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What is click to call?

Click to call, also known as click to dial or one-click calling, is a business essential offered by Ringover’s VoIP phone system that connects callers to their destination with the click of a button. Eliminate human error and speed up callbacks with instant outbound calls to any number in your CRM.

Make the most of web traffic by capturing immediate conversions. Click to call also refers to click-to-call buttons on web pages. Whenever a customer clicks on a call link on your website, Ringover takes them directly to their phone app.

What is click to call?

Keep your business ten steps ahead with click to call

Give your website visitors and sales representatives everything they need to connect faster

Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Compress every string of digits into a single button. Say goodbye to copy-pasting, manual dialing, and human error. Save time and close more deals with Ringover.

Track every call

Track every call

Skip straight to what counts by empowering your sales reps to log better notes about callers in your CRM. Ringover takes care of the rest.

Close more deals

Close more deals

Accelerate workflows, speed up callbacks, and improve conversion rates with Ringover. All it takes is a simple click.

Engage with web visitors

Engage with web visitors

Make the most of web traffic with one-click dialing. Stay on top of customer service and get back to prospects immediately with click to call.

Other features you might be interested in

Unlock unlimited calling to 110+ destinations

Unlock unlimited calling to 110+ destinations

Establish a local presence with unlimited calls to more than 110 destinations around the world and fixed, transparent rates for all other destinations.

Make and receive calls from any internet-connected device

Make and receive calls from any internet-connected device

Access your Ringover account from your desktop, tablet, or mobile app. Experience a consistent, high-quality connection no matter where you are or what platform you choose.

Dial even faster with a smart dialer

Dial even faster with a smart dialer

Instantly connect to external contacts and team members with contacts that appear intuitively whenever you begin dialing or typing in a name.

Lift outbound campaigns with a power dialer

Lift outbound campaigns with a power dialer

Tackle endless scrolls of phone numbers with an automatic dialing system that does the work for you and makes sure every call is completed before moving on.

Our customers’ feedback

Overall Rating

4.6/5 281 reviews Based on 281 reviews.
This average is drawn from ratings of customers who have used any of the cloud communication services offered by Ringover.

Aida U.

20 may 2022

Very intuitive interface. Ideal for generating better performances and monitoring for the sales and customer service departments.

Bordier Assurance

10 may 2022

After a period to get used to it and make adjustments, the Ringover solutions meets all our needs and expectations. The team has been great, listening to us and providing effective solutions. This telephony 2.0 tool with countless advantages.

Abdellah D.

7 may 2022

Great service.


27 apr 2022

“Hi, Currently in the trial period after installing the app for our structure, I’ll get back to you with my feedback. From first impressions, it’s efficient! However, when will we get landscape more for the iPad? It’s not super practical, especially when you’re using a keyboard and have to turn the iPad into portrait mode to use it! I look forward to hearing from you”

Loïc D.

3 may 2022

“I’ve been using Ringover for several months now. The tool has an ergonomic design, is easy to use, has several interesting and customizable features to suit your organization. Option of taking your phone line with you wherever you go thanks to the mobile application. Technical support is available and reactive, good listening skills, I recommend them.”

Ariel D.

6 oct 2022

It works as expected. As a softphone, it has all what you need to handle calls in a call centre environment. Also they have the client available for web, for windows, Linux and mobile. That is awesome. I like all the filters available, that helps me find some call recordings easily…

Click to Call FAQs

  • How does click to call work?
  • Why do I need a click to call button on my website?
  • Can I click to call on mobile?
  • Does click to call apply internationally?
  • What is click-to-call in digital marketing?
  • How do I set up click-to-call?
  • What is a click-to-call button?
  • How do I create a click-to-call link?
  • How does click-to-call work on a desktop?

How does click to call work?

Typically, it works by initiating inbound or outbound calls between two people at the click of a button, most commonly between business organizations and their customers.

In outbound and inbound calls by businesses

You are required to download and install the VoIP phone system and integrate it with your CRM. Once integrated, you can click a phone number from your CRM, and the phone system calls you and the dialed number simultaneously. You can answer your phone and start communicating once the recipient is connected.

In inbound calls by website visitors

When a click-to-call button is placed on web pages, websites, chatbots, etc., it is hard coded with a telephone number. Customers click the button, and the link redirects it to their phone dialer opening it to make the call.

Click to call uses VoIP technology to automatically initiate a call between two people at the click of a button. When you click a phone number in your CRM, Ringover’s integrated phone system calls you and your recipient at the same time—all you have to do is answer when the other party is connected.

When you include click to call buttons on your website, links are hard-coded with your telephone number. That means that when a potential customer clicks on your call to action, they’ll be redirected to their phone app, where a call will already be on its way to you.

