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Distribute calls to relevant groups

Simplify call routing and direct incoming calls to groups of users according to their specialties, for example by language, technical expertise or department.

Establish group routing easily

Create your groups according to internal competencies: for example, by specialty, such as technical support or sales, spoken language or working hours. Add or modify groups in 1 click every time a user joins your company or moves up the ranks.

Establish group routing easily
Handle every call

Handle every call

By routing calls to a group of users, you’ll ensure that someone will always be available to take the call.

Simplify routing

With group routing, you’ll simplify the distribution of call flow - essential when working as a team.

Simplify routing



Why route calls to groups rather than a single user?

To save time and clarify routing. For example, if your IVR includes the option “for English, press 2,” the caller simply needs to press 2 in order to reach the English-speaking group of users. If a new English-speaking collaborator joins your team, all it takes is one click to add them to the group, so that they’ll automatically receive calls with this selection from your IVR.


Are there limits to the number of groups?

No, you may create as many routing groups as you wish.


Can one user be included in multiple groups?

Yes, you may place a user in as many different groups as you wish. A user speaking English also working in the morning can, for example, be in the groups “English” and “Morning,” and receive calls with either selection.


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