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The 12 best Grasshopper alternatives

To find out more about Grasshopper alternatives, keep reading. We take a look at the advantages, disadvantages, and pricing of the strong Grasshopper competitors so you can choose the best option for your business.

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The 12 best Grasshopper alternatives


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If you've been operating your business from your personal cell phone using Grasshopper, you might be frustrated by the basic virtual phone system. Especially because optimizing your softphone can make a big difference in efficiency and revenue.

If you want to upgrade your business phone system, check out the following analysis of Grasshopper phone competitors. The information included here will help you choose the Grasshopper alternative best for your business.

Table: Top 12 Grasshopper alternatives

SoftwareNotable FeaturesPricing
1. RingoverRobust VoIP system, unlimited phone calls, many integrations available, advanced telephony featuresThree plans offered, ranging from $21 to $54 per user/month
2. Google VoiceBasic VoIP system good for domestic callingThree plans, from $10 to $30 per user/month
3. OpenPhoneVoice and video calls, collaboration toolsTwo options, on at $19 per user/month and the second at $33 per user/month
4. Spoke PhonePhone system to connect remote and mobile teamsTwo plans, one at $30 per user/month and the other at $50 per user/month
5. magic.JackAffordable option for basic calling features$39 per year
6. MightyCallVoIP system that can support call centersTwo plans at $20 and $25 user/month
7. Line2Service for calls and texts, unlimited calling in US and CanadaAbout $16 per month
8. Phone.comOffers softphone and hardware to create a communications systemThree options on offer, with prices from about $15 to $32 per user/month
9. TalkrouteCloud VoIP technology good for small businessesThree options range from about $20 to about $60 per user/month
10. NextivaBusiness phone system offering tools like auto attendantThree plans offered, prices range from about $25 to $31 per user/month
11. 8x8Virtual PBX with API solutions and contact center softwareThree plans are available, prices range from $15 to $57 per user/month
12. VoxOxVirtual phone system with local and toll-free numbersPrices vary depending on the service desired

What is Grasshopper?

Grasshopper is a VoIP system which has been designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in Boston and is owned by LogMeIn. Being a virtual phone system, Grasshopper relies on your phone/computer/internet plans to connect you with your clients. It is a cloud-based service that offers one or more phone numbers along with several extensions to accommodate the employees. While it does not integrate with other CRM software, it does integrate with Zapier and Google Voice.

It does, however, have its own mobile app (iOS and Android) to manage calls. The company offers conference calls, text messaging, and online faxing, but does not have unified messaging. The company also allows you to keep your own phone number or choose a toll-free, local or a vanity number. At the moment, Grasshopper supports English.


Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper has three plans businesses can choose from. The Solo plan, Partner plan and Small Business plan. These plans are billed annually at $26, $44 and $80 respectively. Monthly billing seems more expensive. The Solo plan offers a single phone number with three extensions. The Partner plan has three phone numbers with six extensions and the Small Business plan has five phone numbers with unlimited extensions. All three plans are inclusive of features such as business texting, voicemail, call forwarding, call transfers, and custom greetings. Additional phone numbers are available at an additional $10 per month.

Why look for an alternative to Grasshopper?

You need a more complete solution

Grasshopper allows entrepreneurs to have a dedicated business number, as well as several added features, while using their own preferred provider. Therefore, Grasshopper is well suited for small businesses or individuals. However, it is lacking in some areas, such as customer support, voicemail recordings, or retrieving records from a CRM for incoming calls. If you are interested in these features, you would likely benefit from an alternative.

You need more affordable pricing

Grasshopper's packages are priced based on the quantity of phone numbers, extensions, and caller support. The starting price of $29 per month for one phone number is rather expensive given the limited features offered. Moreover, this price is added to what you are already paying for your phone service. Many businesses may be deterred by Grasshopper's fees and seek a more comprehensive solution at a similar or lower rate.

You need something easy to use and set up

Business communication has a history of being complicated. It is important to choose a modern solution that is easy to start and simply to use. You should be able to set up a cloud phone system in three to five minutes and a more advanced contact center solution within 15 minutes. If this is not the case with Grasshopper, it would be best to look for another provider such as Ringover so you don't waste time in complex implementation.

List: Best 12 Grasshopper alternatives

Alternative #1: Ringover


With a complete range of features, from basic business phone line to advanced call center features, Ringover is rated as the best alternative to Grasshopper. Ringover is an easy-to-use solution designed for small and medium businesses who are looking to make unlimited calling, simplify call management, and improve the caller experience.

