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What are Call Notes? Why use it?

Call notes is a feature included in Ringover’s business phone systems. The call notes permit employees to record key information following a phone call. Those notes can easily be shared between colleagues, or accessed when the client calls. This accessibility ensures sales or customer service teams have all the context necessary to seamlessly pick up a conversation with a prospect or client.

What are Call Notes? Why use it?

Increase efficiency thanks to centralized information

There’s nothing worse than losing time looking for information–especially if a prospect or client is on the line. Call notes ensure agents note every detail of a client’s file, no matter how complex the situation. Colleagues can even share the call notes, so the client doesn’t have to repeat themselves each time they speak to a different representative.

Increase efficiency thanks to centralized information

Create a personalized experience

With call notes at hand, agents will be able to go far beyond simply referring to clients by name to personalize the interaction. Agents will have a history of the client’s interaction with the business at their fingertips so they can even anticipate what the client’s needs will be. Once you’ve noted the next steps to take for a client, you can schedule the tasks in your sales prospecting tool, which can even automate actions like social media outreach.

Create a personalized experience

Collaborate more effectively

Notes are shared among all members of your team, promoting collaboration and transparency. Agents can take notes directly in the dedicated interface and even send them to their colleagues to move forward more quickly on a file or provide clarification.

Collaborate more effectively

Call Notes FAQ

  • What are call notes?
  • Are call notes shared with my entire team?
  • How do I search and retrieve a specific call note?
  • How do you take call notes?
  • How do you summarize a phone call?
  • What is a call summary report?

What are call notes?

Call notes are information from phone calls with prospects or clients regarding their needs, questions, expectations, and more. These details can include internal notes or information relayed directly from the client. Call notes are attached to a client’s file within a VoIP software, so any employee can access the call notes to understand that contact’s specific context.

Are call notes shared with my entire team?

Yes, our software allows you to share call notes with your entire team. This is a real asset for collaboration and transparency: everyone can have a complete view of the telephone exchanges with a specific customer.

How do I search and retrieve a specific call note?

Each call note is automatically associated with the contact concerned. To access it, you just need to have the name of the contact and go directly to his or her file.

How do you take call notes?

To take call notes, you can enter text into the call notes text box. The name of the contact, the date and time will be automatically noted, but it’s also useful to note action items, specificities of their situation that have an effect on their needs, and any relevant deadlines.

How do you summarize a phone call?

To summarize a phone call, include the following information in your call notes during your after-call period.

  1. The contact’s primary question.
  2. Any out-of-ordinary details about their situation.
  3. Actions taken during the call by employee and contact.
  4. Any further to-do’s that will be completed prior to a followup.
  5. Date and time of expected next contact and who will reach out.

What is a call summary report?

A call summary report lays out a high-level view of a phone conversation. The call summary report will include:

  1. Action items.
  2. The contact’s primary concerns or questions.
  3. What has been agreed or disagreed upon.
  4. Accomplishments achieved during the call.
  5. A list of the actions all parties will take following the call.
  6. Qualitative data such as the contact’s state of mind.
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