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What is Smart Dialer?

Smart Dialer is a contact center feature which searches for contacts with just their name, so agents don’t need to input the contact number. This simplifies the outreach process, providing an intuitive way for agents to find the person they need. After inputting the contact’s name, agents simply have to click to connect to someone.

Search By Name

Input your contact’s name into the Ringover dialer and reach them with just a simple click. No more worrying about having to think of phone numbers or extensions!

Search By Name

Search By Number

Pull up a contact by entering a few digits of their phone number into Ringover’s Smart Dialer. You’ll easily reach your client or prospect without having to input their full phone number.

Search By Number

Smart Dialer FAQ

  • What is the purpose of a smart dialer?
  • What are the advantages of a Smart Dialer?
  • What is the difference between auto dialer, progressive dialer, and predictive dialer?

What is the purpose of a smart dialer?

Smart Dialer streamlines outbound calling by automating and optimizing the dialing and call management tasks. It automatically surfaces contacts based on their name or an incomplete phone number, eliminating the need for manual dialing. This allows sales and customer service teams to increase their calling efficiency and productivity. With Smart Dialer, calls can be made automatically, saving time and allowing agents to focus on meaningful conversations with prospects or customers.

What are the advantages of a Smart Dialer?

The advantages of using Smart Dialer are numerous. Here are a few key benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: Smart Dialer automates the dialing process, saving considerable time for agents. It eliminates manual dialing and the delays between calls, enabling agents to have more conversations and make better use of their time.
  • Efficient Workflow: Smart Dialer seamlessly integrates with CRMs, allowing agents to access customer data, call scripts, and relevant information during conversations. This integration streamlines the workflow and improves overall efficiency.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Smart Dialer provides real-time analytics and reporting on call metrics, such as call duration, conversion rates, and agent performance. These insights allow managers to monitor and evaluate team performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

What is the difference between auto dialer, progressive dialer, and predictive dialer?

  • Auto Dialer: An auto dialer is a system that automatically dials a list of phone numbers and connects calls to available agents. Auto dialing is helpful for rapidly connecting agents to a large number of contacts.
  • Progressive Dialer: A progressive dialer is similar to an auto dialer but with a slight difference. It automatically dials a set number of phone numbers, but only connects the call to an agent once a live person answers. This ensures that agents are always available when a call is connected, minimizing the chances of missed conversations.
  • Predictive Dialer: A predictive dialer takes automation a step further by leveraging algorithms to predict agent availability and optimize call volume. It uses advanced forecasting techniques to adjust the dialing rate based on several factors, such as agent availability, average call duration, and expected response rates. Predictive dialers aim to maximize agent productivity by minimizing idle time between calls and ensuring agents are continuously engaged in conversations.
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