With three plans available, you can get the best deal with the most features in one single solution, including unlimited international calling, local numbers, videoconferencing, and text messaging.

Ringover Pricing💲

Ringover has the Smart plan, which is $21 per user/month, the Business plan at $44 per user/month, and the Advanced plan at $54 per user/month.

Ringover Advantages➕

  • Get unlimited calling: Why pay more for calling? With Ringover, you get unlimited calls to and from over 110 destinations even in the most affordable package.
  • Simplify virtual calling: Set up and start calling with Ringover within minutes from any smartphone or computer. Using it and integrating with CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and recruiting software like Bullhorn, Avionté, Loxo, and Jobadder is pure simplicity.
  • Centralize your communication: Access calling, videoconferencing, fax and messaging in a place specially designed for small businesses.

Ringover Disadvantages➖

  • Can be too powerful a solution for entrepreneurs
Try Ringover For 7 Days Free!

Alternative #2: Spoke Phone

Spoke Phone

Spoke Phone is a VoIP platform designed for various sized businesses. Spoke Phone can be accessed on Windows, iOS, Android, Cloud, or SaaS-based software systems. Some features include call routing, voicemail, conference calls, and call recording.

Spoke Phone Pricing💲

Spoke Phone starts at $99.00 per month for up to four users. Additional users cost $25 and additional numbers cost $2. No free version is available, but they do offer a free trial.

Spoke Phone Advantages➕

Spoke Phone Disadvantages➖

  • International calling is limited and expensive
  • Requires a higher budget than other Grasshopper alternatives

Alternative #3: Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice call management software comes with a mobile application and a desktop/tablet interface enabling users to log calls, block callers, create logs, and perform regular telephone functions. Other features like voicemail, texting, and transcribed audio voicemails can be activated by the user.

Google Voice Pricing💲

Google Voice has three plans available. The most affordable option begins at $10 per user/per month for up to 10 users, $20 per user/per month for unlimited domestic locations, and $30 per user/per month for unlimited domestic and international calling.

Google Voice Advantages➕

Google Voice Disadvantages➖

  • International calling is limited and expensive
  • Inadequate customer support

Alternative #4 OpenPhone


A professional phone service which offers businesses several features for multichannel communications. This software focuses on easy collaboration between teams, making sure that employees can find the information in one central location. Finally, OpenPhone has used AI technology to automate call transcriptions and summaries, which is available in their more pricey plans.

OpenPhone Pricing💲

There are a couple of priced options, the Starter plan at $19 per user/month and the Business plan at $33 per user/month. And if you have a larger business, there is also an enterprise option that is priced on request.

OpenPhone Advantages➕

  • A mobile application for maximum accessibility
  • Collaboration features like a shared inbox and contact information

OpenPhone Disadvantages➖

  • Very high international prices
  • Text messages charged per message

Alternative #5: magicJack


magicJack uses cloud PBX technology to allow users to make local or long-distance calls to the US and Canada with an internet connection. They offer conference calls, call transfers, eFax, DND, etc. Users have the option of keeping their current number and getting it ported or acquiring a new number.

magicJack Pricing💲

magicJack costs about $60 for one year, but only provides one phone number. You must purchase magicJack prepaid calling credits to make international calls, unless you are calling magicJack to magicJack, which are free minutes.

magicJack Advantages➕

  • Low cost option
  • Can send calls to your mobile phone

magicJack Disadvantages➖

  • Lacks key features like call recording or even just conference calling
  • Poor call quality
  • Very limited customer support

Alternative #6: MightyCall


Founded in 2013, MightyCall is a virtual phone system which aims to help businesses manage their incoming and outgoing call flow. Plus, the software has recently incorporated artificial intelligence technology to ensure you receive the best call quality possible.

MightyCall Pricing💲

There are two priced plans available, the most basic option at $15 per user/month and a more advanced plan at $20 per user/month. For larger businesses who need a customized option, there is also the enterprise plan.

MightyCall Advantages➕

  • AI technology implemented to ensure call quality

MightyCall Disadvantages➖

  • Poor quality for voicemails
  • Amazon supports their service, so there may be service or privacy concerns

Alternative #7: Line2


This VoIP service offers options for businesses of all sizes. The technology allows you to make and receive computer calls, and set up multiple lines to serve the various needs of your business.

Line2 Pricing💲

Line2 only has one plan listed, which is about $16 per month.

