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“ Ringover is equipped with the supervision and coaching features that we need daily. “
Quentin Bertrem
Head of Customer Success

Ringover's VoIP solution boosts Sellsy's efficiency and international growth!

Sales & Customer Teams
+80 Employees
4,500 Calls
Sellsy Integration

About Sellsy

Sellsy is an online solution that allows its customers to efficiently manage their entire customer cycle from an intuitive interface: CRM, invoicing, accounting and support. 

By integrating functions generally dispersed between different software in a single interface, Sellsy supports its clients in the management of each facet of their activity while allowing its users to greatly increase their productivity.

Disappointed by the quality of calls and customer service of its old VoIP telephony solution, the Sellsy team was searching for a reliable solution that could effectively support their ambition for growth.

Sellsy''s needs

  • a quality VoIP telephony solution for their sales teams and customer support
  • a simple interface for easy handling calls
  • a connection with their business tool: Sellsy CRM
  • relative and customisable call statistics
  • features that help train employees

It’s for these reasons that Sellsy chose Ringover to help support their growth for the last 2 years.

Quality and easy handling of the solution

“ With Ringover, we’ve found a reliable solution with fantastic call quality that has no interruption. The real benefit of using Ringover is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The dashboard is very simple and the real-time statistics are very easy to understand. “
Benoit Betton
Head of New Business

The advanced features of Ringover represent a big difference from the solution Sellsy previously used as its saves heads of departments a considerable amount of time. Quentin Bertrem, Head of Customer Success, explains in particular that thanks to Ringover, it was easy to set up an IVR (Interactive Vocal Standard). 

At Sellsy, support is done a lot by chat but their customers can call the team directly for assistance or support on the contract. The IVR makes it possible to direct customers directly to the right team member with ease.

Precise and daily monitoring of telephone activity

If Ringover allows Sellsy''s sales team to save time and increase productivity then it’s largely thanks to its supervision features. 

Managers can easily follow telephone KPIs and measure the performance of commercial activity: number of incoming/outgoing / missed calls, per team / per advisor, according to schedules etc.

“ What I like as a manager is the ability to manage my team and have access to detailed statistics on all telephone activity. I can follow the activity of salespeople and thus see through the type of call made if there is a real exchange with prospects. “
Benoit Betton
Head of New Business

Ringover statistics were particularly useful, especially during the first confinement in March 2020: the notion of activity management has become essential to adapt to new ways of working, in particular with the spread of the pandemic.

Quentin Bertrem, Head of Customer Success points out that trust in teams has always been the keyword at Sellsy, so individual supervision was not necessary. 

During the pandemic it was important to be able to monitor the activity of teams remotely and to be able to easily spot its impact on activity and business. Also, thanks to the email notifications for missed calls, Sellsy no longer miss costly calls.

Team training as a key factor in improving performance

For Sellsy, Ringover has become much more than a simple telephone tool. Thanks to its many advanced features (dual listening, call recording, etc.), the solution allows teams to continuously train and facilitate the arrival of new employees.

“ The main objective is to empower our salespeople and support them in their training. For this, we organise training sessions during which we use the recordings as support. “
Benoit Betton
Head of New Business

Integration with Sellsy CRM, a decisive criterion for teams

From centralising prospect and customer information to analysing sales performance, the activity of Sellsy''s teams revolves largely around their CRM. The integration of the telephony solution with the Sellsy CRM was therefore essential.

“ The calls are synchronised with our CRM, which allows me to have all the information on contacts and calls made in the same place. Supervision is thus simpler. One of the big advantages of this integration is the feedback of customer files during inbound calls. This represents a considerable saving of time for our sales representatives. “
Benoit Betton
Head of New Business

The Ringover solution enabled Sellsy to

  • Maximise its customer relationship thanks to HD call quality
  • Boost commercial efficiency through precise monitoring of indicators
  • Save time thanks to the integration with Sellsy CRM (escalation of files, click-to-call and more)
  • Continue to grow and easily train new employees

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