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Cloud Calling: What It Is And How Does It Work To Accelerate Your Business

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Cloud Calling: What It Is And How Does It Work To Accelerate Your Business


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Okay, so you’ve heard of cloud calling. But...that’s about it. Are you hoping you’ll never have to explain what it is, exactly, or be called on in a meeting to talk about what it could do for your organization? Then this is the article for you. After a thorough breakdown of what cloud calling is and why it’s a future-proof tool for the reimagined workforce, we’ll let you know all the unexpected ways cloud calling can help you launch, grow, and scale your business.

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What is cloud calling?

Cloud calling, also known as cloud telephony, provides users with calling and other voice-based communications via an internet connection. This makes it different from previous phone call solutions, which required the use of landlines and other hardware. Users can choose a third-party provider, who “hosts” the cloud services via their platform. Then, they’ll be able to utilize the different solutions that provider offers as part of their comprehensive cloud calling services. Though cloud calling technically refers only to voice-based communications, most providers are expanding their offerings to be a one-stop shop for all cloud-based enterprise communication needs, often referred to as unified communication as a service (UCaaS). Typical services that cloud calling providers offer include collaboration tools, data insights, text or instant messaging, integrated contact centers, and web conferencing.

What are cloud calling benefits?

There are several benefits to implementing cloud calling solutions at any business:


Covid-19 has changed the way that businesses function. With more businesses moving towards the work from home approach, it has become more important for businesses to find a simpler call management system. That being said, cloud calling has become a go to solution for most businesses because of how simple the workflow automation, aggregation of voice and interaction with existing CRMs is. There’s no need for clunky landlines and complicated infrastructure anymore. Cloud calling services can be used from any device without even having to install new software. These compact yet powerful cloud calling solutions can now be used across multinational locations and client touch points and have simple and interactive user interfaces.


Cloud calling services give employees more information at their fingertips, helping them save time searching for data. They don't have to worry about adding users, altering schedules, or editing workflows on a regular basis. Additionally, cloud calling monitoring tools help you spot weaknesses in your organizational workflow, allowing you to boost productivity. This helps improve the efficacy of business messaging by allowing for high-quality real-time communication.


With a wide range of remote working features like unified communication, video conferencing, interactive voice response, power dialling etc. cloud calling allows employees to collaborate and communicate effectively even if they are working remotely. Unlike the traditional calling solutions that need a physical workplace in order for it to be set up, cloud calling can be set up and accessed from any location, allowing everyone in the organization to work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Seamless Integration:

It is important for any solution to be where its customers are. It adds point solutions for individual channels. According to the latest Work from Anywhere report, 71% of businesses prefer to have all of their collaboration solutions from a single source. Already use software solutions in your business, like a CSM platform or a company-wide scheduling tool? Most cloud calling providers allow you to seamlessly integrate their services with those, allowing you to communicate with customers or fellow employees right from those applications. Cloud calling services allow you to access real-time data from different applications that can be integrated seamlessly into their platform, making communication with customers easier and more productive.

Future-Proof Technology:

Cloud calling systems are compatible with any device including smartphone apps, computer software or VoIP-enabled phones or traditional phones. Instead of having all data on a physical server that needs regular maintenance, cloud calling allows you to store all the sensitive data over a cloud that requires minimal maintenance. Landlines require routine maintenance or expensive hardware updates that can quickly become obsolete. (Remember: it wasn’t too long ago that cordless phones were the coolest gadgets around!) But updates to cloud calling solutions happen, well, in the cloud. Rather than being left behind when the latest solution or upgrade hits, you can affordably add it almost immediately to any device or network you and your employees use.

What can cloud calling do for my business?

Alright, so now you understand that cloud calling is, at its simplest definition, the ability to make phone calls via the cloud.But it’s time to figure out how you can leverage it to take your business to the next level. Cloud calling doesn’t just help you stay up-to-date with your competitors—it’s also great for your bottom line. Whether you’re a lean startup or an established corporation, cloud calling can provide you with the tools you need to more efficiently and seamlessly do your job.Check out some of the unexpected ways that choosing a cloud calling provider like Ringover can help you accelerate your business:

1. Reinvent Employee Training

Cloud calling allows you to record and monitor calls, as well as video conferencing sessions. This can help to drastically improve training, since new employees can go back and rewatch or relisten to any instructional meetings, allowing them to learn at their own pace and always have references they can turn to for guidance.Additionally, because recorded calls can also be stored and easily retrieved within the calls, they can make great training tools. Got a seasoned sales rep who cold-called a contact and landed a sale within minutes, or a customer service rep who can calm even the most frustrated of customers? Let new hires listen to the recordings of those stellar calls, highlighting the language and strategies their peers used to excel at their work.You can also use call recording and monitoring to help new employees as they jump into the job. A manager can listen to some of the new hires’ first calls and go through each interaction with them later, pointing out where they did well and suggesting specific improvements when needed. That very personalized, direct feedback results in better learning retention and helps employees develop the skills they need to succeed.

