate outbound call capacity, eliminating the need for manual number dialing and eradicating time wasted between calls.

The perfect tool for cold calling

Discover the most powerful of Power Dialers

Ringover’s Power Dialer is comprehensive, user-friendly, and meticulously crafted with the agent’s needs at the center. Any sales rep can expertly call through any batch of numbers at record speed.

Import phone number list

Import phone number list

Use the CSV import tool to seamlessly upload a number list into the dialer and start your call campaign in no time.

Gather numbers from websites

Gather numbers from websites

Use Ringover’s Chrome extension to identify phone numbers present on any webpage and quickly generate a campaign list from them.

Integrate CRM data effortlessly

Integrate CRM data effortlessly

Leverage contact details from your CRM to seamlessly initiate a productive call campaign, all while bypassing manual dialing. Import phone numbers collectively from a single CRM page or opt for individual selections to ensure accuracy.

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Top 6 Power Dialer Features

Unlimited calls

Start calling campaigns without worrying about costs. Outbound calls to more than 75 destinations are included in your unlimited plan.

Advanced analytics

Boost your efficiency not only by making more calls but also by effortlessly monitoring them. Access precise call data and statistics for tracking agent performance.

65+ Global virtual numbers

Amplify connection rates by employing diverse local numbers with your Power Dialer. Utilize virtual landline numbers aligned with your campaign location, like (020 xxxx xxxx) for London or (212 xxx xxxxxxx) for downtown New York, or even virtual mobile numbers to get closer to prospects.

Call supervision

Managers can actively monitor live agent call campaigns, assessing call quality in real-time.

Post-call qualification time

Allocate intervals between calls to enable representatives to take notes and prepare for the upcoming sales conversation.

CRM integration

Seamlessly merge your Power Dialer software with your preferred CRM systems, such as Pipedrive, Salesforce, or HubSpot. Utilize existing contact and prospect information for crafting cold-calling campaigns.

Software sales teams actually like

No more manual dialing

Enable your reps to amplify their call volume while sidestepping time-consuming searches, dialing errors, and oversights. Implementing a Power Dialer shaves off minutes per call and empowers each salesperson to complete up to 100 calls per hour — an efficiency gain of 100-200%!

No more manual dialing

Develop cold calling rhythm

Achieve impressive outbound call rates and develop a true call campaign culture within large and small teams. Schedule dynamic cold calling sessions at regular intervals each day to constantly challenge your teams to meet new goals.

Develop cold calling rhythm

Quick launch micro campaigns

Empower your sales reps or SDRs to promptly launch numerous micro-call campaigns, even with smaller contact sets. This permits them to focus on their individual prospects, and customize their schedules, all while maintaining the productivity power of a call center.

Quick launch micro campaigns

Our customers’ feedback

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4.7/5 275 reviews Based on 275 reviews.
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Anonymous user

7 jun 2022

A great tool for telephone contact with customers. It has super useful and interesting features such as filling out an aftercall record after the call, where you can label it and leave a note, whisper and listen-in option for the supervisor, after-call survey options, and the PBX set-up is intuitive. In addition, the support team is attentive and responsive. We have been with them for a year now and we won’t be going anywhere!

Anonymous user

7 jun 2022

Pros: Very easy to use and brilliant call quality. 100% recommend.
Cons: Nothing, everything is great, I use it daily and the quality is exceptional.

Anonymous user

7 jun 2022

Great service, love the features and how you can customize every single detail per user. Really easy to use, pretty intuitive and good pricing.

Valentin P.

7 jun 2022

We’ve been working with Ringover for over a year now and couldn’t be happier with it. ;)

Ana Isabel V.

7 jun 2022

Excellent service!

Javier G.

7 jun 2022

Excellent service and support from the Ringover team. The interface is easy to use, plus it’s ideal for boosting our customer service and sales teams’ performances!

Maud V.

25 may 2022

Ringover is a useful and user-friendly tool for back-office teams.

Power Dialer FAQs

  • Is training necessary to use a Power Dialer?
  • I don’t run a big call center. Can I still use a Power Dialer?
  • How many numbers can I call with a Power Dialer?
  • What is the cost to make calls with the Power Dialer?
  • What is the difference between a power dialer and a predictive dialer?
  • How much is a power dialer?
  • What is power dialing mode?
  • Are predictive dialers illegal?
  • Are power dialers legal?

Is training necessary to use a Power Dialer?

No. Ringover’s Power Dialer is ultra-simple to use. Any agent on your team will be able to launch their own cold calling campaigns with just a few clicks. No training is required to use it but you can access online help if you need extra guidance - Activating and using the Ringover Power Dialer.

