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Top 10 Contract Staffing Software for Firms

Contract staffing software is designed to help staffing agencies and recruiters manage their contingent workforce. It provides tools to post jobs, source candidates, screen applicants, manage compliance, onboard workers, track time and billing, and more.

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Top 10 Contract Staffing Software for Firms


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With the right contract staffing solution, staffing firms can work more efficiently, maintain legal compliance, and deliver better experiences for clients and workers. We'll compare features, benefits, and pricing to help you determine the best fit for your agency's needs. Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade, this guide will provide an overview of the leading solutions in the market today.

Comparison of the best 10 contract staffing software

Software NameFeaturesAdvantages
1. BullhornATS, CRM, and even VMS toolsHandle all aspects of the hiring, onboarding, and employee engagement processes
2. AviontéATS, CRM, payroll, billing, etc.Easily scales, offers an AI-based recruiting tool
3. PeopleFluentManage onboarding in addition to compliance and other HR processesSimplify workflows by automating them
4. JobDivaA CRM and talent management systemEasily track candidates and simplify hiring
5. Zoho RecruitATS, plus employer branding tools and a native integration with Zoho CRM.Easily integrates with Zoho CRM for a comprehensive client and employee management system
6. TempWorksTime and attendance tracking, payroll, ATS, and moreSpecialized in contract staffing
7. TalrooRecruitment marketing platform, can integrate with ATSImprove employer branding
8. PCRecruiterATS with plenty of automation toolsSimplify the hiring process and ease training
9. JazzHRATS with integrations available for HRISBecome more productive thanks to automations
10. ClearCompanyTalent management suite with compliance toolsStrong focus on the candidate experience

Top 10 contract staffing software list

1. Bullhorn


Bullhorn is an end-to-end platform for staffing and recruiting firms with modules for front office, back office, sales, and recruiting. Bullhorn offers built-in CRM, ATS, and vendor management system (VMS) capabilities. There are also plenty of Bullhorn integrations so you can build a robust tech stack that supports your teams and optimizes their performance.

Try Bullhorn Integration (Free Trial!)

Bullhorn Advantages 🟩

Bullhorn Disadvantages 🟥

  • New users will need to invest time in onboarding

2. Avionté


This cloud recruitment and staffing software provides ATS, CRM, payroll, billing, and other modules tailored for staffing and recruiting agencies. Avionté staffing software also has an AI recruiting assistant to assist with repetitive and time-consuming tasks. There's also many HR integrations available for Avionté, including with a VoIP phone like Ringover.

Try Ringover-Avionté Integration

Avionté Advantages 🟩

  • Scalable enough to serve businesses of all sizes
  • Helpful workforce management features

Avionté Disadvantages 🟥

  • Users may potentially be overwhelmed by the interface

3. PeopleFluent


A professional staffing solution with modules for VMS, independent contractor management, timesheets, onboarding, and compliance.

PeopleFluent Advantages 🟩

  • Possible to make customized, automated workflows
  • Analytics available

PeopleFluent Disadvantages 🟥

  • Lots of training is necessary to use the software's full potential

4. JobDiva


With this SaaS HR software, you'll get an applicant tracking and talent management platform designed for staffing agencies and recruiters. Includes CRM, billing, and compliance features.

JobDiva Advantages 🟩

  • Intuitive user experience
  • Useful candidate sourcing and tracking features

JobDiva Disadvantages 🟥

  • At times customer support isn't responsive

5. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is known as a supplier of applicant tracking, recruitment marketing, and hiring tools. Plus, you can easily integrate it with the CRM Zoho.

Zoho Recruit Advantages 🟩

  • Pricing is suitable for small and medium businesses
  • Easily integrates with other Zoho products like their CRM

Zoho Recruit Disadvantages 🟥

  • Doesn't necessarily have advanced features like competitors

6. TempWorks


A software for staffing agencies that provides tools for managing contract staffing, including time and attendance tracking, payroll processing, candidate sourcing, and applicant tracking. It is designed to streamline operations for staffing agencies and support the management of contract employees.

TempWorks Advantages 🟩

  • Easily build candidate pipelines
  • Includes wide range of features

TempWorks Disadvantages 🟥

  • Potential add-on fees

7. Talroo


Digital recruitment marketing platform with job advertising, employer branding, and analytics tailored for staffing agencies. Integrates with major ATS and other recruitment management systems.

Talroo Advantages 🟩

  • Easy to post jobs en masse
  • Reporting allows for a data-driven approach

Talroo Disadvantages 🟥

  • Solution not suitable for enterprise-sized companies

8. PCRecruiter


User-friendly recruiting automation software focused on the staffing industry with automation, compliance, billing, and other agency-specific recruiting tools.

