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What is a VoIP number?

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What is a VoIP number?


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Traditionally, we have always associated phone calls with telephones. However, today, you can get a virtual phone number and use it to make and receive calls over the internet. This is the magic of a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP number. Let's understand what is a VoIP number and how you can benefit from it.

What's A VoIP Phone Number?

If you run a business, you've probably been asking yourself, “What is a VoIP number?”
A VoIP number works in the same way as traditional landline and mobile numbers with one key difference – Instead of a phone handset, calls can be made and received over any device that is connected to the internet. A VoIP number looks like any other regular phone number to the receiver.
You can get a VoIP number for any area code, but the number is not tied to specific locations. It utilizes data networks to make calls. Hence, a VoIP number can be accessed from multiple devices if they are connected to the internet. You can talk to someone from a computer or laptop at your desk or a smartphone or tablet.
As with traditional phone numbers, using VoIP numbers does not require much technical know-how. Think of it as a plug-and-play solution. For this reason, it is also referred to as click to call software.

Is VoIP Number A Real Number?

A VoIP number is a real telephone number assigned to an individual or organization by a VoIP service provider. There is no way to distinguish between traditional phone numbers and VoIP numbers by looking at them. These numbers can be classified as:

Local VoIP Number

These numbers look like regular landline numbers with the area code for a specific city or region.
Example: +1 415 338 1111

Toll-free VoIP Number

These VoIP numbers start with a 3-digit code like 800. Calls made to these numbers are billed to the receiver rather than the caller.
Example: +1 800-546-5479

Vanity VoIP Number

A vanity VoIP number is a toll-free number that spells out a word relevant to your business.
Example: +1 800 874 4787 spells outs +1 800 TSHIRTS

Who Would Use A VoIP Number?

The people asking, “what is a VoIP number?” are usually those in charge of contact centers for corporate organizations. It's interesting to note that 65% of people prefer to contact a business on the phone rather than by using a web form. Using a click to call service opens up a world of possibilities and offers many benefits over traditional phone numbers.

Benefits of A VoIP Number

There are 4 main benefits of getting a VoIP number:

Build A Local Presence Remotely

While a VoIP number does have an area code, you do not need to have a physical presence in the region to be assigned the number. This is very useful for companies catering to an audience in other states or countries.
With Ringover, you can make unlimited calls to numbers in 110+ global destinations. After all, customers are more likely to pick up calls from a local number and may ignore calls from out-of-state numbers.

Lower Costs Of Calling

VoIP numbers use the internet for calls rather than telephone lines. In most cases, rather than be billed per minute of usage, VoIP numbers are assigned and billed according to a monthly plan. This is much cheaper than traditional phone plans. A survey found that switching to VoIP systems reduced the cost of international calls by 90%.
There's also the cost of infrastructure to consider. You don't need to buy a new phone for a new VoIP number. All you need is a headset connected to the laptop or computer and you're ready to speak to anyone.
Lastly, a click to call app lets you do a lot more than just make and receive calls. You can also use it to send texts. You also get access to quality control and efficiency-enhancing features like smart dialers, call monitoring, intelligent call forwarding, conference calls, CRM integration, etc.

Make And Receive Calls From Anywhere

Businesses relying on traditional phone networks miss about 22% of inbound calls. Every missed call is a lost opportunity, and many callers don't call back. This is one of the main reasons corporations go for a VoIP number.
Since the number is not linked to a physical device, you do not have to chain yourself to a desk to answer calls. Calls can be answered from anywhere if you have a device with the application loaded on it and a live internet connection.

Manage A Flexible, Scalable Communication System

A VoIP number can be shared across multiple devices. Thus, as your team grows, the same number can be used across additional devices without increasing costs by too much.
Also, if your company shifts from one office to another, there is no break in communication as the number stays the same.

Is A VoIP Number A Cell Phone?

A VoIP number is not the same as a cell phone number, but it can be used on a mobile phone with an internet connection.

Why Does It Say My Number Is A VoIP Number?

When you apply for a business number to be operated over the internet, it is known as a VoIP number. They are formatted like regular business phone numbers but as the name suggests, your voice is transmitted over the internet rather than regular telephone lines.

Getting a VoIP number

Anyone can get a VoIP number. The technology is transforming business communication and can offer many benefits for your organization. Once you've understood what is click to call, you can get a local VoIP number from Ringover set up in minutes.
You can choose a plan depending on the size of your organization and the features required. If need be, you can port an existing number as well. There is no need to invest in additional desk phones or hardware. Get your free trial today!

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