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Applicant Tracking System for Recruiting & Staffing Firms

If you're on the hunt to make your recruitment process more efficient, save both time and money, and secure top-tier talent for your company, then considering an ATS for recruiting could be your next best move.

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Applicant Tracking System for Recruiting & Staffing Firms


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An ATS, standing for applicant tracking system, serves as a powerful software tool designed to streamline your entire hiring journey—from job postings, screening applicants, to ultimately bringing on board the perfect candidate.

This article aims to demystify the concept of an ATS for staffing companies, illustrating how it functions and the advantages it offers to both recruiters and candidates alike. We'll delve into comparisons of leading ATS solutions for staffing agencies and general recruitment strategy while addressing common queries surrounding this innovative technology.

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Table: Best 10 ATS for staffing companies

ATS NameDescriptionKey Features
AviontéA comprehensive solution that integrates CRM, ATS, payroll, and billing in a single platform247 customer support, compliance management, extensive integrations
BullhornA cloud-based ATS offering seamless integration with VMS, CRM, and other external platformsCustomizable workflows, in-depth reporting and analytics, mobile app access
CEIPALAn intuitive ATS designed to streamline recruitment and improve candidate experienceAI-driven sourcing and screening, social media integration, free trial option
RecruiterflowAn innovative ATS that simplifies recruiting tasks and enhances talent acquisitionSynchronization with email and calendar, recruitment marketing tools, Chrome extension
JobDivaA feature-rich ATS tailored for staffing and recruitment needsAdvanced resume harvesting, VMS integration, effective candidate matching
JazzHRA scalable ATS designed to enhance your ability to attract, engage, and hire the right candidatesUnlimited users and job postings, customizable career pages, ideo interviewing feature
GreenhouseAn adaptable ATS that allows for a tailored hiring process and improved hiring resultsComprehensive scorecards and assessments, diversity and inclusion resources, robust performance management
RecootyAn easy-to-use, cost-effective ATS for streamlined job posting, applicant management, and quicker hiringUser-friendly interface, Google for Jobs integration, free plan available
Zoho RecruitA cloud-based ATS for efficient recruitment activity management and team collaborationEfficient resume parsing, workflow automation, dedicated client portal
PinpointA robust ATS designed to enhance your sourcing, engagement, and hiring processesEmployee referral mechanisms, candidate relationship management, effective performance management

List: Top 10 ATS for Recruiting

1. Avionté


Offers a comprehensive solution by integrating CRM, ATS, payroll, and billing into a single platform. Avionté enables staffing agencies to oversee their entire operation from candidate sourcing to client invoicing, and offers many Avionté staffing software integrations.

Avionté Advantages✅

2. Bullhorn


This cloud-based ATS integrates seamlessly with VMS, CRM, and other platforms like the VoIP software Ringover. Bullhorn integrations can make a significant difference in your efficiency and performance. For example, once Bullhorn integrates with VoIP phone, agents can easily locate candidate information and call logs in one intuitive interface. In addition to providing valuable tools to improve the candidate experience, the integration supports agent productivity, as it provides calling capabilities with just one click.

Learn More About Bullhorn-Ringover Integration

Bullhorn Advantages✅

  • Customizable workflows
  • Advanced analytics
  • Mobile application



A user-friendly ATS that optimizes the recruitment process and candidate engagement. CEIPAL serves well in general recruiting, thanks to its simplicity and affordability.

CEIPAL Advantages✅

4. Recruiterflow


A modern ATS designed to automate recruiting tasks and build talent pipelines. Recruiterflow is adaptable for any recruiting scale due to its flexibility.

Recruiterflow Advantages✅

  • Email/calendar synchronization
  • Recruitment marketing tools
  • Chrome extension

5. JobDiva


A comprehensive ATS offering a wide range of staffing and recruitment features. Suitable for both staffing agencies, remote recruitment, and general recruiting, JobDiva provides extensive search and management tools.