Power up your sales and marketing agents with the best automatic call dialer software from Ringover. By automating the process of contact dialing, our power dialer helps you dial faster and cover more contacts, thus making your sales team more productive.

I don’t run a big call center. Can I still use a Power Dialer?

Yes, Ringover’s Power Dialer is designed for small to medium teams including support or sales departments, even if they are made up of only a few employees. It's ideal for small teams with large lead counts as well. No specific skills or background required - just select a list of contacts and start calling efficiently.

How many numbers can I call with a Power Dialer?

You can call up to 300 numbers per campaign but you can launch as many campaigns as you wish. A Power Dialer is ideal for launching small, individual calling campaigns with lists of 10 to 300 contacts.

What is the cost to make calls with the Power Dialer?

The Power Dialer software is included in our Advanced plan starting at $54 user/month. Calls are billed according to our standard unlimited call plan with calls to more than 110 landline and mobile destinations included in the price.

What is the difference between a power dialer and a predictive dialer?

The main difference is that a predictive dialer is a mass-call automation tool which dials several numbers at the same time, assigning a call to an available agent once it’s answered. The Power Dialer, however, dials numbers one after the other, ensuring the previous call is completed before dialing the next number. While the predictive dialer is used at the team level, the Power Dialer is a call automation tool managed at the individual agent level. A predictive dialer is properly designed to be used in large teams and is managed at the supervisor level. It enables the supervisor to optimize call productivity for the entire team. The Power Dialer is more adapted to small and medium teams.

Power dialers and predictive dialers are automated outbound dialing systems that dial prospects on behalf of agents. While they both help reduce manual dialing time, they have the following differences.

Power DialersPredictive Dialers
Dials numbers one after the other from a pre-set list of contactsDials several numbers simultaneously and assigns live calls to available agents
Waits for the agent to complete the previous call before dialing the next contactDials the next contact in the queue before the agent completes the previous call
Uses no mathematical predictions – it simply dials the number one after the otherUses complex algorithms to predict agent availability and dial rate
Handles medium call volume – 100 to 250 calls/agent/dayHandles high call volume – 300+ calls/agent/day
Suitable for large teams and campaignsIdeal for small and medium teams
Experiences fewer dropped callsExperiences more dropped calls

How much is a power dialer?

There is no standard or fixed pricing for power dialer software. The charges will depend on the service provider you choose.

For instance, Ringover has no stand-alone power dialer pricing for businesses. It comes included as a feature in the Advanced plan. The pricing for the plan is $54 per user per month for annual billing and $64 per user per month for monthly billing.

Besides the monthly subscription fees, standard call rates will apply for outgoing calls. The plan includes unlimited landline and mobile calls to more than 90 destinations. Charges will apply for calls made using the auto dialer software to out-of-plan destinations.

While there might be cheap power dialers, it is best to choose one that is cost-effective and feature-rich. To learn more about Ringover power dialer pricing and functionalities, click here.

What is power dialing mode?

Power dialing mode, also called automatic call dialer mode, is an outbound dialing technology that automates the call dialing process. When you use power dialer software to make calls, it picks numbers from a predefined list of contacts/prospects and starts calling them one after the other.

An automatic dialer dials a number, connects it to the prospect, and waits for the agent to complete the call before dialing the next contact in the queue. Call dialer tools help agents reduce the time spent on choosing contacts from a list or CRM and manually dialing them.

Are predictive dialers illegal?

No. Using predictive call dialer software to make calls is not illegal in the US or anywhere else in the world. However, you must adhere to federal and state regulations in your country regarding telemarketing calls.

To give a little background, companies once used automatic caller dialer tools to promote their products and services without consent from receivers. Many countries have formed regulations to end this practice and place restrictions on auto dialing and robocalls.

For instance, the US has the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). It prevents marketers that use auto dialer software and robocalls from making calls without obtaining prior consent from the receiver.

Likewise, most countries have a national Do Not Call (DNC) list where people can register their numbers to opt in or out of telecalls. You must first check the DNC database, failing which you might attract compliance issues and penalties.

Are power dialers legal?

Yes. All types of automatic dialers, including power dialer software, are legal in most parts of the world. However, you must comply with all telemarketing rules and regulations in your country to avoid legal repercussions.

Organizations that use automatic call dialer software to make calls in the US, for instance, must abide by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and avoid calling prospects without their prior consent. Likewise, you should check the Do Not Call (DNC) registry to get the list of people who have opted in or out of telemarketing calls and robocalls.