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A faster way to measure satisfaction

Instead of sending a customer satisfaction survey now and then, why not gain insights even faster? With our new survey feature, you can quickly send a survey after a call to gain feedback and a greater understanding of your customer service agents, thus leading to improvements in no time.

A faster way to measure satisfaction

Analyze your customers’ responses

Track the results of your satisfaction surveys using a detailed survey analytics tab.

At a glance, you can visualize the overall trend in your customer satisfaction, or go even further by analyzing the scores of each of your collaborators. Handy for easily evaluating your agents, identifying potential areas for improvement and providing them with personalized coaching.

Analyze your customers’ responses

Customer Satisfaction Survey FAQ

  • What is a satisfaction questionnaire and what is it used for?
  • What should be asked in a satisfaction questionnaire?
  • What is evaluated in a satisfaction questionnaire?
  • What are the four types of satisfaction questionnaires?

What is a satisfaction questionnaire and what is it used for?

A satisfaction questionnaire is a tool used to gather opinions and feelings from customers regarding a product or service. It is used to measure user satisfaction, identify positive and negative aspects of the product, and collect feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

What should be asked in a satisfaction questionnaire?

In a customer satisfaction survey, it is relevant to ask questions that allow collecting the opinions of customers and evaluating their overall experience. This can include questions about product usage, service quality, responsiveness of customer support, and any other important features for the user.

What is evaluated in a satisfaction questionnaire?

In a post-call telephone survey, various aspects can be evaluated including:

  • Overall experience: Customers are asked to evaluate their overall experience with the product or service.
  • Product or service quality: Participants can share their opinions on the quality, reliability, and performance of the product or service.
  • Usability: The questionnaire can include questions about ease of use, clarity of instructions, and navigating a website, application, etc.
  • Customer service: Users may be asked at the end of a call to evaluate the quality of customer service, including response speed, staff politeness, and problem resolution.
  • Features: Callers can also be asked about specific features, for example, a new feature in an application.
  • Expectations: The questionnaire can also help understand if the product or service meets user expectations.
  • Improvement suggestions: Respondents may be encouraged to provide suggestions or ideas for improving a product or service, etc.

What are the four types of satisfaction questionnaires?

There are several satisfaction survey types, some more suitable for written responses than oral and vice versa:

  • Multiple-choice questionnaires: Respondents select from predefined answers.
  • Likert scale questionnaires: Users evaluate their level of agreement or disagreement with a statement by choosing from a range of responses corresponding to their degree of agreement or disagreement.
  • Open-ended questionnaires: In these questionnaires, users can provide free and detailed responses to open-ended questions. This format is less suitable for oral surveys.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys: Users evaluate their willingness to recommend the product or service to others.

For post-call surveys, it is generally recommended to be concise and clear in the questions. It is therefore preferable to opt for specific questions with a limited scale of 5 choices to avoid the risk of boring the respondent.

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