JobDiva Advantages✅

  • Resume harvesting
  • VMS integration
  • Candidate matching

6. JazzHR


Enables agencies to attract, engage, and hire top candidates efficiently. JazzHR is ideal for cost-effective and user-friendly recruiting.

JazzHR Advantages✅

  • Allows unlimited users and job postings
  • Customizable career pages
  • Videoconference capability

7. Greenhouse


It provides a customizable cloud recruitment software that optimizes hiring processes and outcomes. Greenhouse is favored for connected recruiting solutions, aligning teams and goals effectively.

Greenhouse Advantages✅

  • Assessment tools
  • Diversity and inclusion features
  • Performance management

8. Recooty


An easy-to-use, affordable ATS that facilitates job posting, applicant management, and quicker hiring. Recooty is a budget-friendly choice for straightforward recruiting tasks.

Recooty Advantages✅

  • Simplicity
  • Google for Jobs integration
  • A limited free plan

9. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

This cloud-based ATS enhances recruitment workflow, efficiency, and team collaboration. Zoho Recruit is reliable for managing recruitment operations effectively. The software also offers native integrations with virtual phone systems like Ringover, which allow you to make unlimited phone calls from directly within the Zoho Recruit interface.

Learn More About Ringover-Zoho Recruit Integration

Zoho Recruit Advantages✅

  • Resume parsing
  • Workflow automation
  • A client portal

10. Pinpoint


A robust ATS aimed at transforming the recruitment process and enhancing candidate experiences. Suitable for general recruiting, Pinpoint focuses on attracting and enabling candidate conversions.

Pinpoint Advantages✅

  • Employee referrals
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Performance evaluation

What is ATS for recruiting?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application designed to assist recruiters and employers in managing the recruitment and hiring processes efficiently. This tool enables the performance of various tasks including job postings, resume scanning, candidate ranking, interview scheduling, and the issuance of offer letters. Furthermore, an ATS has the capability to be integrated with contact center or call center software.

Once Ringover is integrated with an ATS, users have access to an intuitive interface powered by automatic data synchronization. The integration pools information like call logs and a candidate's file, providing useful features like IVR menus and CTI screen pop. Overall, connecting Ringover with Bullhorn, Vincere, Recruit CRM, or another professional staffing solution, will support team efficiency and improve performance.

The use of an ATS offers significant advantages to both recruiters and job seekers. For recruiters, it provides an avenue for saving time and resources, enhancing efficiency and productivity, fostering better collaboration and communication, and delivering valuable data and insights to improve hiring results. Meanwhile, candidates benefit from a streamlined application process, an improved overall experience, and a higher likelihood of being matched with job opportunities that align with their qualifications and skill sets.

Over time, ATS technology has advanced from being merely a repository for resumes to becoming a comprehensive tool that provides AI in recruitment, analytical capabilities, and diversity-enhancing functionalities aimed at identifying, screening, and recruiting top talent.

Notwithstanding these advancements, the adoption of an ATS may encounter certain challenges including cost considerations, complex implementation processes, limited customization options, occasional technical difficulties, and the risk of inherent bias. It is, therefore, crucial for both recruiters and candidates to gain a thorough understanding of how an ATS functions and how to navigate its use effectively.

Do staffing agencies use ATS?

Staffing agencies indeed leverage ATS to streamline their recruitment endeavors. Unlike traditional employers, staffing agencies navigate the complexities of high-volume hiring, servicing multiple clients and job orders, managing vendor systems, and overseeing payroll and billing. An efficient ATS assists in managing these distinct challenges.

The adoption of an ATS offers staffing agencies numerous advantages:

  • Significantly reduces hiring time and costs by automating job posting, candidate screening, and tracking processes.
  • Improves candidate interactions via integration with an omnichannel contact center software such as Ringover.
  • Enhances the quality and volume of candidate pools by leveraging diverse sourcing channels including job boards, social media, and referrals.
  • Boosts placement rates and client satisfaction by aligning candidates with appropriate positions, reflective of their skills, qualifications, and preferences.
  • Seamlessly integrates with additional HR systems like CRM, VMS, and payroll software, ensuring a smoother workflow and data management.

