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What Is Salesforce High Velocity Sales and How Do I Use It?

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What Is Salesforce High Velocity Sales and How Do I Use It?


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Do you use Salesforce as your CRM? So do we!The power of Salesforce lies largely in the structuring of its CRM and in the clever use of the different modules that can be integrated. In all, it offers more than 700 building blocks for improving sales teams' productivity, helping administrators with management, and facilitating the work of developers.Among all the modules that the world leader in CRM software has released in recent years, there's one that has particularly caught our attention: High Velocity Sales. By coupling HVS with your phone system, Salesforce allows you to increase inside sales productivity with regard to lead processing and opportunity creation.If your experience with Salesforce is not yet advanced enough but you still want to boost your sales team's productivity, you can first integrate your phone system to Salesforce to access its many features. Ringover offers native CTI with Salesforce, which you can find out more about on our site.

What is High Velocity Sales?

Who is HVS for?

According to the third part of the State of Sales study carried out by Salesforce, inside sales reps (i.e., sales managers in charge of creating business opportunities) spend on average 32% of their days only selling. The rest of the time they're busy keeping watch, seeking out contacts, planning tasks, taking notes, etc. In addition, they must use an average of 6 different tools to manage their sales activity.HVS was developed to improve inside sales productivity, particularly with reps who generally spend a lot of time making sales calls in mind. The goal of High Velocity Sales is to enable them to be more effective in:

  • Opportunity prioritisation
  • Carrying out their sales process
  • Task management

When was HVS launched?This tool was launched in September 2018. Since then, the module has seen successive updates which have led to the most successful, its 2020 version.

What are the main functions of High Velocity Sales?

High Velocity Sales pacing structures the sales journey

Pace is the HVS module's prime objective. It allows you to implement best practices for processing a lead directly in Salesforce with pre-established, personalised scenarios. Your inside sales work is thus defined by rates for increasing conversion and reducing your sales cycle.You can determine what actions your salespeople need to take at each stage of the sales cycle. When creating your pacing, you can choose different actions:

  • Call the lead: your agent can make a call in one click from the HVS module in Salesforce.
  • Send the lead an automatic email: a pre-written email will be sent automatically according to your rhythm.
  • Take personalised steps: you can enter your own actions to tell your agent to perform certain specific tasks.
  • Add a waiting step to choose the rhythm of actions according to your sales cycle.

The power of High Velocity Sales lies in the fact that the pacing is intentionally restrictive, meaning that sales reps will be prohibited from skipping steps or validating actions without having carried them out.

Work queues for better organising the workspace

High Velocity Sales provides your teams with building blocks on the Salesforce interface for managing tasks generated by HVS. Thanks to the work queue, your salespeople can see at a glance what actions need to be carried out and the leads to prioritise.If you use Einstein Lead Scoring, the work queue will be sorted based on leads with the highest score. Indeed, this module uses artificial intelligence to determine which contacts are most likely to convert based on the conversion model linked to your activity.With High Velocity Sales, if you don't use the Einstein Lead Scoring module, action items will simply be sorted alphabetically.The main advantage of the HVS work queue is that it is possible to perform actions directly from the interface to send automatic emails and make calls in one click or by opening the dialer.

How do I put High Velocity Sales in place?

Ringover is the only VoIP player today in the European telecom market to offer a native integration with High Velocity Sales. To find out how to set up HVS for your sales teams and boost productivity in processing priority leads, please contact our sales teams and request a demonstration.

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