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Top 6 Hiring Management Software (2024)

Hiring management software is a powerful tool designed to assist businesses in discovering, attracting, evaluating, and securing the best candidates for their vacancies. This software simplifies the recruitment process, automates monotonous tasks, and enhances the quality of recruitment outcomes.

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Top 6 Hiring Management Software (2024)


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Choosing the right hiring management software for your company can be daunting due to the plethora of options available. How can you determine which software perfectly matches your requirements? Which features are essential?

And importantly, what's the cost? To navigate through these questions, we've curated a list of the top 6 hiring management software for 2024, drawing from verified user feedback and expert insights into these ATS solutions. Additionally, we'll delve into understanding what a hiring management system encompasses, how to select the ideal one for your business, and address some common queries regarding hiring management software, also known as ATS for recruiting.

Table: Top 6 hiring management software

SoftwareDescriptionTop Features
ManatalA cloud-based, AI-powered recruiting platform designed to streamline the process of finding, managing, and hiring top talentAI-powered candidate screening and matching, social media recruitment and enrichmentCandidate relationship managementCustomizable workflows and reportsIntegrations with job boards, email, and calendars
WorkableAn advanced recruiting software engineered to accelerate and smarten the hiring process, from attraction to hireAI-powered sourcing and talent pool,collaborative hiring and feedback, video interviews and assessments, mobile app and chatbot, integrations with job boards, email, and HRIS
CeipalAn all-encompassing applicant tracking system that optimizes your recruitment process for better hiring resultsApplicant tracking and resume parsing, job posting and distribution, automated workflows and reminders, analytics and dashboards, integrations with job boards, email, and social media
JazzHRA dynamic recruiting software that supports you through the entire hiring journey, from initial job posting to final offersJob creation and syndication, candidate screening and ranking, interview scheduling and coordination, offer letters and e-signatures
Zoho RecruitAn easily accessible, free recruiting software that centralizes the management of candidates, clients, and job vacanciesCandidate management and tracking, client and vendor management, job requisition and posting, resume management and parsing, integrations with Zoho suite, email, and social media
Recruit CRMSpecialized recruiting software for staffing and recruitment agencies, offering comprehensive management of clients, candidates, and jobsClient and candidate relationship management, job order and placement management, email and SMS marketing, invoicing and paymentsIntegrations with job boards, email, and calendars

List: Best 6 hiring management software

In this detailed overview, we explore the top 6 hiring management software poised to make waves in 2024. Our thorough research and analysis shed light on the primary features, advantages, and limitations of each tool. Additionally, we delve into pricing structures and customer feedback, offering a comprehensive guide for selecting the software that aligns with your unique needs and preferences.

1. Manatal

Manatal's cloud-based recruiting platform to source, manage, and onboard top talent efficiently, using business AI technology. Leverage its capability to pull candidates from diverse channels like social media, job boards, and your database, enhancing profiles with AI-driven insights. Benefit from customizable workflows and reports, and enjoy seamless integration with numerous essential tools, including email, calendars, and HRIS systems.

Manatal Advantages✅

  • 14-day free trial
  • Cost-effective free plan for small teams
  • Intuitive interface and rapid setup
  • AI advancements for effective candidate matching, screening, and insights in recruiting strategy

Manatal Disadvantages❌

2. Workable

A trailblazer in staffing technology, Workable accelerates your candidate attraction, evaluation, and hiring process. It broadens your sourcing channels from job boards to social media and referrals, enriched with AI-powered talent suggestions. Coordinate effortlessly with your team, streamline interview scheduling, and engage candidates on-the-go with a comprehensive mobile app and an interactive chatbot. Workable integration capabilities enhance your recruiting efficiency.

Workable Advantages✅

  • 15-day free trial
  • Chatbot for enhanced candidate communication and process automation
  • Robust community of over 20,000 clients spanning 100 countries

Workable Disadvantages❌

  • No free plan available
  • Lacks an built-in CRM
  • No dedicated customer support phone line

3. Ceipal

Revolutionize your recruiting process with Ceipal's comprehensive cloud recruitment software. From resume parsing to job postings and automated workflows, Ceipal offers a streamlined end-to-end professional staffing solution. In addition to improving your hiring outcomes, Ceipal also offers valuable analytics for data-driven decision-making, backed by seamless integration with a plethora of tools.

Ceipal Advantages✅

  • 14-day free trial
  • Customizable to fit varying business needs
  • Prioritizes data security and compliance

Ceipal Disadvantages❌

  • No video interview features or remote candidate assessments
  • No mobile application for operational flexibility and outreach

4. JazzHR

JazzHR offers a comprehensive solution, managing your recruitment cycle from job posting to candidate hiring. This powerful SaaS HR software enables job syndication across platforms and improves candidate attraction. Streamline candidate screening, feedback collection, and interview scheduling effortlessly. JazzHR facilitates offer and e-signing processes and offers HR integrations with payroll solutions and key tools to simplify your recruitment endeavors.

