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Top 16 Hubspot Integrations to maximize your ROI

HubSpot integrations offer businesses the ability to synchronize and combine data between HubSpot and other marketing and sales platforms.

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Top 16 Hubspot Integrations to maximize your ROI


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HubSpot is a marketing, sales and customer service software platform that offers multiple tools and features to help businesses manage and boost their growth strategies.

With HubSpot integrated into other platforms, such as CRM or marketing automation systems, businesses can gain a more comprehensive view of their customers, automate tasks and processes, and boost overall efficiency.

Integrate HubSpot with your communication solution

Below we share with you a comparison table with the 16 most important Hubspot integrations in the market.

RingoverHubSpot phone integration, call recording, click-to-call from HubSpot.Boosts customer communication, tracking and call logging directly from HubSpot.
SalesforceData synchronization between Salesforce and HubSpot, opportunity tracking, sales automation.Centralization of data between the two systems, boosted sales management and opportunity tracking.
ZendeskSynchronization of tickets and customers between Zendesk and HubSpot, access to support data from HubSpot.Increased visibility and collaboration between sales and support teams, boosted customer service.
FreshBooksInvoice and customer synchronization between FreshBooks and HubSpot, payment status tracking.Automation of invoicing and payment tracking, boosted financial management and customer tracking.
SlackSending notifications and messages from HubSpot to Slack, logging actions in HubSpot from Slack.Boosted internal communication, greater visibility of actions and relevant notifications in real time.
TrelloTask assignment and project tracking from HubSpot to Trello, data synchronization.Project organization and follow-up, boosted task management and team collaboration.
QuickBooksSynchronization of financial data between QuickBooks and HubSpot, income and expense tracking.Automation of financial management, better tracking of customer and project profitability.
SurveyMonkeySend surveys from HubSpot to SurveyMonkey, track and record responses in HubSpot.Collecting customer feedback and data, improving survey-based decision making.
ShopifyShopify store integration with HubSpot, customer and order data synchronization.Centralized sales and customer management, marketing automation on Shopify.
StripePayment integration and transaction tracking with Stripe in HubSpot, data synchronization.Payment automation and financial tracking, boosted transaction management.
ZoomScheduling and management of Zoom meetings from HubSpot, attendee tracking and registration.Boosted organization and follow-up of meetings, better communication with participants.
TypeformTypeform form submission from HubSpot, tracking and recording responses in HubSpot.Data collection and customer feedback, automation of forms management.
Microsoft Dynamics 365Data synchronization between Dynamics 365 and HubSpot, opportunity and customer tracking.Centralization of data and collaboration between sales and marketing teams, better customer relationship management.
XeroSynchronization of financial data between Xero and HubSpot, revenue and expense tracking.Automation of financial management, better tracking of customer and project profitability.
WistiaWistia video integration with HubSpot, tracking video views and actions.Boosted video marketing, metrics, and video interaction tracking.
Google ContactsSynchronization of contacts between Google Contacts and HubSpot, access to contact data from HubSpot.Boosted organization and follow-up of meetings, better communication with participants.

Top 16 Hubspot integrations

1. Ringover

Ringover is a business communication solution that offers telephony, instant messaging, and team collaboration features. With Ringover, your business will be able to manage your commercial prospecting effectively and boost the quality of customer service by offering different contact channels in a single interface.

Amongst Ringover's countless plus points, its integration into CRM tools, such as HubSpot, is a particular hit with clients. This integration allowing users to easily call and send messages, the option of setting up an IVR system to manage incoming calls and the automatic recording of all calls, for improved monitoring for every contact.

Ringover x Hubspot

Ringover pricing

Ringover's prices start from €21/month for the basic plan, and we offer custom quotes for businesses requiring special features, taking into account each business's infrastructure and specific communication needs.

Unlock the power of cloud communication for free

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is a CRM that helps businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer service via a single interface. It's used to manage customer information and boost customer interactions, which in turn leads to customer retention, lead conversion, and thus business growth.

Salesforce CTI offers a wide range of tools and services for business functions, including analytics, marketing automation, and cloud services. With Salesforce, businesses can access key information about their customers and sales opportunities in real time, so that they can make informed decisions.

Salesforce pricing

Salesforce pricing varies depending on which of their solution packages is selected. For more information go directly to their website or ask one of their sales representatives to guide you on what you need.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is a CRM customer service tool that helps businesses boost customer service and support for their customers or prospects. Among other functions, it offers a tool for managing support tickets, the live chat, workflow automation, and data analysis.

Thanks to Zendesk, your support team agents can manage tasks efficiently by automatically assigning tickets, creating business rules, and using predefined templates. This is a good tool if delivering excellent customer service is a priority for you.

