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Continue an active conversation on another device

Switch devices quickly during calls: transfer conversations from your computer to your mobile phone with ease.

Transition smoothly

By the touch of a button you can switch a call to your mobile or computer without pause. Change from your computer to your mobile discreetly without your correspondent being aware, and vice versa, switching the conversation back to your computer.

Transition smoothly
Stop cutting calls short

Stop cutting calls short

No more cutting conversations short to step away from your desk. No need to show up late for meetings and appointments because you were stuck at your desk on an important call.



How often is it possible to flip a call?

There is no limit to how many times you can switch devices during a conversation. Flip a call as many times as you wish between your computer and mobile.


Will my correspondent be aware when I switch devices?

No, there is no change or interruption to the call in progress.


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