PCRecruiter Advantages 🟩

  • Advanced search possible for candidate sourcing
  • Many training resources available

PCRecruiter Disadvantages 🟥

  • Integrations with other software may require technical expertise

9. JazzHR


Cloud-based ATS with customizable workflows and compliance tools for staffing and recruiting agencies. Integrates with leading HRIS platforms.

JazzHR Advantages 🟩

  • Easily adoptable thanks to the software's ease-of-use
  • Affordable pricing for small and medium businesses

JazzHR Disadvantages 🟥

  • Some features are lacking, like advanced reporting
  • Doesn't necessarily scale as your business grows

10. ClearCompany


Talent management suite with ATS, onboarding, performance management, and compliance modules for staffing firms.

ClearCompany Advantages 🟩

  • Prioritizes the candidate experience
  • Features to support employer branding

ClearCompany Disadvantages 🟥

  • High pricing, can be an obstacle for small businesses
  • Some integrations aren't as seamless as they could be

What is contract staffing software?

Contract staffing software is a type of HR software designed specifically for staffing and recruiting agencies to manage their contract workers. It helps streamline the entire contract staffing process from posting jobs to onboarding and managing contract workers.

Benefits of Contract Staffing Software

Contract staffing software provides numerous benefits that make the recruitment and management of contract workers more efficient.

Flexibility and Scalability ✅

Contract staffing software offers the flexibility to quickly scale staffing needs based on project requirements. This allows businesses to efficiently manage fluctuating workloads and maintain an agile workforce.

Cost-Effectiveness ✅

By utilizing contract staffing software, organizations can reduce overhead costs associated with full-time employees such as benefits, training, and other long-term commitments. This can lead to significant cost savings for businesses.

Access to Specialized Talent ✅

Contract staffing software provides access to a wider pool of specialized talent, enabling companies to find and hire individuals with specific skills and expertise tailored to their project needs. This can lead to improved project outcomes and higher productivity.

Features to Look For in Contract Staffing Software

When evaluating contract staffing software, there are a few key features to look for:

Compliance Tracking

Compliance tracking ensures contracted workers have the proper credentials, background checks, and certifications required for their roles. This helps mitigate risk and avoid fines or penalties. The software should track compliance documentation expiration dates and send reminders when renewals are needed. Automating this process reduces administrative workload.

VoIP Phone Integration

Integrating your contract staffing software with a business phone system like Ringover provides several key benefits:

Improved communication and collaboration

Once integrated with your contract staffing solution, Ringover is your centralized communications hub. Your recruiters, hiring managers, and contractors can seamlessly collaborate through features like:

By bringing all these tools together, your staff can communicate and work together more efficiently on placements.

Streamlined workflows

When your contract staffing software seamlessly integrates with Ringover, you can automate workflows to save time.

  • Interactions automatically logged in contact records.
  • Custom IVR menus route calls directly to the right people.

Process automation ensures important tasks don't slip through the cracks and helps your team work more productively.

Strong employer branding

With Ringover, your callers are greeted with a professional business phone identity, including a toll-free number, call routing, custom greetings, and voicemail.

This fosters a polished brand image for your staffing firm compared to using personal mobile phones.

Cost Savings

Cloud phone systems typically cost less compared to traditional on-premise phone infrastructure. Ringover has scalable pricing plans and no long-term contracts.

Time Tracking

Robust time tracking enables accurate invoicing and payroll for contract workers. The software should allow workers to clock in and out, track hours on projects, and flag overtime. Managers should have visibility into timesheets and be able to approve them. Integrations with payroll systems streamline payment processing.


Generating detailed invoices with itemizations is critical for getting paid by clients. The software should easily create customized invoices, allow setting up recurring invoices, and automatically calculate markups or margins. Features like auto-billing save time and ensure on-time payments.


Insights from real-time reports on contractor hours, cost, profitability per project, and more enable data-driven decisions. Dashboards that summarize key analytics and allow you to export reports allow for greater insights into performance. Ultimately, you'll have a data-based strategy to set your team up for success.

Contract Staffing Software Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key features of contract staffing software?

  • Contractor database to store and track contractor profiles
  • Job posting and distribution tools
  • Contractor screening and onboarding
  • Time tracking and invoicing
  • Compliance management for contracts and workers' comp
  • Reporting on contractor utilization and spend

Who benefits from using contract staffing software?

The benefits include increased efficiency and productivity, better contractor compliance and risk management, real-time visibility into the contract workforce, and faster payment processing. It ultimately helps staffing agencies improve contractor quality, customer service and profitability.


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