Nevertheless, the implementation of an ATS can present certain limitations for staffing agencies:

  • Potential high costs or complexity, contingent on the chosen provider and available features.
  • Restricted customization and integration capabilities, which may complicate adjusting to the evolving demands of clients and candidates.
  • Possible technical issues, such as bugs, glitches, or system downtime, that can impact system efficiency and reliability.
  • Risks of bias and discrimination arising from specific configurations and usage of the system.

Thus, it's imperative for staffing agencies to meticulously select an ATS platform that not only meets their unique requirements but also offers optimal value. Subsequently, we will explore and compare top ATS platforms tailored for staffing agencies and general recruitment practices.

What is the difference between ATS and recruitment software?

ATS and recruitment software serve as vital tools in the arsenal of recruiters and employers, streamlining the hiring process efficiently. Though they share a common goal, their functionalities and applications within the recruitment landscape differ significantly, especially when comparing ATS to recruiting software for small business. This segment sheds light on these differences and how they complement each other in the recruitment process.

An ATS is designed to assist recruiters and employers in managing candidates throughout the recruitment journey, focused on the recruitment and candidate selection phases. Its capabilities range from job postings, resume scanning, candidate ranking, interview scheduling, to the issuance of offer letters. Plus, ATS integrates with IP telephony software or CRMs like Salesforce.

Contrastingly, recruitment software is a more encompassing term, referring to any software aimed at helping recruiters and employers identify and engage with potential candidates before they apply. As such, it focuses not on a specific phase of the recruitment process but on attracting and engaging candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. This software category may include functionalities such as CRM, sourcing, marketing, and analytics tools.

Importantly, recruitment software can be integrated with an ATS, facilitating a cohesive and productive recruitment operation.


Implementing an ATS can revolutionize your hiring workflow, offering significant savings in time and resources, all while drawing in top-tier talent to your organization.

In fact, having a robust tech stack, including integrations with virtual phone systems like Ringover, can support your staffing agents and unlock your teams' highest potential. Curious to see what a difference technology can make for your business? Start a free trial with Ringover today!

ATS for Recruiting FAQ

Is LinkedIn an ATS?

No, LinkedIn does not serve as a complete Applicant Tracking System (ATS). However, it offers several features beneficial for both recruiters and candidates in the hiring process, such as job postings, candidate searches, messaging capabilities, and applicant tracking. Candidates can also create profiles, upload resumes, apply for jobs, and get feedback. Nonetheless, for comprehensive functionalities like resume parsing, workflow automation, candidate ranking, and HR system integrations, using an ATS in conjunction with LinkedIn is advisable for a more effective hiring process.

What is ATS staff?

ATS staff encompasses the professionals involved in the development, maintenance, and enhancement of Applicant Tracking Systems. This team can include developers, designers, consultants, trainers, support personnel, and account managers. Their responsibilities are crucial in creating, sustaining, and optimizing the ATS, ensuring its quality, reliability, and user-friendliness. They also provide essential support, guidance, and feedback to users such as recruiters, hiring managers, and applicants.

What is staffing recruiting software?

Staffing recruiting software is designed to assist staffing agencies and recruiters in locating and hiring suitable candidates for their clients. This specialized software supports a range of functionalities, including candidate sourcing, resume management, job postings, interview scheduling, client relationship management, and integration with payroll and billing systems. Unlike general recruiting software, staffing recruiting software caters to the unique demands of staffing agencies, like managing high volumes of hires, multiple client and job orders, and complex payroll and billing tasks.

What is ATS and CRM in recruitment?

In recruitment, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) refer to software solutions designed to streamline the hiring process. ATS focuses on tracking candidates throughout the recruitment and hiring phases, facilitating the management of applications and enhancing the selection process. On the other hand, CRM targets the early stages of candidate engagement, aiming to discover and connect with potential applicants before they apply. Hence, while ATS optimizes the management of incoming applications, CRM is pivotal for growing and cultivating your talent pool, enriching the recruitment strategy before the application influx.

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