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Power Dialer

An easy-to-use automated dialer for small teams to boost their outbound campaign efficiency.

What is a Power Dialer?

A Power Dialer is an automatic dialing system that allows you to call through a manually-configured list of phone numbers for contacts or prospects. It is a simple yet efficient calling machine that dials numbers one after the other ensuring the previous one has been completed before moving on to the next.

What is a Power Dialer?
Why should sales reps use a Power Dialer?

Why should sales reps use a Power Dialer?

The Power Dialer software is simplicity at its best. A Power Dialer software removes the stress of making calls allowing the sales agent to make 5x more calls in any given day while achieving his objectives. Using a Power Dialer increases agent productivity by more than 50% eliminating manual tasks and unnecessary downtime. A Power Dialer is widely used by sales teams to launch prospecting campaigns using contacts imported into the software from a CRM or other data sources.

The perfect tool for cold calling

Cold calling is still undefeated when it comes to finding new leads. Although with cold mailing an agent can target a bulk of prospects in one email send, cold calling still has a higher chance of gaining the prospect's trust through live conversation. A Power Dialer is therefore one of the best ways to conduct successful cold calling campaigns. It’s the perfect tool to step-up outbound call volume without the hassle of manually dialing numbers or losing valuable time between each call.

Discover the most powerful Power Dialer

Ringover’s Power Dialer is complete, easy to use and designed with the agent’s needs at the center. Any sales rep can expertly call through any batch of numbers without losing too much time.

Import phone number list

Import phone number list

Use the CSV import tool to upload a list of numbers into the dialer and get started right away on your campaign.

Collect numbers from websites

Collect numbers from websites

Use Ringover’s Chrome extension to detect phone numbers found on any web page and create a campaign list from it.

Push data from your CRM

Push data from your CRM

Use contact information from your CRM to automatically launch an effective call campaign while saving time on manual dialing. Import phone numbers all at once from a single CRM page or select them one by one for more accurate selection.

See Ringover’s Power Dialer in Action

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Some interesting features linked to your Power Dialer


Unlimited calls

Start calling campaigns without worrying about costs. Outbound calls to more than 75 destinations are included in your unlimited plan.


Advanced analytics

It's great to call more and even better to be able to track your calls easily. Obtain accurate call data and statistics to track agent performance.


Virtual numbers in 65 countries

Increase your connection rates by using multiple local numbers with your Power Dialer. Use virtual landline numbers that correspond to your campaign area eg. (020 xxxx xxxx) for London or (212 xxx xxxxxxx) for downtown New York or even virtual mobile numbers to get closer to your prospects.


Call monitoring

Managers can listen to agent live call campaigns to assess call quality in real time.


Post call qualification time

Allocate time delays between each call to allow reps to make notes and prepare for the next prospect call.


CRM integration

Integrate your Power Dialer software with your preferred CRM such as Pipedrive, Salesforce or HubSpot and use your existing contact and prospect information to create cold calling campaigns.

Extensive benefits for your teams

No more manual dialing

Empower your reps to make more calls and save unnecessary time searching and dialling or making errors and omissions. Using a Power Dialer allows you to save several minutes per call and make up to 100 calls per hour per salesperson. An efficiency gain of 100-200%!

Develop cold calling rhythm

Achieve impressive outbound call rates and develop a true call campaign culture within your teams - whether big or small. Schedule dynamic cold calling sessions at regular intervals each day to constantly challenge your teams to meet new goals.

Quick launch micro campaigns

With a Power Dialer, your sales reps or SDRs can launch as many micro-call campaigns as they wish even with smaller batches of contacts. This allows them to target their own prospects and manage their schedule as needed while remaining as productive as an ideal call center agent should be.

Discover the most powerful Power Dialer

Power Dialer FAQs


Is training necessary to use a Power Dialer?

No. Ringover's Power Dialer is ultra-simple to use. Any agent on your team will be able to launch their own cold calling campaigns with just a few clicks. No training is required to use it but you can access online help if you need extra guidance - Activating and using the Ringover Power Dialer


I don’t run a big call center. Can I still use a Power Dialer?

Yes, Ringover’s Power Dialer is designed for small to medium teams including support or sales departments even if they are made up of only a few employees. It is very suitable for a small team with a large prospect count. No specific skills or background required. Just select a list of contacts and start calling with efficiency.


How many numbers can I call with a Power Dialer?

You can call up to 150 numbers per campaign but you can launch as many campaigns as you wish. A Power Dialer is ideal for launching small, individual calling campaigns with lists of 10 to 150 contacts.


What is the cost to make calls with the Power Dialer?

The Power Dialer software is included in our Power plan starting at €34 monthly. Calls are billed according to our standard unlimited call plan with calls to more than 75 landline and mobile destinations included in the price.


What are the differences between a power and a predictive dialer?

The main difference is that the predictive dialer is a mass-call automation tool which dials several numbers at the same time and once a call is picked up it assigns it to an available agent. In contrast, the Power Dialer dials numbers one after the other while ensuring the previous call is completed before dialing the next number. While the predictive dialer is used at the team level, the Power Dialer is a call automaton tool that is managed at the individual agent level. A predictive dialer is properly designed to be used in large teams and is managed at the supervisor level. It enables the supervisor to optimize call productivity for the entire team. The Power Dialer is more adapted to small and medium teams.

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