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The dashboard, coupled with its usability is what we needed as our team grew at a rapid rate!

Alex Dobb

Chief Operating Officer of Movinghub
About Movinghub.
Movinghub makes moving home simplier by providing access to a wide range utility providers and home services all at your finger tips.

Their challenges

An ambitious and exciting organisation, Movinghub was going places, but their current business phone system was staying put. Movinghub needed an advanced phone system packed with the latest features to help them meet their strategic objectives.

As for many fast-growing organisations, Movinghub required a multi-site VoIP solution as they expanded into new territories but struggled to find a provider that could offer a solution at a low cost. They also experienced poor call quality and response time from customer service , which wasn't good enough for Movinghub.

  • They had poor call quality with their current provider.

  • They needed a multi-site VoIP solution to support growing teams across the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

  • They required integration with custom-built CRM and Zapier.

  • They wanted a cost-effective solution for making overseas calls.

From the initial first contact with Joseph, who provided extensive insights into Ringover, providing case studies and pricing that would suit our needs. Full demo's of the dashboard, coupled with the usability and what would be required as our team grows at a rapid rate. Joseph was on hand, even during the CV-19 era last year and having to juggle parenting and work all at the same time.

Alex Dobbs, Chief Operating Officer of Movinghub

Ringover’s solution

From the onset, the Ringover team realised what Movinghub needed and so provided them with The Power Plan. This out-off-the-box VoIP solution was simple for them to set up and integrate with their bespoke CRM. After that, they had access to unlimited calls to 110 counties, could host HD quality meetings and improve connectivity across the business, from across the globe.

  • Unlimited calls to 110 countries

  • HD Video calls and meetings

  • Personalised greetings and IVR

  • Call listening and recording

  • Detailed statistics and monitoring

  • Integrate with their bespoke CRM

  • Right up to the day the number was ported over, Gabriela informed me at what time and day the number was going to ported, helping us set up our IVR in layers, creating teams and giving the correct numbers to the correct users and teams. This is something we have now mastered ourselves due to the easiness of their dashboard but the help from Ringover was needed and given when asked.

    Alex Dobbs, Chief Operating Officer of Movinghub

    Benefits of the solution

    From the initial first contact, Ringover’s solution was exactly what Movinghub needed to help them grow their teams at a rapid rate. Even during the toughest of times, Ringover were there to provide first-class support as Movinghub battled through a pandemic.
    The Ringover app has enabled Movinghub to…

    • Say goodbye to expensive phone bills with unlimited calls to 110 countries.

    • Say hello to superior customer communication with video calls in HD quality.

    • Grow their teams and customer base faster than ever before!

    • Through CRM integration remote teams can observe key conversations from anywhere.

    • They have peace of mind from a reliable business phone system ?.

    After over a year of using Ringover I would be recommending and should anyone have any doubts, get in contact with either Joe or Gabriela, I know they'll look after you.Thank you team Ringover from team Movinghub.

    Alex Dobbs, Chief Operating Officer of Movinghub

    What makes Ringover a great fit for Movinghub and your organisation is that we understand your challenges, mission, and vision. Using this knowledge, our team can create for you a tailored solution to help your organisation meet its objectives.

    Do you face similar challenges to Movinghub?

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Ringover’s phone system and smart analytics helped us to grow 400%

Alex Dobb

Chief Operating Officer of Movinghub
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Ringover is the perfect solution for an international team.

Alex Dobb

Chief Operating Officer of Movinghub
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