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10 Basic Duties for a Sales Representative

Embarking on a career path that centers around marketing products or services directly to consumers? The duties of a sales representative could be perfectly aligned with your career goals! 

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10 Basic Duties for a Sales Representative


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This guide will delve into the responsibilities of a sales representative so you can understand if it's right for you. We'll present 10 duties of a sales representative, in addition to complementary content to help you understand what the role entails.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a sales representative? 10 examples

A sales representative plays a pivotal role in sales closing of products or services for a company, directly influencing its success. Their responsibilities can vary widely based on factors such as the company's size, the industry it belongs to, and the representative's level of experience. Below are 10 key duties and responsibilities that encapsulate the essence of a sales representative's role.

1. Generating leads

Identifying and reaching out to potential customers interested in the company's offerings is a core duty and is fundamental to sales strategy. Sales representatives employ various strategies to connect with prospects, including cold calling, cold email outreach, social selling, leveraging referrals, and participating in events.

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2. Meeting or exceeding sales goals

Sales representatives are tasked with achieving specific sales targets within designated timeframes, typically on a monthly or quarterly basis. They must monitor their performance closely and report their progress to their supervisors.

3. Negotiating contracts and prices

Convincing customers to purchase at favorable prices and terms requires strong negotiation skills and sales techniques. Sales representatives must understand the customer's needs and budget constraints to propose the most suitable solutions.

4. Presenting and demonstrating products or services

A key part of the sales process involves showcasing the benefits and features of the company's products or services. Whether in person or online, sales representatives must effectively communicate how their offerings can address the customer's needs or desires.

5. Maintaining customer relationships

Post-sale, it's crucial to follow up with customers to ensure satisfaction and address any issues. Sales representatives should also seek to foster ongoing relationships, encouraging repeat business and referrals to new potential customers.

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6. Collaborating with team members and other departments

Working closely with colleagues across different departments ensures a cohesive sales process. Sharing insights, coordinating activities, and providing feedback are all essential for achieving collective sales goals.

7. Researching and analyzing the market and competitors

Staying informed about industry trends and competitor activities helps sales representatives identify opportunities and threats. Understanding the competitive landscape is vital for maintaining an edge.

8. Learning and improving sales skills and knowledge

Continuous professional development in areas such as communication, negotiation, and product knowledge is essential for success in sales. Sales representatives should actively seek out training and resources to enhance their abilities.

9. Managing sales records and documents

Organizing and maintaining sales-related documentation is critical for tracking performance and ensuring compliance. Sales representatives must be proficient in using tools to manage this information efficiently.

10. Complying with sales policies and regulations

Adhering to the ethical and legal standards set by both the company and the industry is a fundamental responsibility. This includes maintaining honesty, integrity, and professionalism in all sales activities.

These duties and responsibilities provide a framework for the role of a sales representative, though specific tasks may vary based on the job's unique requirements. Candidates should thoroughly review the job description when considering a position in sales.

What is a sales representative?

A sales representative, often referred to as a salesperson, sales agent, or sales rep, plays a crucial role in a company's success by promoting and selling its products or services to customers. The primary objective of a sales representative is to drive revenue growth by persuading customers to make purchases.

These professionals are found across a wide range of industries, including technology, food and beverage, retail, finance, and healthcare, dealing with a variety of products and services from software and clothing to insurance and medical devices.

In their role, sales representatives undertake numerous duties. They engage in the entire sales cycle, starting from prospecting and lead generation, moving through negotiation, and culminating in closing deals. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining relationships with existing customers, working collaboratively with colleagues, conducting market research, and continually enhancing their sales capabilities and product knowledge.

Typically, a high school diploma or its equivalent is the minimum educational requirement to become a sales representative. However, many employers prefer applicants with a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related discipline.

Key skills for success in this career include exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities, along with strong persuasion, negotiation, and presentation capabilities. Sales representatives must also be self-driven, focused on achieving sales targets, and able to adapt to new challenges.

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What are your skills as a sales representative?

Being a successful sales representative requires a diverse set of skills that facilitate effective and efficient product or service sales. These sales rep skills fall into three main categories: product and market knowledge, selling process and strategy, and interpersonal skills and personal traits. Let's delve into each category and explore the key skills they encompass.

Product and market knowledge

This is about understanding your offering's features, benefits, and unique selling points, as well as having a deep insight into your target market, sales tunnel, ideal customer profiles, and their specific needs, challenges, and objectives. Skills in this category include:

  • Product expertise. Mastery of your product or service is crucial. You should be able to explain how it works, the problems it solves, and its benefits to customers. Demonstrating your product and addressing customer queries or concerns is also vital.
  • Data analysis. The ability to gather, analyze, and leverage data to bolster your sales arguments, identify opportunities, and track performance is essential. Proficiency in tools like spreadsheets, databases, or specific software for data management is beneficial.
  • Social selling. Utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to connect with potential customers, establish your personal brand, share useful content, and generate leads is increasingly important.

Selling process and strategy

This involves planning and implementing your sales activities, from lead generation to negotiation and closing, guided by a sales methodology such as SPIN, guided selling, or MEDDIC. Skills include:

  • Prospecting. Identifying and reaching out to potential customers interested in your product or service through cold calling, emailing, social media, referrals, or networking is fundamental.
  • Negotiating. Convincing customers to purchase at favorable prices and terms requires understanding their budget and needs and offering the best possible solution, along with managing sales documentation.
  • Closing. Successfully concluding sales, overcoming any final objections, securing customer commitment, and ensuring follow-up and after-sales support are key to sealing deals.

Interpersonal skills and personal traits

Effective interaction and communication with customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders, coupled with specific characteristics and attitudes, define your success as a salesperson. Skills include:

  • Emotional intelligence. Managing your own and others' emotions effectively, showing empathy, respect, and courtesy, and adapting to various situations and personalities are vital. Resilience, optimism, and confidence help cope with stress and rejection.
  • Adaptability. Being able to adjust to changes and remain flexible, creative, and resourceful is essential. Embracing new learning, feedback, and criticism is also crucial for growth and improvement.
  • Communication. Clear and effective verbal and written communication, active listening, and the ability to build rapport and trust are critical. Employing persuasion, framing, and storytelling can also significantly influence buying decisions. A VoIP software can be a strong support in opening communication lines with customers, especially one that provides omnichannel contact center software.
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Sales representative job description

By understanding a sales representative job description, you gain clarity on what employers seek, enabling you to tailor your resume and cover letter to meet their expectations and more effectively present your alignment with the duties of a sales representative.

Although the specifics of a sales representative job description can vary by role, company, industry, and the products or services offered, certain elements are universally included:

Job title: The position might be referred to as Sales Representative, Sales Agent, Sales Consultant, or Sales Executive. Variants like Inside Sales Representative, Outside Sales Representative, Retail Sales Representative, or Technical Sales Representative indicate the sales focus or the product/service domain.

Candidates should also expect to find detailed information on the daily tasks they will be performing, such as identifying and reaching out to potential clients, managing customer relationships, and meeting sales targets. The description will likely highlight the importance of excellent communication and negotiation skills, as well as the ability to understand and articulate the features and benefits of the products or services being sold.

Additionally, the job description may specify required experience levels, educational background, and proficiency with sales tools and CRM software.

Prospective candidates will also find information on the working environment, whether it's remote, in-office, or a combination of both, as well as any travel requirements.

Overall, a sales representative job description aims to provide a clear picture of the role, helping candidates determine if they are a good fit for the position and what they need to succeed.

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