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Activating and using the Ringover Power Dialer

The Power Dialer is an automated phone dialling system available through myRingover. This automatic dialer provides agents the possibility of dialling a list of numbers automatically or manually (right-click > click-to-call > import list or dial manually) to carry out a Power Dialer session! ✌

Once a session has been launched, connection between the numbers happens automatically. Agents may set up the After-Call option in advance in order to give themselves time to write tags and make other notes between calls. 🖊️

The Power Dialer option reduces time spent dialling phone numbers manually, allowing agents to concentrate on what counts: time spent communicating with clients and prospects. It is very useful if you want to set up phone call campaigns.⏱

Step 1: Activate the Power Dialer

Step 2: Use the Power Dialer

1 - Via the RingOver Chrome extension icon

2 - Via click-to-call

3 - Via csv or txt file

4 - Via manual import

Step 3: Launch a session

Step 1: Activate the Power Dialer

💻 To get started, activate the Power Dialer in your myringover account settings.

Activate the Power Dialer under the “Call Mode” section. The Power Dialer will then open under the keypad:


💡 When you activate the Power Dialer, the “Instant Call” feature will be automatically deactivated. In effect, these two features cannot be used at the same time, since the “Instant Call” feature permits a call to be made automatically without the number needing to be copied into the Dialer.

Step 2: Use the Power Dialer

1 - Via the Ringover Chrome extension icon

When you visit a website containing phone numbers, you can click on the extension icon to add the numbers to your list ✅:


2 - Via click-to-call

On any website, click on a phone number for it to be directly dialled with your Power Dialer ✅:


3 - Via csv or txt file

Click on the icon at the top right of the Power Dialer, select “Click here” then choose your file 🗂️ - it must only contain numbers separated by semicolons (;). Lastly click “Import” then “Add.”

The list of numbers 📑 will then be imported to the Power Dialer:


4 - Via manual import

Enter a number in the Dialer, then click the “+” icon to add it to the Power Dialer:


Step 3: Launch a session

Once the numbers have been imported, you can get your session started by clicking “Launch the session”.📞 The numbers will then be dialled one by one.

Now you can use the Power Dialer and save time on dialing! 👌

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