2. Unlimited Calls to Anywhere in the World

Cloud calling for business is an essential component of any cloud strategy. Cloud telephony, like other cloud services, helps streamline and optimise critical business processes. Employees are now significantly less likely to be in a physical workplace, especially since 2020. With their businesses expanding globally, it has become more than important for businesses to communicate and stay connected with their customers easily across countries. Most cloud calling services provide support to stay connected in different countries. Ringover allows you to make unlimited VoIP calls to more than 110 countries because of direct connectivity with key global telecommunications companies like Colt, Verizon, Bics, Orange, etc.

3. Reach Customers from Anywhere In The World

Did you know that by 2023, the cloud-based contact center market is anticipated to be worth $24.11 billion? Cloud contact center solutions are becoming increasingly important to organisations all around the world because they allow you to reach out to customers from anywhere in the world without going through the whole process of setting up from a physical office or even installing software. With Ringover it is easy for any business to establish a regional presence in different nations because it allows your business to get a local phone number across different countries. In three simple steps, you can start making calls with local, toll-free and international numbers in 65 countries, making it easier to reach customers from anywhere in the world.

4. Improved Call Center Capabilities

As mentioned before, cloud calling has a number of benefits. One of them is improved call center capabilities. Whether your employees are based in a single building or operate from different locations, hosted VoIP allows your entire company to use a single communication solution. With Ringover, your employees can utilize functionalities like call recording, call forwarding to VoIP, call routing, power-dialling and a lot more with just a few mouse clicks, making it easier for them and improving the efficiency of the whole process.One of the most important yet underrated aspects when communicating with a customer is being able to readily access customer history and data related to their query. With Ringover’s Screen pop, agents can access relevant information about the customer as soon as the call is connected, allowing them to give provide better solutions while also giving a tailored experience for the customers.

5. Gain Powerful Insights to Optimize Team

When working in different teams, it's critical to understand how well leads are converted once they've been handed on to salespeople, and monitoring calls allows you to do just that. With Ringover, you can record, relisten and understand customer behaviours. Use this information to personalise marketing campaigns and generate engaging content that customers will enjoy.This gives you access to valuable insights that you can utilize to optimize your team performance by providing additional training to agents who need it.

6. Supervise On The Go

Call monitoring is one of the major aspects of cloud calling if you believe in continuous feedback and improvement of your team. Ringover lets you participate in live calls or listen to call recordings to see how sales agents offer a product or service and how prospects react. In addition to listening to live calls and relistening to call recording, Ringover also allows ‘Call Barging’ and ‘Whisper’. The ‘Call Barging’ feature allows managers to jump on a call when necessary and talk to the customer directly cutting down the time for call transfers and call holding. ‘Whisper’ is a very useful aspect that allows managers to speak directly with the agents during a call without the customers listening to them. This feature is useful particularly when agents are training and need extra support from their supervisors.

7. Boost Customer Loyalty

Consumers are living in an era with more buying options at their fingertips than ever before. Vendors can look at this one of two ways: either they’re overwhelmed by the competition, or they take it as an opportunity to improve customer service so that they always have a way to stand out from the crowd.Cloud calling services like Ringover practically hand out a customer loyalty toolkit with the services they offer. From analytics dashboards that give valuable insights about customer needs to totally customizable IVR systems to real-time suggestions for service resolutions, you’ll have the futuristic tools you need to give your customers a reason to keep coming back.

8. Scale with Ease

Growing a company can be unpredictable and swift. That’s why cloud solutions are a better resource for startups than landlines and hardware. Cloud calling providers offer flexible subscription packages that let you tack on new features when you need them, add phone numbers and emails as you bring new people on board, and offer advice on the best tools for your evolving needs.The best part? All of this can be done within seconds, typically without downloading any new software, taking the administrative gruntwork out of scaling and giving you more time to dedicate to your business.

9. Keep Your Data Secure

No matter your business, you’re likely responsible for tons of data, whether that’s payment information for customers, sensitive documents for clients, or just the important info you need to effectively run your company.Losing that data, or having it stolen, could be devastating for any company. But cloud calling providers work hard to keep your data secure, and can protect it in ways that landlines couldn’t. Most offer standardized encryption protocols for an added layer of security. Plus, many give you the option to restrict access to certain amounts of data, allowing you to better authorize who can see what.

10. Prevent You From Getting Left Behind

Maybe you haven’t adopted cloud calling solutions yet. But guess what? Your competitors have.While you’re trying to figure out why your customer service wait times are so long, your competitors are using real-time analytics from their cloud calling provider to improve those wait times. While you’re struggling to onboard new employees while out of the office, your competitors are using video conferencing and secure messaging systems to tackle all the training and paperwork involved with welcoming new members to the team. While you’re figuring out what to do with the old clunky old hardware that your Gen Z employees barely know how to use, your competitors are attracting the best young talent who are eager to work with a forward-thinking institution.We’re in the midst of a shift to a global, digital workforce, and it’s time to either join that or get left behind. Since cloud calling services can upgrade and evolve their product offerings via software and you can update to those new versions in just seconds, it’s the future-proof technology that will carry your company—no matter how big or small—into the new era of work.


Switching to cloud calling and operating is a lot easier than you could imagine. It is easier to maintain and is a cost-effective solution. If you still need help deciding if cloud-calling is optimal for your business, contact our experts to help guide you step-by-step at +44 20 3808 5555 or send an email to sales@ringover.com. Start your free trial today.

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