JazzHR Advantages✅

  • Generous 21-day free trial
  • Straightforward interface
  • Exceptional customer support available round-the-clock through phone, email, and chat, complemented by online documentation

JazzHR Disadvantages❌

  • Lacks AI for recruiting features
  • No availability of a mobile app limits access and operational flexibility
  • Does not feature an integrated recruitment CRM system for managing business relationships

5. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit, a cost-effective recruiting software, offers an all-in-one automated recruiting tool for managing candidates, clients, and vacancies. Seamlessly track your recruitment process from candidate sourcing to communication, alongside client and vendor management, within a unified platform. Zoho Recruit's reporting and analytics aid in optimizing your hiring strategy, while it offers connection to the Zoho suite as well as Zoho Recruit integrations with VoIP phones like Ringover.

Once Zoho Recruit is integrated with a business phone system, you can enjoy myriad benefits, like automatic data synchronization, easy access to candidate information in one place, and features like click-to-call and omnichannel call center software.

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Zoho Recruit Advantages✅

  • A free plan catering to small teams
  • Increased efficiency thanks to a platform with recruitment and CRM functions (via Zoho)
  • User-friendly and adaptable interface

6. Recruit CRM

Specifically tailored for staffing and recruitment agencies, Recruit CRM excels in client, candidate, and job management. It enhances relationship building, job order handling, and placement processes, complemented by email and text message campaign functionalities. Recruit CRM aids in revenue and growth through its invoicing and payment features and ensures a smooth operation with its integration capabilities, including a native integration available with Ringover.

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Recruit CRM Advantages✅

  • 14-day free trial
  • A holistic software solution for managing the entire recruitment lifecycle
  • Simplicity and ease of use, with customization options
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What is a hiring management system?

A hiring management system, often termed a recruitment management system (RMS) or an applicant tracking system (ATS), is a sophisticated software solution designed to optimize the recruitment process. By leveraging this technology, businesses can efficiently find, attract, evaluate, and onboard top talent for their vacancies. This system not only simplifies the hiring workflow but also automates repetitive tasks, elevating the quality of the recruitment outcomes.

The key components of a hiring management system include:

  • Job creation and posting: With a hiring management system, users can effortlessly design and disseminate job openings across a variety of channels including the company's career page, job boards, social networks, and through referral programs, thereby broadening the reach and visibility among potential applicants.
  • Candidate management and tracking: This feature allows for the centralized storage and organization of candidate data—resumes, profiles, applications—facilitating easy tracking of each applicant's journey from initial screening to onboarding.
  • Candidate screening and matching: Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, the system automates the screening process, accurately evaluating candidates against job requirements. This efficiency not only conserves time and resources but ensures the best fit for the position are identified and advanced in the recruitment process.
  • Interview scheduling and coordination: Streamlining the interview phase, the system enables seamless scheduling, coordination among candidates and hiring teams, and automates communication - reminders, confirmations, and feedback - ensuring a smooth, timely, and well-organized interview process.
  • Offer management and onboarding: From finalizing offers to integrating new hires into payroll and HRIS systems, the hiring management system simplifies the transition. It supports issuance of offer letters, collection of e-signatures, and streamlines the onboarding experience.
  • Reporting and analytics: The provision of comprehensive reports and analytics supports the measurement and enhancement of hiring activities. Key metrics such as time to hire, cost per hire, quality of hire, and candidate satisfaction are tracked, offering insights for informed, data-driven recruitment decisions.

How to Choose the Right Hiring Management Software for Your Business

Selecting the ideal hiring management software for your company entails sifting through numerous factors and alternatives. However, adhering to a few straightforward steps and tips can simplify this decision, tailoring it to your unique needs and preferences.

Follow these steps and tips for a smoother selection process:

