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Best 10 Temporary Staffing Software to better manage your temps

Temporary staffing software plays a crucial role in managing and optimizing the temporary staffing process. As businesses increasingly rely on temporary workers, it's essential to identify the best software solutions available.

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Best 10 Temporary Staffing Software to better manage your temps


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In this blog post, we will explore the top ten temporary staffing software options in the market, highlighting their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Table: Top 10 best temporary staffing software

RingoverVoIP software, unlimited calling, automatic call distribution, data synchronizationNot necessarily suitable for entrepreneur working individuallyThree plans range from $21 to $54 per user/month
BullhornIntegrations available with other software, intuitive interfaceRelatively expensive compared to other optionsPrice on request only
JobDivaATS with a focus on search and reportingDifficult to use, can have a large learning curvePrice on request only
AviontéAll-in-one recruitment system which handles scheduling, billing, and payrollLittle reporting availablePrice is on request only
TempworksRobust candidate managementSoftware can glitch at timesPrice on request only
StaffingSoftThis ATS supports efficient screeningOccasional difficulties with the software functioning properlyPrice on request
Access FastTrack 360Great reporting interface, easy to useDifficult to customize, expensive compared to similar solutionsPrice on request only
TargetRecruitCovers many features like candidate management, onboarding, complianceCertain inconsistencies in the featuresPrice on request only
CrelateAffordable pricing for appeals to smaller agenciesPerformance issues can occurCrelate has two priced plans, one at $105 per usermonth and the other at $153 per user/month
Zoho RecruitPricing options for small and medium businessesIntegrations can be fiddly, limited storage for certain price tiersFour plans range from a free tier to $75 per user/month

As you can tell, temporary staffing software offers various features and benefits. Therefore it's best for you to research the selection so you can choose the one best suited for your business's needs. With that in mind, we've provided the following deep dive into the best 10 temporary staffing software.

The 10 top temporary staffing systems

1. Ringover


This VoIP software allows businesses to benefit from omnichannel communications and efficiently operate outbound call centers. These tools support seamless conversation with prospects and workers, so they enjoy a personalized and organized interaction with your staffing agents.

There are even features which specifically support this type of work. With call logs, call recordings, screen pop, and click-to-call, your agents will have easy access to valuable context to help them place workers appropriately and quickly.

Not to mention, Ringover has a large library of integrations available, including ATS and recruitment CRMs, like Jobadder, Recruit CRM, Bullhorn, Vincere, Avionté, and more. Once Ringover integrates with another software, the solutions share data to decrease the amount of redundant data entry, and even open up the possibility of automation.

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Ringover pricing

Ringover has three plans available, Smart, Advanced, and Business. The Smart plan is $21 per user/month, the Advanced plan is $44 per user/month, and Business is the most comprehensive solution at $54 per user/month.

2. Bullhorn


Bullhorn is a big player in temporary staffing software, having acquired many smaller staffing software solutions like Talent Rover, and JobScience. Bullhorn definitely has a selection of features which support temporary workers. With this software you can track your job postings and all communications–especially if you've set up an integration with a cloud phone provider like Ringover.

However, Bullhorn is a powerful solution, meaning it can be difficult to onboard and the price may be high when compared to similar options.

Video: Ringover-Bullhorn Integration

Bullhorn pricing

Bullhorn's prices are only given by request, so you'll need to get in touch with their sales team to learn more.

3. JobDiva


Another applicant tracking system (ATS) like Bullhorn, JobDiva helps recruiters with managing their pipeline and other CRM functionalities. While it is known to have a great reporting dashboard, some users find the software difficult to use.

JobDiva pricing

Prices are on request only, so you'll have to reach out to their team for more information.

4. Avionté


Avionté calls itself an all-in-one solution with applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll, and billing features. The company is known to have a great customer support department, and is regularly cited as one of the best options for temporary staffing software.

If you are considering Avionté, don't forget to take into account that Avionté's reporting dashboard isn't as developed as others. Plus, the price tends to be in the high range when compared to other staffing solutions.

Avionté pricing

They don't list their prices online, so if you are seriously interested in Avionté, you'll need to get in touch for an accurate investment.

