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The Best Careers for Remote Workers

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The Best Careers for Remote Workers


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Working from home has exploded over the last three years with more and more workers looking for roles that give them the flexibility of remote work. This is in part due to the technologies like business phone systems and virtual phone systems, which ease communication and support remote working. But which careers provide the best opportunity for remote or hybrid work? We've analyzed over 12 million job adverts in the U.S. to see which ones have the highest percentage of remote and hybrid roles available.

Key Findings

  • The career with the best opportunity to work remotely is copywriter with 27.7% of advertised roles offering remote work; the average salary for a copywriter working remotely is $73,245.
  • Jobs to avoid if you want to work remotely include physician assistant and physical therapist, with just 0.1% of these jobs being available remotely.
  • Insurance underwriter has the most hybrid roles with 31.8% of jobs we analyzed being available on a hybrid schedule.
  • The average percentage of roles available remotely across all jobs is 7.8%.
  • In the U.S., remote workers earn an average of $8,553 (9.76%) more than office workers.
  • Microsoft is the company with the most remote roles available; 85.5% of their job postings are available remotely.
  • Apple, Tesla, and Walmart are among the biggest companies that had 0 remote jobs available.
  • The highest salary for our top remote roles is a management consultant which has an average salary of $147,004, with 17% of these roles advertised as remote.

Jobs with the most remote roles available

The job with the highest percentage of remote roles available is copywriter with 27.7% of the roles we analyzed for this title being remote. The average salary for a copywriter working remotely is $73,245.

Other high-ranking careers include social media manager with 24.5% remote roles and an average salary of $82,838, and actuary with 23.3% remote roles and a salary of $90,780.

RankJob TitleAverage Salary (Remote)Percentage of Roles Advertised as Remote
2Social Media Manager$82,83824.5%
4Marketing Manager$139,94918.1%
5Management Consultant$147,00417.0%
6Insurance Underwriter$77,69514.7%
7Web Developer$111,76913.5%
8Software Engineer$126,24912.9%
9UX Designer$103,76912.7%
10PR Manager$103,58911.8%


Jobs with the fewest remote roles available

If you're looking for a career that allows you to work remotely, you'd be better off avoiding these jobs which offer the lowest percentage of remote roles. Somewhat unsurprisingly, many of these roles are typically practical in nature, including health workers who would be required to work on-site with patients. 

Coming bottom of the list jointly are physician assistants and physical therapists, with only 0.1% of advertised roles for these jobs being available remotely. If you did manage to secure one of these jobs working remotely, the average salary for a physician assistant is $132,760, while the salary for a remote physical therapist is $93,055.

Other roles you'd be hard pushed to find working remotely are sales assistant (0.2%), nurse (0.3%), and office manager (0.6%). Customer service managers also had a low percentage of remote roles at only 0.9% with many call centers remaining in offices.

Job TitleAverage Salary (Remote)Percentage of Roles Advertised as Remote
Physician Assistant$132,7600.1%
Physical Therapist$93,0550.1%
Sales Assistant$59,8670.2%
Office Manager$82,8980.6%
IT Support Technician$87,3360.7%
Customer Service Manager$82,7520.9%
Medical and Health Services Manager$100,9501.3%
Information Security Analyst$107,1762.3%

Jobs with the most hybrid roles

As well as analyzing fully remote job opportunities, we also looked into the percentage of roles available with a hybrid working schedule, meaning a mixture of remote and office-based.

For those who prefer to split their time between home and the office, the job of insurance underwriter had the most hybrid roles available with 31.8% of roles analyzed. The average salary for an insurance underwriter working a hybrid schedule is $98.658.

Other careers offering the most hybrid roles include accountant (30.1%) which has an average salary of $117,652, and actuary (29.1%) with an average salary of $107,671 for a hybrid worker.

RankJob TitleAverage Salary (Hybrid)Percentage of Roles Advertised as Hybrid
1Insurance Underwriter$98,65831.8%
5Social Media Manager$93,14027.5%
6Management Consultant$135,94825.6%
7UX Designer$123,02224.2%
8Payroll Specialist$60,27624.1%
9PR Manager$105,03723.1%
10Marketing Manager$136,16022.8%

Jobs with the fewest hybrid roles

For those who prefer to work between home and the office, these jobs are best avoided as they provide the fewest opportunities for hybrid work. The job with the least hybrid roles available is sales assistant with just 0.8% of advertised roles being hybrid, and an average salary of $50,944. This would suggest that businesses are not yet up to speed on the benefits of sales teams working remotely.

Other jobs to avoid if you're looking for a hybrid role, similar to the remote roles, are those relating to healthcare such as physical therapist (1.3%), nurse (1.4%), and physician assistant (1.4%).

Job TitleAverage Salary (Hybrid)Percentage of Roles Advertised as Hybrid
Sales Assistant$50,9440.8%
Physical Therapist$102,0001.3%
Physician Assistant$136,0001.4%
Medical and Health Services Manage$96,2803.8%
Customer Service Manager$86,5254.1%
Content Marketer$62,2085.4%
Case Manager$72,5645.9%
Supply Chain Manager$151,7086.8%

Biggest companies in the U.S. with the most remote roles

We also analyzed data on 77,000 job listings from the top companies in the U.S. to find out which of the biggest companies offer the most remote roles.

Coming out on top is Microsoft, with 85.3% of jobs advertised at Microsoft being remote positions. This was far ahead of the following company, Oracle, whose remote roles make up 56% of all advertised jobs.

The average percentage of roles available remotely across all jobs we analyzed was 7.8%, so seven of the top companies, including Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Broadcom are well above average in terms of remote roles available.

Companies with fewer remote roles include Johnson & Johnson and Amazon. Although it's important to consider that many of Amazon's available roles are delivery drivers and warehouse operatives which would not have an option to work remotely.

RankCompanyPercentage of Roles Advertised as Remote
6Meta Platforms (Facebook)15.6%
8Alphabet (Google)4.0%
9Johnson & Johnson2.6%

Big US companies with no remote roles available

Biggest companies in the US with the most remote roles

It has recently been reported that companies including Apple and Amazon are pushing for their employees to return to offices instead of working remotely, despite workers wanting more flexible remote and hybrid schedules.

Over 40,000 of the job listings we analyzed were from the following companies, and they had no remote roles available at all.

  • Walmart
  • Tesla
  • Apple
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Exxon Mobil

Industries with the biggest remote opportunities

As well as specific job titles, we also analyzed available job roles across a variety of industries to determine which sectors are best for people who want a career working remotely.

The industry with the biggest opportunity for remote work is media, including TV and journalism-related roles, with 15.7% of advertised jobs being remote. The pharmaceutical industry came in second with 9.2% of jobs in this sector being remote, followed by finance with 8.2% remote roles.

RankJob IndustryPercentage of Roles Advertised as Remote
8Nuclear energy3.9%


To find data on the percentage of jobs with remote and hybrid roles and average salaries for each, we used LinkedIn job board searches. We compiled a seed list of 35 popular jobs using ZipRecruiter, Zippia, and FlexJobs to determine which job titles to analyze.

To see how large companies compared by number of remote roles, we analyzed the top 20 biggest companies in the U.S. to find out what percentage of their current advertised roles were remote.

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