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How does the Ringover and Zoho integration work?

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How does the Ringover and Zoho integration work?


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Find out how the intergration of Ringover and Zoho will help you and your business work more efficiently, helping you save time and money Building a great business requires two important steps: increasing sales and saving money. The first is a main goal of every business . However, since the income from your business isn’t entirely under your control, that’s where saving money comes into the picture. If you implement efficient processes and tools, your business will run far smoother and unnessercery steps will be cut out, meaning you save money and boost productivity. Many businesses are now choosing Zoho CRM to help carry out their sales processes and help their team members work more efficiently. The possibility of total flexibility thanks to the fully customisable design of Zoho CRM, as well as the scalability of the software, makes this one of the favourite CRMs among companies of all sizes. However, there are still many which have yet to be integrated with Zoho CRM, causing them to miss out on all the advantages that this integration can bring both to their teams and their customers.

Develop more efficient way to work

Integrating your Ringover business telephone with Zoho CRM will help your teams provide better customer service while saving them time on each of the calls they have to answer.Advanced functionalities such as the recovery of customer records or the synchronization of contacts provide an easy-to-use solution that makes tasks easier for your team members, hence improving productivity within your company.

How does Zoho integration work?

The integration of your telephone with any of the 4 applications of the Zoho ONE range (Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Bigin and Zoho Recruit) allows you to connect your phone system with your CRM. This will allow you to benefit from the advanced calling functionalities in your CRM and synchronize all the information of your interactions with your customers and prospects in your CRM.

How does Zoho integrate with Ringover?

Integrating Ringover with your Zoho CRM is simple. Just go to the Integrations section in the Interface, and click on "Activate" in front of "Zoho". Once you enter your Zoho account credentials, that's it! You will be able to completely customise your integration and start enjoying all its advantages.

Advanced calling capabilities with Zoho

Click to call

With the click to call function, it’s just one click to call a number from any page or even from your CRM. This innovative function boosts incoming lead count, increases productivity and allows for calls to be made far easier than ever.

Retrieving contact cards

With the recovery of contact cards, you will have direct and automatic access to the file of the customer who is calling you. This way, your team will save time by having all the information they need to start each call right at their fingertips.

Contact synchronization

Easily integrate Ringover with your trading tool and enjoy automatic, real-time synchronization of all your contacts.

Call history

Find the history of your calls, voice messages, SMS and recorded conversations in the contact sheets of your trading tool.

What are the advantages of integrating your telephony with your Zoho CRM?

Improve your phone reception

Thanks to the integration of your phone system with your Zoho CRM, you will be able to improve the experience of each of your customers. With contact card recovery, your team will have immediate access to the customers' card just before starting the call. This will provide them with all the necessary customer information, or even notes specifying the previous call, to resume the conversation with your customers right from where you left off. All these valuable functions will provide your team with the possibility to offer personalised conversations with each caller, creating that unique customer experience that helps to create strong customer relationships.

Save your sales team time

One of the great advantages that come with CRM integration is time-saving. All information is automatically recorded in your CRM, so your team will no longer have to manually enter the information of your customers.Other advanced calling features such as contact synchronization or click to call, which allows you to call in one click from any of Zoho's 4 applications, helps optimise all the work of your team and increase’s the speed of your commercial, support and even HR teams.

Increase your productivity

All of your calls, voice messages or conversations will be automatically recorded in your customers' contact form in Zoho CRM. This way you will improve the productivity of your team, as well as being able to better monitor relationships with customers.

Internal collaborations

Your company will have access to the contact form of your customers or prospects, with all the information collected in previous calls, facilitating internal collaboration between departments and customer management. This means that the customer will not have to repeat their request/issue every time they are redirected to another team member as all their information will be available in one place.

Unlimited Calls

Perhaps the most important feature of all, unlike other CRM's, you and your team will be entitled to unlimited calls. This means that you will have access to unlimited contact with your cutomers and clients, resulting in uninterrupted conversations.

The bottom line…

So, the bottom line is when you connect these two powerful tools you will instantly save yourself precious time to focus on the more important things that matter. We have found that many of our customers who are leading sales managers have adopted this integration into their sales management system because it allows them hit their objectives faster and at no extra cost.If you would also like to integrate your CRM Zoho with your company telephone please contact us on phone 020 3808 5555 or send an email to sales@ringover.com, and we will be happy to help you!

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