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Additional outbound channel

$10 ex. tax/ user

per outbound channel, per month **

The user can access an additional outgoing call channel (for transferring calls simultaneously), in addition to the two channels already included with the Ringover solution.

Call campaign extension

$2 ex. tax/ license

per month *

The call campaign extension allows you to add 1,000 additional contacts to a call campaign (in addition to the 1,000 contacts already included in the BUSINESS pack).

Omnichannel messaging

$29 ex. tax/ license

per month ***

The “Omnichannel messaging” add-on allows you to manage all your communication channels (WhatsApp, emails, Google reviews) directly from the Ringover interface.

Local number bundles

$200 ex. tax/ bundle

per month

Buy bundles of 100 numbers from the 100 largest cities in the U.S. and. Numbers can be assigned either to a single user or to an IVR. Available for US customers only.

Artificial Intelligence

Call and voicemail transcription

$10 ex. tax/license

per month *

For all recorded calls, a text transcription is made available in the dashboard and the Ringover Web App. For incoming voicemails, the user receives an email notification with the transcript. The transcript of voicemails is also made available in the dashboard.


Single Sign-On (Azure, SAML)

$2 ex. tax/license

per month *

Enable Single Sign-On to connect all your tools, including Ringover. Available with Azure and SAML.

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