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Simplified two-way listening

Accessible directly via the Ringover Dashboard, simply switch to Radio mode to listen in on your agents’ calls at random. Simple and time-efficient, once the call has ended, you’ll automatically be moved onto the next one. Time-saving guaranteed!

Simplified two-way listening

Directly supervise your teams’ activity

Make sure that your sales agents are having high-quality conversations on calls (i.e., following the pitch, handling objections) and identify any areas for improvement. Flagged up something during a call? Advise your sales agent in real time, without their caller hearing.

Directly supervise your teams’ activity

Accelerate your agents’ onboarding

Got a new recruit joining your customer services team? They can listen in on their colleagues’ calls and learn how to support clients, with total autonomy!

Accelerate your agents’ onboarding


  • What is call monitoring?
  • What is the difference between call monitoring and Radio Coach?
  • How to listen to calls in real time?
  • Why is call monitoring important in a call center?

What is call monitoring?

Call monitoring in VoIP telephony can take many forms. Essentially, it consists of listening in on telephone conversations in a call center in order to:

  • Provide better customer service;
  • Support or train call center agents;
  • Ensure quality of service and monitor performance.

Call monitoring in a contact center can be carried out using telephony tools such as:

What is the difference between call monitoring and Radio Coach?

In a contact center, double listening is a method of monitoring calls in real time or retrospectively via conversation recordings. Radio Coach is a Ringover feature that simplifies real-time call monitoring. It allows you to switch between different calls like a radio dispatcher.

How to listen to calls in real time?

In order to listen in on calls in real time, you need to use a sufficiently powerful business phone system. The software provided by your supplier will allow you to view all calls in progress: those received by your company and those made by your employees. The best business phone software allows you to easily select which calls you want to listen to in real time or after the recording is made. The intuitive Radio Coach feature allows you to switch between listening to live conversations with a single click.

Why is call monitoring important in a call center?

Call tracking is important in a call center for several reasons. It complements the statistical reports on the performance of your employees, whether they are handling inbound or outbound calls. It provides the supervisor with accurate information about the content of their employees’ speech. In addition to performance monitoring, call monitoring can be used to improve the coaching and onboarding of new recruits so that they can sell better and provide better customer service.

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