Why do I need a click to call button on my website?

Click to call brings up your phone number and the option to call your business immediately. Why is this important? While your website provides important and useful information, some visitors just want to speak to a real person. That’s where click to call can help eliminate frustration and improve your customer experience.

Click to call on web pages can also lead to higher conversions for a number of reasons. First, you get the chance to upsell customers over the phone. Moreover, web visitors that call your business are ripe to buy—give them the answers they’re looking for, and you’re all set for a sale.

Can I click to call on mobile?

Ringover supports click to call across devices, including softphones, smartphones, and desk phones.

Does click to call apply internationally?

Yes, click to call works locally and around the world, eliminating the guesswork when it comes to country codes.

What is click-to-call in digital marketing?

Click-to-call, alternatively called click-to-dial or click-to-talk, is a type of digital communication that allows people to initiate calls at the click of a button. These calls can happen through phone lines or VoIP phone systems.

It is also a common feature in business phone systems and organizations can use it for sales and customer support calls. That is, you can install click-to-call software and integrate it with your CRM, thus allowing representatives to dial prospective customers directly from the CRM.

In digital marketing, it is used as part of advertising to drive inbound sales from website traffic. You can place the button on your business website which users can click to call you. The button can be also placed on chatbots or videos or emails to initiate calls.

Want to minimize human error, increase productivity, and close more leads? Empower your support and sales staff with Ringover’s click-to-call software.

How do I set up click-to-call?

Let us find out how to set up click-to-call for inbound and outbound calls:

Click-to-call for outbound calls

Activating the click-to-call functionality for inbound or outbound calls using a VoIP phone system is easy. Using the web interface or app of the VoIP provider, you can activate the feature with a few clicks of your mouse.

Start by downloading the app of your VoIP service provider or visiting their web interface. After choosing your number and plans, follow the instructions mentioned on the screen to activate the feature.

Once the feature is activated, integrate your CRM into the system. After the CRM integration, phone numbers collected from various channels such as websites, chatbots, emails, social media, etc. will be displayed on the dashboard with a click-to-call button next to the numbers. Your team can make calls just by clicking the call button.

Click-to-call for inbound calls

Click-to-call buttons for inbound calls are placed on your websites or inside chatbots. If you have a WordPress or WIX website, you can activate the click-to-call feature by using a plugin or adding an HTML code. You can install the plugin and follow the instructions to activate the feature or get in touch with your developer.

What is a click-to-call button?

A click-to-call button, as the name suggests, is a button that helps customers connect with your team by clicking on the button displayed on the website that asks a visitor to click to make a call. There are three ways the feature works:

  • Click to request a callback – A customer clicks on the request call button displayed on your site/app and keys in their number. Your agents can get back to them.
  • VoIP click-to-call – Customers can directly get connected to your support team when they click on the click-to-call button displayed on the site. The call is placed using VoIP technology. Users can make calls either from a desktop or a phone.
  • Click-to-call on a smartphone – When customers use the click-to-call button, a normal call using their cellphone carrier will be placed. You can display a toll-free VoIP number, landline, or cell phone number.

Customer support agents or sales teams can also take advantage of click-to-call buttons. You need to integrate your CRM into the VoIP business communication system and activate the click-to-call feature.

How do I create a click-to-call link?

Let us see how to create click-to-call links for inbound calls (customers to call you) and outbound calls (for your team).

Create a click-to-call link for your website visitors

HTML code: If you want to place a click-to-call link on your website, you can use a piece of HTML code and make the phone number clickable. You may need to contact your web developer to activate the feature if you don’t know how to code.

Plugins: If you have a website built with an easy-to-manage CMS such as WordPress or WIX, you can find a plugin to place a click-to-call button on the site. The plugin’s screens will help you with instructions.

Create a click-to-call link for your team

VoIP click-to-call: If you are using a VoIP communication system like Ringover, you can make the lives of your support agents easy by activating the click-to-call facility. You need to integrate your CRM into the communication system to get caller data. The sales team can also use the feature while contacting leads collected from various channels.

How does click-to-call work on a desktop?

To access the click-to-call feature on your desktop, you need to have a VoIP business communication system like Ringover in place. You can either install the app on the desktops of your team members or use the web interface.

Once you access the dashboard, you can see all the customer numbers collected by your CRM from various channels such as chatbots, emails, social media, etc. displayed on the screen.

If you have activated the click-to-call feature, a clickable call button will be displayed next to these numbers. Your team can just click on the numbers and the call will be placed using your VoIP interface. Your VoIP number will be displayed on the recipients’ phones while receiving the call.

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