Line2 Advantages➕

  • Easy configuration because the tool is simple and limited
  • Voicemail transcription

Line2 Disadvantages➖

  • Unlimited calling is only offered in US and Canada
  • Not easy to manage internal collaboration with this tool

Alternative #8: Phone.com


Cloud-based communication system which includes basic features like text messaging and video conferences. But the relatively few features make sense because this service was originally created for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Phone.com Pricing💲

There are three plans listed on their site, which range in cost from about $15 per user/month to about $32 per user/month. 

Phone.com Advantages➕

  • Affordability

Phone.com Disadvantages➖

  • Limited features
  • No unlimited calling to international destinations

Alternative #9: Talkroute


This business phone system allows you to connect to your communication service from any Internet-connected device. There are many features included in the service, which is mainly meant to serve small businesses. There are many tools that can help, like custom greetings, auto-attendant, and call recording. Finally, you'll be able to measure whether your investment in Talkroute is worthwhile with performance analytics.

Talkroute Pricing💲

There are three plans listed with prices, at $19, $39, and $59 per month. Just pay attention to how many users are included in each plan, and what the additional cost to add users is. If you are a larger business, there is also the enterprise option to create a customized plan.

Talkroute Advantages➕

  • Can keep your existing phone number

Talkroute Disadvantages➖

  • Some features like call recording are add-ons and will increase your bill

Alternative #10: Nextiva


Nextiva has a couple of products on offer, most notably their customer experience platform and an omnichannel communications software. But notably, if you're in need of landlines, Nextiva also offers plenty of hardware.

Nextiva Pricing💲

Nextiva has three plans available for their business communications service. The Essential plan is about $19 per user/month, the Professional plan is about $23 per user/month, and the Enterprise plan is about $33 per user/month.

Nextiva Advantages➕

  • Customer experience platform also sold by Nextiva

Nextiva Disadvantages➖

  • Poor call quality
  • Expensive in comparison to other Grasshopper alternatives

Alternative #11: 8x8


This is a business communication solution which allows users to find their video, voice, and text messages on a single platform. Users also can access the service from any Internet-connected device, improving accessibility and flexibility.

8x8 Pricing💲

8x8 offers two products, their contact center software and a unified communications (UCaaS) solution. The unified communication solution has two plans available, while the contact center solution has three different options. Unfortunately, 8x8 doesn't list any of their prices. So if you want to get an idea of your budget, you'll need to reach out to their sales team.

8x8 Advantages➕

  • Unlimited calling to 48 countries

8x8 Disadvantages➖

  • User caps on plans
  • Limited service in international markets

Alternative #12: VoxOx


For those who are running a very small business, working as an entrepreneur or even as a solopreneur, VoxOx could be the right choice for you. This business phone system does provide the majority of features businesses require to properly manage their calls. That includes tools like social media outreach, call routing, and local numbers.

VoxOx Pricing💲

Pricing is by request only for services like text messaging, voice, and phone numbers, while other services like enterprise text messages, are charged per minute or message. At any rate, it would be best to reach out to them for an accurate estimate based on the services you require.

VoxOx Advantages➕

  • Customizable user interface

VoxOx Disadvantages➖

  • Complicated pricing structure
  • Poor call quality
  • Complicated setup process

What is the best alternative cloud communications solution to Grasshopper?

If you find the features and service quality provided by Grasshopper unsatisfactory, you don't need to compromise. After thoroughly reviewing the various alternatives we've presented, it's now time to select the solution that aligns best with your company's needs.

Out of the 12 competitors mentioned, Ringover stands out as the most comprehensive solution, offering an ideal range of features suitable for businesses of all sizes, including those in the midst of expansion. If you are still unsure, you can start a free trial to explore firsthand the benefits of this robust business communication solution.

Grasshopper Alternatives FAQ

How much does Grasshopper cost?

Grasshopper offers three plans–the $26 Solo plan with one phone number and three extensions, the $44 Partner plan with three phone numbers with six extensions and the $80 Small Business plan with five phone numbers with unlimited extensions. Additional numbers are available for an extra $10 per month. Grasshopper plan features include call forwarding, voicemail and call reporting.

What is the best alternative to Grasshopper?

Paying for a plan on an annual basis takes away your option to change plans to suit your business as it grows. Either you are paying for numbers that you don't yet need or you have to pay an extra fee to add numbers to your existing plan. That's why it's a good idea to look at Ringover's all-in-one solution. With more features and monthly billing, their plans suit growing businesses.

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