Zendesk pricing

Zendesk pricing vary depending on the selected plan. Prices range from €19/month to

€55/month, depending on the plan selected.

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an accounting and invoicing software designed specifically for small businesses and freelancers. This comprehensive solution allows users to easily manage invoicing, time tracking, expenses, and projects in one place.

FreshBooks can be integrated into various applications and services such as PayPal, Stripe, G Suite, and Shopify. With an intuitive and flexible platform, FreshBooks is the perfect choice for those looking for an efficient accounting and invoicing solution for their business.

freshbooks hubspot

FreshBooks pricing

FreshBooks' pricing plans start at €15/month and increase according to the various plans, with specific features and elements to cater to suit your business' different needs. The price goes up to €50/month for certain plans.

5. Slack

The Slack app is a business messaging tool that allows professionals to connect and share information efficiently and in real time. With a focus on team communication and collaboration, Slack has become a popular tool for boosting productivity and efficiency in work environments.

It also offers other useful features, such as themed channels, integrations with other tools, and the ability to share files, allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly and to manage projects efficiently.

Slack pricing

Slack offers different pricing plans to meet the needs of different teams and organizations. These plans include:

  • Free plan: This option is perfect for smaller teams, giving access to Slack's basic features such as unlimited public and private channels, 90 days of message history and up to 10 integrations.
  • Pro Plan: $7.25 per user/month if billed annually, or $8.75 per user/month if billed monthly. Includes additional benefits such as unlimited message history, unlimited external integrations, group calls with screen sharing for up to 50 participants, and much more.

6. Trello

Trello is a project and task management software that allows teams to organize and monitor their activities in an intuitive visual format. Through boards, lists, and cards, Trello provides a flexible and collaborative way to manage projects and track task progress.

With Trello, users can create boards for each project, and within these boards, lists to divide tasks into stages or categories. Team members can collaborate on cards, assign roles and responsibilities, and track progress as they move from one list to another.

trello husbpot

Trello pricing

Trello offers different plans, starting with the Standard plan, which is priced at €5/month per user (with annual billing), suitable for small teams. Trello also offers an Enterprise plan for organizations that require greater security and more control over team workflows.

7. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an online accounting tool that offers several functions to facilitate accounting control in small and medium-sized businesses. It's highly recognized in the United States, Mexico and around the world, with more than 4.5 million users.

QuickBooks allows unlimited invoices to be issued quickly and easily. In addition, it offers intuitive features so that users can start using the software without having to be accounting experts.


QuickBooks pricing

QuickBooks offers different plans and pricing for its online version. Below is a summary of some of the plans available:

Simple Start Plan: This plan costs €18/month and €9/month with annual billing.

Essentials Plan: This plan costs €27/month and €13.50/month with annual billing.

  • Plus Plan: This plan costs €40/month and €20/month with annual billing.
  • Advanced Plan: To access this plan, it's necessary to contact QuickBooks directly for more information on pricing.

8. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a software that allows users to easily create and send customized surveys. With this platform, people can get valuable information through questions, response options and rating scales.

SurveyMonkey has a wide range of ready-to-use survey templates, making it even easier to create questionnaires.


SurveyMonkey pricing

SurveyMonkey offers different plans, each offering different levels of access to features, at different prices:

  • Standard Plan: €25/month, with annual billing. Includes features such as fine-grained control over who can view and edit surveys, the option to receive feedback in one place, and the ability for team members to analyze, filter and export results.
  • Basic Plan: This plan is free and offers features such as the creation of an unlimited number of surveys, unlimited questions per survey and a limit of 15,000 responses per year.

9. Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows users to easily create and manage an online store. It's a comprehensive solution that provides entrepreneurs and merchants with all the tools necessary to set up and operate a successful online business.

With Shopify, users can design an online store, add products, process payments, manage inventory, track orders, and analyze sales data, among many other features.


Shopify pricing

Shopify offers users two pricing plan options:

  • Basic Plan: This plan costs €39/month. It includes essential functions to create an online store, such as payment processing and product shipping.
  • Plus Plan: This plan is aimed at larger businesses and its price varies according to the needs and requirements of the business.

On top of its monthly fees, Shopify also charges a percentage of any sales made through its platform.

10. Wistia

Wistia is software for creating, editing, sharing, and hosting video content. It's specifically designed to help businesses reach a wider audience in the growing field of video content marketing. In short, Wistia enables businesses to make informed decisions and optimize video marketing efforts.


