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Ringover: the next generation of customer experience

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Our mission: unlocking the power of your conversations with your customers

Ringover is paving the way into a new era for all of your conversations with your customers by giving your teams the ability to offer each individual a high-quality, fully-personalized experience.

Our mission: unlocking the power of your conversations with your customers

It all started with a simple observation

At Ringover, we’ve always believed that business calls are an essential source of value.

Our response

We created the next-gen software that enables you to design new customer experiences and enhances engagement through innovative features using customer data, offering an unbeatable level of quality for your callers.

It all started with a simple observation Our response

Ringover is reinventing business calls

Our founding idea was to remove time-consuming manual tasks and to replace them with ultra-intuitive features that allowed the user to focus on optimizing their conversations. In time more features followed such as SMS messaging, video calling and group messaging.

Ringover is reinventing business calls

« We want to give businesses the ability to transform their calls into a key asset for their customer experience… With minimal effort required. »

The history of Ringover


The first great success

Two entrepreneurs with a passion for unlocking the power of telecoms for businesses launch cloud-based and online communication services for businesses including fax over internet, conference calls, virtual telephone switchboard.


Innovations and R&D

It’s when our teams focused on WebRTC technology that the internal development of Ringover’s technical program started to take shape.


Ringover is launched

After more than 3 years of R&D, Ringover finally arrived on the scene to simplify business telephony and boost productivity! Its practical interface and business tool integrations were an instant hit.


Hello world!

It was full speed ahead with international growth as we reached 10,000 customers around the world, growing at a rate of 10% per month!


Next stop: the USA

Ringover reaches 100 employees, then 170 employees, and set up headquarters in London, Barcelona & Atlanta.

« With Ringover, we enjoy optimal call quality, which is essential for guaranteeing clear and efficient communication with our customers, offering them a high-quality service. »

Jean-Michel Andrianasolo

Jean-Michel Andrianasolo

Customer Relations Claims Manager

« We needed a solution that would be simple to implement and maintain, which could accompany us as our business grew. »

François Bureau

François Bureau

Director of Customer Success

« The huge advantage of Ringover is its interface, which is intuitive and enjoyable to use. The dashboard is extremely practical and it’s easy to extract real-time statistics from it. »

Quentin Bertrem

Quentin Bertrem

Head of Customer Success

The founders

Working together to reinvent conversations

Jean-Samuel Najnudel - Co-founder and Chairman

Even before Ringover came about, Jean-Samuel had already enjoyed several business successes with Renaud (who he met studying at the ESCP business school), having a portfolio of simple and intuitive communication solutions for professionals behind them. Their expertise in telecoms, I.T. and electronics proved useful.

Jean-Samuel Najnudel - Co-founder and Chairman

Renaud Charvet - Co-founder and Managing Director

Renaud has always wanted to contribute to progress in the world of business. Their angle of attack - telecommunications - turned out to be an excellent strategy, as over the past 15 years, the solutions Renaud has created alongside Jean-Samuel has had a positive impact on their daily lives. His hidden talent? Renaud took the title of National French Universities Rowing Champion.

Renaud Charvet - Co-founder and Managing Director

Ludovic Rateau - Director of Technology & Products

It was Ludovic Rateau who put forward to Renaud and Jean-Samuel the idea of working on a next-generation business telephony tool, that would be suited to new ways of working (working from home, mobility, co-working, freelancing, etc.). As a specialist in networks and infrastructures, Ludovic spent several years working as an R&D engineer for the French Ministry of Defense. As if that wasn’t already impressive enough, he’s also pretty skilled in Krav Maga and half-marathons!

Ludovic Rateau - Director of Technology & Products

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