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Take advantage of exceptional call quality

Ringover uses the best VoIP technology to guarantee HD voice quality on all of your calls.

Opus Codec: the best compressor

Take advantage of the market’s leading codec for crystal-clear sound on all of your professional calls. A codec allows communication to be encapsulated for transmission via the internet. The most recent of codecs, Opus codec, provides better management of connection problems, i.e. latency or jitter correction. This results in clearer voice quality without call cuts.

Opus Codec: the best compressor

The best of VoIP telecom

Most VoIP providers use older codecs types such as G711/G729 that date from the 1990s,making it difficult to make the transition to new codecs (their infrastructures having limited adaptability). The advantage of Ringover’s cloud telecom is that it adapts easily to new technologies without requiring modification of the infrastructure already in place.

Device compatibility

The Opus codec is available for all of your devices: web, tablet, and mobile apps as well as on our preferred IP phones that support this codec. The Opus algorithm even adapts to less stable connections such as 3G and WiFi.

Device compatibility

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