  1. Identify Your HR Needs: Begin by pinpointing the HR functionalities you require from the software, such as payroll management, benefits administration, time tracking, or performance assessment. Also, take into account your business's size, industry, and objectives, as well as the demographics and quantity of software users.
  2. Consider Your Budget: Determine your financial allocation for hiring management software. Assess the cost-effectiveness of various options by comparing their prices and features. Remember to account for the total cost of ownership, which encompasses initial expenses, ongoing costs, and hidden fees like training, maintenance, and upgrades.
  3. Look for User-Friendly Software: Opt for software that offers ease of use and navigation, boasting a straightforward and intuitive interface. Ensure compatibility with your current setups and devices, checking for adaptive design and mobile app availability. Security, reliability, and compliance with legal requirements are also paramount.
  4. Evaluate Integrations: Assess how well the software can integrate with other platforms and tools you use or plan to use, such as job boards, social networks, email, calendars, and HRIS systems. Preface software that provides seamless integration or features an open API for connecting applications not natively supported.
  5. Check for Scalability: Confirm the software's ability to grow and adapt alongside your business. Look for solutions that can scale up in terms of users, applicants, and features without compromising performance. Customization options that cater to your business's unique demands are also beneficial.
  6. Read Reviews: Insights from other users and experts can be invaluable. Seek out software with positive, authentic feedback and high customer satisfaction and retention rates. A broad and diverse user base often indicates a solution's reliability and acceptance in the market.
  7. Consider Customer Support: Evaluate the level and accessibility of customer support offered. Opt for software backed by a dedicated, always-available customer service team reachable via phone, email, and chat. Resources such as a comprehensive knowledge base, help center, and community forums are also advantageous.
  8. Start a Free Trial: Embark on a free trial to personally experience the software's functionalities and advantages. This period is crucial for evaluating the software's fit with your requirements and comparing it against other candidates to make an informed choice.


In this comprehensive overview, we've covered the leading six hiring management software suites for 2024. These tools are essential for streamlining your recruitment process, enhancing the candidate's journey, fostering better teamwork and communication, and empowering you to make informed, data-centric decisions.

Additionally, we've broken down the essentials of what a hiring management system entails, how to select the ideal fit for your company, and tackled some of the most common queries surrounding these software. Plus, we've covered how VoIP software like Ringover can increase the efficiency and productivity of your recruiting and staffing teams. It supports the relationship building necessary to get the best candidates on board and deliver the best client experience possible. If you're curious to discover the difference Ringover can make for your business, start your free trial today!

Hiring Management Software FAQ

What is the best software for recruitment?

Choosing the best recruitment software depends largely on your specific needs, such as your business size, industry, objectives, the users' profiles, and the key features you're looking for. Here is a short list of top hiring management systems:

  1. Manatal
  2. Workable
  3. Ceipal
  4. JazzHR
  5. Zoho Recruit
  6. Recruit CRM

What is the best platform for hiring?

The ideal hiring platform varies based on the roles you're filling, the reach and quality of candidates you're targeting, and the specific features you need. According to our research, here are the top 12 job search engines for 2024:

  1. Indeed: A leading job search engine with over 250 million monthly visitors and 10 million job listings. It offers free job posting, with additional paid visibility options, alongside resume screening, assessments, and analytics tools.
  2. CareerBuilder: Ideal for enterprises, CareerBuilder sees over 140 million monthly visitors, offering access to 2 million job listings and 125 million resumes. It features job posting to over 100 partner sites and various recruitment tools.
  3. LinkedIn: The go-to platform for professional roles, with 740 million members and 20 million job listings. Free and sponsored job postings are available, along with recruiter tools and talent insights.
  4. Glassdoor: Known for its insights into company cultures, Glassdoor attracts over 50 million monthly visitors, offering free and sponsored job postings, employer branding, and analytics tools.
  5. SimplyHired: Renowned for its user-friendly interface, it features 8 million job listings and various tools like salary estimator and job alerts. Jobs can be posted for free or sponsored for greater exposure.
  6. Monster: Boasting a vast resume database and 7 million job listings, Monster offers free and paid posting options, with additional tools for resume search and career advice. Getwork: Excelling in speed, Getwork presents 3 million job listings and innovative recruitment tools, with free posting and sponsorship options.
  7. FlexJobs: The premier site for remote work opportunities, featuring 30,000 job listings and various tools for employers, albeit with a posting fee.
  8. Wellfound: Catering to startups, this engine offers free and sponsored posting options, talent pool access, and analytics tools.
  9. Snagajob: Ideal for urgent hiring with 700,000 job listings and a large pool of registered job seekers. Offers free posting and various staffing tools.
  10. Recruiter: Known for innovation, offering free and sponsored job postings, AI matching, and a vast recruiter network.
  11. Ladders: Specialized in high-paying job listings, offering free job posting and tools for resume review and career advancement.

What is CRM recruitment software?

CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) recruitment software is crafted to assist recruiters in fostering lasting relationships with both potentials and existing candidates. It focuses on candidate engagement, sourcing, and communication, helping recruiters to build and manage talent pools, and optimize recruitment campaigns.

While ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software concentrates on managing the operational aspects of applications, such as screening and interviews, CRM software dives deeper into strategic recruitment processes. Some platforms, like Manatal, Zoho Recruit, and Tracker, seamlessly blend CRM and ATS functionalities, offering a holistic approach to the candidate lifecycle management within a single system.

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