Wistia pricing

Wistia offers several pricing plans, including:

  • Free plan: Includes 10 videos, 200 GB of bandwidth/month, basic analytics, and the ability to customize the player.
  • Pro Plan: Starts at $99/month, and offers advanced features, such as integration of email marketing tools and conversion analysis.
  • Advanced Plan: For information on advanced plans, you will need to contact a Wistia sales representative directly.

11. Google Contacts

Google Contacts is a contact management service developed by Google. It's available as a mobile app, a web app, or integrated into the Gmail sidebar as part of Google Workspace.

Google Contacts allows users to centrally store and organize their contacts, making it easy to manage information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

Google Contacts pricing

The price of Google Contacts is included in the overall price of Google Workspace. To find out further details on the exact pricing, you can get in touch with one of their sales representatives. Alternatively, you can visit their website and see the various Google plans available.

12. Stripe

Stripe is an online tool that provides a financial infrastructure that allows businesses to make online payments securely and easily. By integrating it into your e-commerce website, visitors can make purchases without having to leave the site, making your sales process a whole lot simpler and more convenient.


Stripe pricing

Stripe offers different pricing based on the type of service you use:

  • Standard pricing: No monthly fees. The fee for a successful card charge is 2.9% + €0.30.
  • Custom pricing: Stripe offers custom pricing for businesses with high payment volume or unique business models.

13. Zoom

Zoom is an application for video calling application that allows people to communicate and collaborate online in an easy and flexible way. It's used for both business meetings and personal calls.

Zoom offers several features such as the ability to hold group video conferences with up to hundreds of participants, screen sharing for presentations and real-time collaboration, as well as the option to record meetings for later review or distribution. However, if what you need is to be able to transcribe these video calls and translate them, we re-commend that you use Empower by Ringover, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, you will be able to translate the conversations into Spanish and avoid missing any important details of the meeting.


Zoom pricing

Zoom offers several pricing plans. We've summarized some of most popular options available below:

  • Free plan: With this plan, you can hold unlimited individual meetings and group meetings with up to 100 participants, but group meetings are limited to 40 minutes.
  • Payment Plans: Zoom also offers subscription-based plans with additional features and capabilities. Paid plans include: Pro Plan, Business Plan and Enterprise Plan.

14. Typeform

Typeform is an online solution that facilitates the collection and sharing of information. It allows you to create a wide variety of forms and surveys, from simple questionnaires to interactive applications, with no coding skills required. Typeform's easy-to-use interface and attractive design make it a popular choice for collecting data and conducting online surveys.


Typeform pricing

Here are some of the most popular plans available:

  • Free plan: Allows you to create unlimited forms with up to 100 responses/month.
  • Basic Plan: Priced at €25/month. Includes features such as unlimited forms, 1,000 responses/month, and integration with other tools.
  • Plus Plan: The Plus plan is priced at €59/month, if billed annually.
  • Business plan: For larger organizations, Typeform offers a Business plan with customized pricing.

15. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of modular, integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and services, all developed to transform and boost key customer, employee, and business process functions.

It provides businesses with a flexible and scalable platform that gives them the ability to streamline operations, enhance customer relationships, and drive growth and innovation.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing

There is no clear pricing information for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution. To find out the exact budget for your business, considering its specific needs, we recommend contacting their sales representatives directly.

16. Xero

Xero is an accounting software founded in 2006 that has become the best choice for those with limited accounting knowledge who want to effectively manage their finances and budget.

Xero offers functions such as invoicing, expense tracking, payroll management, etc., providing businesses with a comprehensive tool for financial management.


Xero pricing

Xero offers different pricing options to cater to the needs of different businesses. The exact price may vary depending on your location and currency.

Wrapping things up

In summary, integrating your communication solution like Ringover with Hubspot brings you many benefits. We've put together a list of the main benefits:

  1. Seamless communication: Integrating your communication solution, such as a phone or messaging system, with HubSpot CRM allows you to centralize all customer interactions in one system.
  2. Boosted lead management: By integrating your communication solution with HubSpot CRM, you can automatically capture leads directly into your CRM system.
  3. Contextual conversations: Integrating your communication solution with HubSpot CRM provides your team with valuable context during customer communication. When a call comes in, your team can see the caller's details and past interactions, allowing them to personalize the conversation and deliver a better customer experience.
  4. Boosted sales efficiency: Integration with HubSpot CRM allows your sales team to access customer information and manage deals more efficiently.
  5. Data-driven reporting: Integrating your communication solution with HubSpot CRM enables better reporting and analytics. You can gain valuable insights by combining communication data with other customer information, identifying patterns, measuring performance, and helping you make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales and marketing strategies.

Start your free trial with Ringover and unlock the power of connecting your communications with a business tool, like Hubspot. What are you waiting for? You can transform your business communications from today!

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