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What is Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)?

In today's fiercely competitive job market, merely finding and hiring top talent is insufficient. It's equally crucial to cultivate and sustain a robust candidate relationship management throughout the entire recruitment process, from initial touchpoint to final decision, and even after that.

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What is Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)?


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Candidate relationship management (CRM) represents a thoughtful recruiting outreach strategy designed to attract, engage, and nurture future employees through a myriad of hiring management software and techniques. CRM is pivotal in enhancing your employer brand, ensuring a positive experience for candidates, and establishing a reservoir of qualified, eager candidates for both immediate and long-term recruitment needs. Through this article, you'll discover the fundamentals of candidate management, its significance in recruitment strategy, operational insights, and tips for seamless implementation via staffing technology.

What is candidate management?

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Candidate management is a recruitment process emphasizing the candidate experience and relationship-building with applicants. It manages interactions with job seekers through every stage of the recruitment cycle—from initially advertising the position to the final hiring decision and beyond. Its primary aim is to improve the recruitment outcomes of the company and strengthen its employer brand.

This strategy acknowledges candidates as not merely potential hires but as potential customers, advocates, and influencers. Consequently, it's essential they are treated with respect, transparency, and professionalism throughout their recruitment journey. A well-executed candidate management strategy fosters a positive view of the company and its culture, attracting more qualified and engaged applicants, minimizing the hiring time and costs, and boosting the retention and engagement of new employees.

For an effective candidate management approach, organizations employ a variety of tools and techniques, such as Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), feedback surveys, VoIP phone systems, and social recruiting.

These resources facilitate recruitment process streamlining, task automation, data collection, and personalized candidate engagement. More specifically, when it comes to VoIP software, recruiters and staffers will benefit from a wide range of productivity and efficiency features. Let's take a closer look at the possibilities this type of recruiting tool can offer.

One of the most important tactics when executing a CRM strategy is omnichannel communications, a data-driven approach which hinges on contacting candidates on the channel they prefer, on the schedule they prefer. With an omnichannel contact center software, you'll have the ability to reach candidates via text message, video conference, and more. Plus, the user-friendly reporting interface provides the metrics necessary to track and optimize performance.

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Why is candidate relationship management important?

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) is essential in today's competitive talent market. Embracing a CRM strategy offers numerous advantages, including:

  • CRM facilitates proactive recruitment, enabling you to identify and engage with top candidates efficiently. It helps in building a qualified talent pool, reducing hiring costs and filling vacancies more quickly and effectively.
  • Developing a memorable employer brand is simplified with CRM. It enables effective communication of your organization's values, culture, and opportunities, attracting candidates who resonate with your ethos. CRM tools can also be used to highlight employee testimonials, success stories, and your impact on society.
  • Offering a window into your company culture to candidates is a breeze with CRM. Personalized content engagement helps prospective employees understand the work environment and growth opportunities within your company. Invitations to events, webinars, and workshops via CRM tools can further engage them, providing insight into your projects and initiatives.
  • CRM technology provides insight into critical recruitment stages where potential hires drop off. By analyzing CRM data, you can identify and address recruitment pain points, enhancing the overall candidate experience. Furthermore, CRM allows for collecting feedback to gauge candidate satisfaction and engagement levels.
  • Showing recognition for talented prospects is key to fostering mutual growth, and CRM makes this possible. Continuous engagement with candidates signifies your investment in their potential success. Personalized communication, recognition for their achievements, and encouragement of referrals are all facilitated through CRM tools.

In essence, CRM plays a pivotal role in fostering a positive image among prospective employees, significantly enhancing your ability to attract and retain exceptional talent for your company.


Keeping candidates close can help you to establish a longstanding relationship, ensuring you have a candidate pool ready for current and future job opportunities. Leverage an omnichannel communications software to automate candidate outreach and keep your business top-of-mind! 

The Candidate Relationship Management Process

The candidate relationship management (CRM) process encompasses the strategies and actions recruiters utilize to identify, attract, engage, and nurture candidates throughout their journey to recruitment. While specific approaches can vary based on organizational goals, available resources, and the tools at hand, the process generally unfolds across these pivotal stages:

  1. Discover: Identify potential talent utilizing diverse channels, including job postings, social media, referrals, events, and existing talent pools. CRM software plays a critical role in sourcing, screening, and managing candidate profiles and their activities.
  2. Attract: Promote your employer brand and unique value propositions to entice candidates. CRM tools facilitate the creation and dissemination of recruitment marketing campaigns, encompassing email newsletters, landing pages, webinars, and social media activities.
  3. Engage: Foster meaningful interactions with candidates by offering relevant, personalized information and timely feedback. Automate communications, reminders, and updates, and efficiently organize interviews and assessments using CRM solutions.
  4. Nurture: Continue to develop relationships with candidates, keeping them interested and engaged until they are prepared to accept a job offer. Deploy CRM technology to deliver targeted content such as success stories, testimonials, and highlights of employee achievements, acknowledging candidate accomplishments and referrals.
  5. Hire: Conclude the process by making a hiring decision and presenting an offer to the chosen candidate. Simplify the offer process and securely manage necessary documentation and data with CRM software.

The CRM journey doesn't conclude at the point of hire but extends beyond, leveraging CRM technology for the onboarding and integration of new hires and the re-engagement of previous candidates for potential future roles.

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Leverage Technology to Manage Candidate Relationships

Staying in touch with candidates is easy if you have a VoIP phone to track interactions and automate outreach. 

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Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) represents a pivotal recruitment strategy aimed at fostering and preserving robust ties with potential candidates. This approach spans the entirety of the recruitment process, from initial outreach to the ultimate hiring decision, and even beyond. CRM's core objective is to enhance your company's employer brand, deliver an outstanding candidate experience, and cultivate a reservoir of qualified and interested individuals for both immediate and future staffing requirements.

To achieve these goals, CRM leverages an array of tools and techniques, including sophisticated CRM software, targeted recruitment marketing campaigns, personalized communications, feedback surveys, and cloud phone software such as Ringover. To start optimizing your team's CRM, sign up for a free Ringover trial today!

Candidate Relationship Management FAQ

What does a candidate relationship management system do?

A candidate relationship management system is an innovative software solution designed to streamline your interactions with both active and passive candidates throughout their recruitment journey. This system empowers you to effectively source, attract, engage, and care for candidates via a suite of tools and methods including recruitment marketing initiatives, personalized communication, feedback surveys, and social media engagement. Furthermore, a CRM system enables the collection and analysis of candidate data—covering profiles, activities, preferences, and satisfaction—to refine your recruitment practices and strategies.

What is relationship management in the recruitment process?

At its core, relationship management within the recruitment sphere emphasizes the candidate experience and the quality of interactions between job seekers and potential employers. This approach is characterized by treating candidates with respect, transparency, and professionalism, coupled with providing timely and pertinent information and feedback. The ultimate goal of relationship management in recruitment is to forge a positive and enduring image in the minds of candidates, thereby boosting their interest, engagement, and fidelity to the company.

What does CRM mean in recruiting?

In the realm of recruiting, CRM refers to candidate relationship management—a strategic methodology aimed at nurturing and maintaining robust relationships with your candidate pool from their initial contact, through the decision-making process, and beyond. Implementing a CRM strategy enhances your employer branding, fosters a memorable candidate experience, and cultivates a reservoir of qualified, enthusiastic candidates for your immediate and long-term hiring requirements.

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