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“ I can't emphasize enough how much Ringover has helped with our development! “
Ivo Betke
Managing Director

Ringover's VoIP solution helps talent.io’s to grow even faster!

Tech Recruitment Industry
150+ No. employees
Global Customer base
HubSpot Integration

About talent.io

Talent.io is the first selective recruitment platform in Europe covering most tech roles (software engineers, data scientists, developers, product managers, DevOps engineers, CTO). 

They help companies build successful tech teams in the simplest way possible: selected companies talent.io has over 150,000 registered developers and over 6,000 organisations looking to hire. 

Deliveroo, Volkswagen, N26, PayFit and many of Europe''s best startups have already signed up. Hundreds of offers are made every week to developers looking for their dream job or freelance assignments.

Their challenges

Talent.io was growing at an exponential rate and was actively seeking a business phone system that could meet their ambitious needs. Like many aspiring organisations, talent.io needed a phone system that could scale as they grew. 

Unfortunately for talent.io, their current phone provider didn’t possess a multi-site VoIP solution to support their growth across Europe. talent.io understood that their current provider lacked many of the features that an advanced phone system like Ringover provided. 

From customising call routings, call logging, call recording, call whispering and CRM integration, talent.io knew that they needed access to these features to help them gain a competitive advantage – talent.io deserved better than this!

  • They needed a multi-site VoIP solution to support growing teams across Europe.
  • They required integration with custom-built recruitment CRM and HubSpot.
  • They had no way of customising call routings, call logging, call recording etc.
  • They needed an affordable solution for sending SMS messages.
  • They needed a solution to support their telemarketing campaigns.

Ringover’s solution

Having worked closely with talent.io to understand their requirements, Ringover was able to provide an all-in-one VoIP solution that would not only meet talent.io’s needs but also surpass their expectations by helping them to meet their business objectives faster than expected.

  • Unlimited calls to 110 countries
  • HD Video calls and meetings
  • Group and SMS messaging
  • Personalised greetings and IVR
  • Call listening and recording
  • Detailed statistics and monitoring
  • Integrate with HubSpot and bespoke tools

Benefits of the solution

Not only did Ringover help talent.io to foster closer relationships with companies and candidates through video and SMS messaging, but it also addressed integration issues with access to its API. Now that talent.io is connected, they were able to improve efficiency and push the capabilities of their bespoke tools, including HubSpot CRM to generate a greater ROI. The Ringover app has enabled them to…

  • Save money on expensive phone bills with unlimited calls to Europe.
  • They can now execute effective telemarketing campaigns from anywhere!
  • Through CRM integration remote teams can view key conversations from anywhere.
  • They have a reliable phone system that does not put their plans for growth on hold.

What makes this a winning combination is that both organisations share a passion for simplicity and speed, as talent.io provides a simple podium for candidates and companies to find the perfect match, and Ringover delivers the perfect platform for talent.io to grow on a global scale.

"I cannot tell you how much Ringover have helped us!"

“ "We’re forever expanding across the globe and so onboarding new staff from multiple locations used to be very challenging but Ringover has made that a thing of the past. All our sales teams have visibility of call logs and client conversations that allows us to collaborate effectively together. My managers find it really easy to train new team members with the features they provide and can monitor their performance." “
Ivo Betke
Managing Director

"Ringover greatly reduced our costs!"

“ "We used to have multiple staff on different phone tariffs, making huge numbers of calls which was a nightmare! Ringover helped us greatly to reduce costs, simplify billing and save the accounts team time." “
Ivo Betke
Managing Director

Do you face similar challenges to talent.io?

Contact our experts to help guide you step-by-step at +44 20 3808 5555 or send an email to sales@ringover.co.uk

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