5. Tempworks


As the name suggests, Tempworks covers both the front end and the back end of staffing agency tasks. That includes features to help manage payroll, taxes, and more. They make a point of noting their solution is customizable, but certain users noted the software can glitch.

Tempworks pricing

Once again, this solution doesn't list their prices on their website, so you'll need to reach out if you would like an accurate estimate.

6. StaffingSoft


To streamline the hiring process, StaffingSoft provides users with the ability to manage and parse resumes, screen candidates, and even post-hiring needs like time tracking and other admin. Many users report being pleased with the value you receive for your money, though apparently the interface could use some improvements.

StaffingSoft pricing

There is no price information posted on their website, so you'll need to reach out if you want to get an idea of the budget required.

7. Access FastTrack 360

Access Fasttrack 360

This temporary staffing software is particularly helpful for those who want to optimize their billing processes. As a plus, the company is known to offer custom options and customer service. With that being said, the customization can only go so far, and certain businesses have not been able to access all the possible features.

FastTrack pricing

Prices are on request only, so you'll need to contact their sales team to get more information.

8. TargetRecruit


TargetRecruit is really appealing to recruiting agencies which use Salesforce. That's because it is developed specifically to work with that software. Most of their features attempt to decrease time-to-hire, improve retention, and help you manage compliance.

However, the potential to personalize the software is limited, so best to look into what's possible before signing on the dotted line.

TargetRecruit pricing

There's no subscription rates listed online, so you'll need to contact their team for real insight into the costs.

9. Crelate


Crelate serves recruiting firms, staffing agencies, and executive search firms by providing ATS and CRM capabilities. The recruiting agents will benefit from tools to create and work through task lists and generally manage their hiring pipeline.

It is important to keep in mind that users mention the reporting is so poorly done they've had to hire external consultants. Another drawback to Crelate is very limited support and relatively highly priced in comparison to other software on the market.

Crelate pricing

Crelate offers three plans. Two are priced, with one tier at $105 per user/month, and the other at $153 per user/month. The third option is price on request for enterprise-sized businesses.

10. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is just as well-known as Bullhorn when it comes to ATS and CRM. The software is meant to serve almost every need that pops up during the recruitment and placement process. Plus, if you already use other products from Zoho, it connects easily with Zoho CRM and Zoho People.

The amount of features can be completely overwhelming for some users, who report being unable to fully leverage the software. And in fact, even functions as basic as resume parsing have been called out in reviews as difficult-to-use.

Zoho Recruit pricing

Zoho Recruit offers four different plans. There is a free plan with extremely limited features and storage. The priced plans begin at $25 per user/month, with a second tier at $50 per user/month, and a third option at $75 per user/month.


Choosing the right temporary staffing software is crucial for streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. This blog highlighted the pros and cons of the top ten temporary staffing software options in the market. Each software has its unique strengths and limitations, and it's important to consider your specific business requirements before making a decision. Evaluate these options carefully, and select the software that aligns best with your staffing agency's goals, budget, and usability preferences. Remember, making an informed decision will ensure your agency's success and enable you to effectively manage temporary staffing with ease.

Temporary Staffing Software FAQ

What is staffing recruiting software?

Staffing recruiting software is a type of business applicant that simplifies and optimizes recruitment operations. The benefits to staffing agents range from digitizing applicant tracking, automation of simple tasks like posting jobs, and reaching out to candidates via multiple communication channels. The advantages include minimizing time-consuming data entry and the amount of error.

Do staffing agencies use ATS?

Staffing agencies and recruitment firms often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to optimize operations during the application and hiring processes. The main benefits of ATS include:

  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Reduce redundant tasks like data entry
  • Easily manage hiring pipeline
  • Optimize cost-per-hire

What is the meaning of temporary staffing?

Temporary staffing refers to employees of a company or temporary staffing agency who work for a limited period of time in various companies. They are usually under a limited contract and earn an hourly wage. The working schedule can be full-time, part-time, or even seasonal. The total amount of time a temporary staffer spends at any one company is usually 1,000 hours or less.


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