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Easily enrich your data

You can simply create or update contacts in Zoho CRM.

Easily enrich your data

Benefit from file feedback

When a contact calls you, their information will instantly be displayed within the Zoho CRM interface.

Benefit from file feedback

Click to call from Zoho CRM

Make unlimited calls with Ringover directly from Zoho CRM - no need to manually type in phone numbers.

Click to call from Zoho CRM

See everything that’s happening

No more manual logging as every call, answering machine messages and conversations are automatically recorded in Zoho CRM.

See everything that’s happening

Do you use Zoho CRM and want to integrate your phone system?

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FAQ for Zoho Integration

  • Does Zoho have phone integration?
  • Does Zoho integrate with VoIP?
  • Can you make phone calls from Zoho?
  • Does Zoho have a customer success tool?
  • What phone systems integrate with Zoho?

Does Zoho have phone integration?

Yes, Zoho has phone integrations for cloud-based PBX and VoIP telephony systems. Zoho integrates with popular call management providers and CCaaS like Ringover.

Zoho has a functionality called Zoho Telephony, which is also known as PhoneBridge, which allows you to connect PBX or VoIP systems so you can make and receive calls from within Zoho.

A phone integration with Zoho will have important functionalities like click-to-call, which allows you to place a call by simply clicking a contact’s phone number. Data will be automatically synced across the CCaaS and Zoho, so you’ll have access to call logs, notes, and more.

Does Zoho integrate with VoIP?

Zoho integrates with VoIP business telephony systems for increased productivity and efficiency. Zoho integrates with VoIP through its PhoneBridge API so your CRM and VoIP is integrated into one interface.

Integrating Zoho with a VoIP software is a matter of just a few clicks. There’s no downtime and no technical skills needed.

Can you make phone calls from Zoho?

You can make phone calls with Zoho if you integrate it with your VoIP software. This integration results in increased productivity thanks to functionalities like single-click dialing, enriched data, and automatic data synchronization.

With single-click dialing, you’ll be able to make unlimited calls just by clicking on a contact’s name–you won’t need to type in any phone numbers. Once you start making calls, you’ll see big time savings thanks to the automatic data synchronization between your VoIP software and Zoho. When you make a call to or receive a call from a contact, you’ll have the client’s interaction history, any notes regarding the client. Plus, all interactions will be recorded in Zoho without any action on your part.

Does Zoho have a customer success tool?

Zoho does not have a customer success tool but it does integrate with popular customer success software like Ringover, Hubspot, Zendesk, Custify, ChurnZero, and more.

These integrations allow you to sync the data between two software to understand individual customer journeys and increase productivity.

What phone systems integrate with Zoho?

Zoho integrates with many popular PBX and VoIP call management providers, a list which includes Ringover and more. Integrating your business telephony system and your CRM allows you to easily measure the effectiveness of your calls and the influence they have on your sales.

Once your VoIP phone system is integrated with Zoho, you can make and receive calls from within Zoho and better track phone calls thanks to automatic synchronization of data like call logs, call notes, and contact updates.